How to deal with acne? Post tips and routine itt

How to deal with acne? Post tips and routine itt.

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le aggudane

Tretinoin solution 0.1% works great for me. I put it on in the evenings every day or every other day, combine that with AHA/BHA that I put on after every shower.

Accutane. I had severe back acne and nothing helped but taking accutane. I'm still on it and it's clearing up. You can make it bro.

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How long u bean on ackutaint?

Eat clean
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A month and a half, I'm scheduled to be on it for 6 months. The acne is gone by like 40-50% atm. Best part is that it's clearing some of the acne (nothing big really) that I had on my face too. Make sure to get a good lip balm and moisturize tho.

I bean actually 54 day 20mg

I had acne like the guy in the picture. I don’t have perfect skin now, but I have the best skin I’ve had in my life
Only 3 things have helped:
1. Diaper rash cream (zinc cream) literally overnight had obvious improvement
2 washing my face exclusively with cold water. It’s not as bad as it seems, very refreshing
3 coconut oil, weather your skin is oily dry or combination, coconut oil will even it out and make it smoother

Good luck op

How do you deal with acne scars? My brother has them and its ruined his confidence, poor guy used to be a ladies man before he got bad acne.

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Laser surgery unfortunately.

cut fast food and sugar out of your diet

>Stop wanking so much
It's the opposite.
Masturbation removes stress and clears skin and acne

masturbation makes you prone to zinc deficiency. zinc deficiency fucks up your skin. masturbation also raises prolactin, which increases and causes acne

cheebye acne ruined my life

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Only if you rub the cummies on your face

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Rub semen on your face

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So I should buy a laser and zap him in his sleep, got it

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hey man dont listen to you treat the scar not the treatment. there are 3 kinds of acne scars, rolling ice pick and boxcar. For each scar type there is a selected treatment. Ive had 3 laser sessions that cost £3500 in total. And now Im having 3 subsicion/TCA cross sessions. The laser totally evened out the edges of my scars and made them the right colour, but the depressions and holes are still there. This is what subsicion and tca cross will do. If you blindly throw money at laser which most docs shill for as they make the most money on it then its a great way to make yourself poor very quickly with sub par results.

so ill say that again, base treatment selection on the scar type, not how much it costs or whos shilling for it.

How much does it cost though and are there generics?
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I had severe acne as a teen
Tried everything and nothing worked

What finally did it was laser treatment
Costed a little and was painful, but it did fix it

depends where u live, Im in the UK and spent £1500 for it to fuck up my face and scar me for life ... Wish i never did it. And my acne came back as I never finished my course. :(

Don't be a teenager.
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Stop eating things that contain cocoa

change pillow cases every few days. wash your face with hot water and then finish it with cold water

works for me

>In UK
>Paid for accutane

something doesn't add up here
then again, you are a brainlet who can't even finish a course of drugs

Accutane is free through the NHS.

>masturbate every night
>literally never change my pillow
>never wash my face, not even in the shower
>zero acne in my entire life

Feels good having Chad genes.

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3 dollars per pill online. You'll take 180 pills over 6 months.

The image you show would not drive any woman away. Women are FAR less looks oriented then men. You have to be hideous before women will reject you on looks. Yes they PREFER smooth skin and chiseled body, but will settle for A LOT less if they like you.

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I was like that too until I suddenly developed adult onset acne at 27 which nothing could solve. On accutane now.

Family dollar actually has a good cream called advanced acne cream or something. it is about $2.45 it works better than dermatologist shit.

Wash your face with unscented product. You probably have a skin allergy if it’s not going away

I googled but can't find it. Can you check the name again?

How much are you taking per day? I'm in 20mg. Also 6 mths.

How does accutane cause scarring you fucking idiot? Also you're full of shit. It's free in UK.

>Drink only Water
>Remove stress
>Clean your face and pillowcase
Worked for me during puberty, it should work for you now.

I hope you see this OP

I used to suffer from terrible acne. Like cystic; much worse than the pic you posted. Had considered for the longest time to take accutane but I said fuck that.

So after doing some research on YouTube I found a channel that gave me a routine that actually worked. Dr. Dray, look her up, the exact video is where she talks about stuff called Differen gel, pic related.

Long story short, but these products and follow the routine:

>Neutrogena Oil-Free Acne Face Wash With Salicylic Acid
>hyaluronic acid (can't find exact brand, but I believe it was neutrogena)
>CeraVe Sunscreen Face Lotion SPF 50 2 oz

>Neutrogena Ultra Gentle Daily Cleanser For Sensitive Skin
>Neutrogena Oil-Free Moisture Sensitive Skin
>differin gel
>Neutrogena On-The-Spot Acne Treatment With Benzoyl Peroxide

This routine was a life saver. It's not an overnight cure, it will take a few months but trust me, in the end it'll be worth it.

Also, look for the video where she talks about these products, she goes over the routine in detail.

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How bad ur scarring

Not gonna lie, it's pretty bad. Something that I'm still dealing with. But it has been fading little by little over time, only really noticeable up close now.

Literally drinking 3L water daily it's all it takes

Lymecelline seems to be doing wonders for my dry skin


If you don't look like the pic in OP here's what I did that finally made it stop.

1) Visit plebbit /r/skincareaddiction
2) Learn that a routine basically has these three common steps:
A) Wash with a gentle cleanser (I use CeraVe foaming) No fragrances, no alcohol.
B) Exfoliate with a chemical exfoliant (I use Paula's Choice 2%BHA it's pricy but worth) Nothingwith crystaline structures or microbeads in it.
C) Moisteruize (I user Cerave in the tub for this) apply a liberal ammount of it

Wash the face twice daily, moisturize twice daily, and exfoliate every other day.

