Why is this so hard to progress on

why is this so hard to progress on

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small muscle

cause its one of the worst programs of all time
that guy cant even bench 3 pl8

uses the smallest muscle groups out of the big 4, and there are barely any ways to ROM cheat a strict press without turning it into another exercise

it isnt tho, unless you have shit genetics/diet
i got my OHP to 5x5 75kg from stronglifts
been stalled at that for a couple weeks now tho
>5'10, 200lbs

push press your last reps

whenever i do, i have an intense feeling of cheating lol


I started going to the gym this month. Prior to this I did calisthenics for a year with bodyweight.

I am 83kg at 175cm.

Today after 30 days of training I did 60kg OHP x3, felt fucking great.

First time I tried it I could barely do 35KG.

Are you fat / roiding? That's nice weight for that height

no roids
gotta admit, at that time i was kinda fat (211)
but now, my 5x5 is 71.25kg, and i now weigh 190, around 14%

He's talking about the OHP, not the SL program, I believe.

Can I see a pic? I'm 5'9 and 182 and I think your fat % might be off unless you trained years

You're either a special snowflake, not performing the full rep, or lying.

>keep feet close together (not necessarily touching)
>flex glutes hard
>deep breath

You'll add 5lbs doing this.

because you don't do it often enough/ youre undertrained

got to 120lbs on this, with a shitty diet. I'm 5'7 150lbs.

>tfw nearly bodyweight 1rm OHP
>150 lb twink with 140 OHP
God FUCK I hope it doesn't drop during this cut

Because you focus too much on your bench because you follow bodybuilding because the bodybuilding industry wants disproportionately large pectorals than required for function because the bodybuilding standards were defined by a faggot who liked men with large breasts.

Make the OHP your primary "push" lift and you'll get gains and end up with a much much classical and functional physique.

My bench sucks but my ohp and dl are Gucci. 185 lb max and 465 dl no belts or straps haven't even been training 2 years

>cutting at 150lbs

I OHP 60kg for 7 reps, but my best bench is 80kg for 5.
I swear I don't cheat.

I'm a 5'7 manlet, goal is around 135 lbs.
I've still got jiggly ass fat around my midsection.

Yeah, understandable. but if you don't count the reps you push press, then it doesn't matter.

reminder that your press should be at least 75% of your bench press

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Eat more calories, get more sleep, get a ton more volume in, use microplates to progress by 2.5lbs, dial your form in, get gud


How do I fix my press lads? I'm nearing a 5pl8 diddly 1rm but still can only do 125lbsx5 on the press

This feminine ratio suggests low test so I'd recommend NoFap

whatever you do, don't read any of the numerous suggestions that have already been posted in the thread you are posting in!

>it isn't hard to progress
>i'm stalled tho
u retarded m8?

2+ months into nofap at the moment pic related are my estimated lifts, as you say it's a very feminine ratio
Already been doing everything suggested itt for a while now

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>150lb grill The Press™ing 140lb

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You probably need more volume. Make it a priority, press three times a week, get 25+ sets a week in. When you start getting into advanced lifting numbers you can't continue improving everything at once as quickly as before. Continue progressing everything suboptimally or focus on your press

I'm interested in this, got any pics of 'functional physique'?

Buy fractional plates.

Increase training volume.

Tighten your midsection, glutes and keep your knees locked. Big valsalva. Get under the bar.

If you layback more than a third of the set, deload soon.

Press strict often.

t. former presslet

Looks at pretty much any idealised physique before the bench press and Joe Weider came along (bodybuilding golden era), or really any athlete outside of meme sports which use the bench press as a standard (NFL, for example) - the pectorals are not needed in ANY sport (outside of powerlifting etc) in anything like the proportion average gymgoers built it to.
The "classic" (in all senses) example is the Ancient Greeks' statues - real athletes.

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Here you go buckos

Is a feminine ratio actually a symptom of low test?

It isn’t meant to be ran until 3 plate faggot

How, im 5'7 143lbs can only do 25kg include bar

tfw valsalva gives you headaches

I got there at
>8", 6"

I almost OHP my bench, that's not good for the latter.