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Any other workouts for Serratus anterior ?


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Athlean x reccomended leaning forward slightly and tucking your hips up at the end of a dip. Never tried it so no clue if it's legit or bullshit.

upgrade to dead-stop lateral raises

Both of these exercises make the inside of my fucking shoulder hurt.

I don’t do lateral raises for that reason. OHP hurt at first but then I realised I was doing it wrong. Pull you’re shoulders back and down

I can do bent arm lateral raises easily, but the second I put my arms straight out there's huge pain in my shoulders.

Probably doesn't help that I can pull both of my shoulders out of socket

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How do you hit the backterior delt

>using leg drive

Jesus Christ you faggots just can't not cheat an exercise.

> can pul both of my shoulders out of socket

It's functional to use all mechanical advantages

>backterior delt
You mean REAR delt? Lol to answer your question, facepulls, Back straight.

If you are trying heavy plates out of pride, fuck you and lower the fucking weight. Progressive load over the course of months.

Everytime I do an OHP, either with dumbbells or barbell I hear two pops in both of my shoulders. Is this normal?


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literally impossible

because you took too much weight you fucking retard. I use 7kg to 10kg MAX to do that shit. for people on this shitty board, it's always about using the maximum possible weight when you people aren't even able to pull off low weight exercises properly

lower weights, slow and steady movements, hold that shit at the top. done.

Definitely one exercise that does you no good to ego lift

Get on board with Bradford presses.
Higher weight, and done for higher reps right after ohp.
They will fill out your shoulders like machine work since the bar limits your path.

If you don't have the flexibility to do them, you shouldn't be pressing in the first place

Quick question since we are already talking about that muscle group. Do average guys actually like girls with that muscle built up, not insanely so but still noticeable. Also the ones just behind it along your back. When I reach upwards or out I go flying squirrel mode.

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i thought you are meant to have a very slight bent in your arm?

you have better lats than me

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>Pull you’re shoulders back and down
should they be retracted all the time?