Literally that easy. Read the material on the subreddit, and also wash your pillows and covers.

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quit dairy

Skeleton reporting in
Decided to do GOMAD
1 month in see random spots on my forehead. They are really small and my skin isn't smooth over there anymore.

I drink less milk now and instead mooju milk, the spots are still there but slowly fading away.
Should I just stop drinking milk, I gained 6kg thanks to milk and daily chicken roles

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It is also my first time drinking milk in like forever. 20y old.
I wouldn't even touch that gay shit as a kid.

i got this stuff recently but it seems to be making my acne worse. do i just gotta keep at it?

I was on antibiotics for 1 year on the nhs. When my acne got worse and worse and they just wanted to give me more antibiotics. You dont know shit about how bad the nhs is for dermatology. It took me 9 months for a dermatology appointment. 9 fucking months. I hate the Nhs and have had private insurance ever since. Private care is the only way to get decent care. Also it did scar me as i had a reaction to it where i had granumola.

You faggots think you know everything. but you dont.

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heres a pic of one of my cheeks. I had to take Prednisone which supresses your immune system as its a corticosteroid to deal with the growths. Accutane was hell, so go fuck yourselves for being shills

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4mg estrogen
200mg spironolactone

everything'll clear up within two weeks

and you will have a lovely pair of tits to go with it :)

Stop with the fucking cocoa powder


accutane if it's that bad, then afterwards switch to a healthier diet generally avoiding or limiting the big 3 culprits: dairy, high GI foods and grains. I struggled with acne for years until I researched your diet's effect on skin, then I was able to get it under control.

if they're not too deep you can go to a derm and pay for a series of chemical peels, that may help, otherwise laser surgery or skin grafts if they're super bad.

I always thought this was a meme but a lot of anons on here have reported that refraining from doing so has helped them so idk, there could be something to it.

get a peel by a derm, or if you want to try to be more risky you could get your own peel kit though I wouldn't recommend it for a first timer until you know how your skin reacts.

Takes a while, give it a good 4-6 weeks to notice improvement.

>"I will die if I cannot masturbate"

Behold! The king of cuckery!

>don’t touch your face
>wash your fucking face
>see a dermatologist
>Castile soap to wash
>Witch Hazel as toner
>acne topicals (I use epiduo forte)
Also protein powder, testosterone can contribute to break outs

>saw a derm
>started washing my face every day with avène cleanance
>putted a clean towel every day on my pillow
>benzoyl peroxide 5%, then DUAC
>good sunscreen
>stopping touch my face was hard so I at least washed my hand a lot during the day

Worked for me, but every skin is different, you need to see a derm.

>Diaper rash cream (zinc cream) literally overnight had obvious improvement
More on this? Is zinc known to help ance?

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sulfacetamide sodium topical 10% worked for me when benzoyl/duac/etc didn't, though i was never incredibly severe

its just an antibacterial

La roche - Cicaplast B5 is a good evening moisturiser thats basically the same.

just to confirm, I have red spots like the op pic but on my back from previous acne (as well as new acne). This La roche - Cicaplast B5, will it reduce the redness ?

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Same as this user, had some minor facial acne but horrible back acne. Constant boils and whiteheads. Was on accutane for around 6 months, cleared it all up. I still get occasional spots, but my back has been fine for years.

ignore everything in this thread that isn't accutane. if u dont wanna take it then just man up and wait until you outgrow it.

Is it possible to get laser treatment through insurance and if not how much is it


>until you outgrow it.
>mfw user waits till he's 35

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Proactive + Benzac twice daily kills it fast. Also stop touching your fucking face.

If I didn't have acne, I'd actually think I was at least an 8/10.
I fucking hate my skin.

do some research on Korean Skincare products and start a skincare routine

Dermatologist x 1



What about whey?

What's your daily dose? I'm only on 20mg despite being 75kg.

a bunch of stuff will reduce the spots but all of them take a bit of time read the section on post inflammatory hyperpigmentation in /r/skincareaddiction's wiki

Word. I developed moderate acne in my mid 20s after only having mild occasional pimples during my puberty. Like fuck I'm gonna wait till it blows over on its own in my mid-to-late 30s and risk scarring. I'm on accutane now. Fuck this gay shit but at least we have modern medicine for it.

Lol. I drink milk all the time and I used to have terrible acne. Eating clean solved acne for me

andy warhol and bill murray look like this. You can kinda pull it off as part of your look if you're cool enough.

Go see a doctor and ask them you idiot

What about whey?
Define clean eating tho?


Shower before sleep and change the pillowcases.when you understand how much oil your hair secretes and how it all gets on your face from the pillow covers, you will never use the same pillow cover twice in a row.

Does zinc really help? I developed adult onset acne after starting to supplement zinc.

I started showering less and stopped using any sort of cream, only head and shoulders shampoo and all my acne disappeared. Don't wash my face anymore, it literally all went away, the only time I clean my face is when I shower.

Really makes you think whether they put shit in acne removal cream to make you buy more.

did for me

damn did you take it with copper?

you guys are joking right?
or do you actually smear cum on your faces?

No. How do you even supplement copper? I didn't know they sold it in pill form.

works for me.exe

Derma roller and then apple cider vinegar, works and is super cheap