What's the point of life if you're just an idiot with no talent in anything to be successful

what's the point of life if you're just an idiot with no talent in anything to be successful

is gym really the ultimate bliss
"to feel like progressing in life somehow"
for the lazy beta male who's really just impressed how he can work hard for 1 hour of the day?

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Post of these my dude

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i'm almost 30 i've never had pussy
i can never be talented enough to make millions

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>lazy beta male
>lifts at the gym

Choose one.

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what's so hard about giving effort to lift something for 10 seconds then resting 3 minutes for about 1 hour

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1RM to 5RM usually requires alot of focus

Don’t lift baby weight you fucking pussy.

Talent does not exist. Not even sheep dogs are good sheep herders without training.


>how a loser thinks

they have innate talent for it
that's why they use sheep dogs..

Grow up user.
Before you look back over your wasted life and realize that you spent it coveting something that you never really wanted rather then enjoying and making better what you already have.

I bet you don't even know what you have "talent" in because it would actually take more effort then bitching about it.

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>how a loser thinks .image macro

if u concentrate urself on something u can make ur life meaningful. learn Japanese or something homie u got this

please sir, may i have some more sauce?

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>finally understand those hentai visual novels
ooh senpai sore wa dame desu iiiyahhh

Why am I a loser again?
That I don't eternally covet nonsense?

I'm a loser for a lot of things and one of them is the desperate need to be something I'm not so that I can be seen better by people I barely know.
I ruined my life up to this point by doing that.
You can get respect and be considered great, but you'll never be truly happy or know yourself or even like yourself.
Not ever.

Be someone who is content with themself and want to be good to yourself before you wish you were someone else.
If not, you'll never be anyone.
You'll not even be someone who you like at the end of the day or even understand.

>never need to achieve anything for a meaningful life
that's the entire japanese brainwashing shit for its pathetic sheep of a government system it had
"be humble, don't stand out!"
"acting out is for the foolish child!"
be a part of the crowd

You're right.
But wisdom can come from even the biggest fool user.

The constant need to stand out and be "unique" or "true to yourself" like everyone is the drum beat that has lead everyone to being their own personal island of stupidity and loneliness.

What do you call a crowd of people who all want to stand out from the crowd.
A crowd.

yea and that's where they'll stay until they break out
which is impossible for the fool

Wanting to stand out isnt the same thing as standing out

They never break out.
They are picked by people who tell them to follow their brand of conformity until they tell them that they are worth using.

No one never knows they have talent or can stand out until they do something.
And no one does those things unless they want to stand out or are pushed or recognized.
The latter two is so rare that it's almost never the case and is always ALWAYS the subject of fantasy stories.

It's litterally just a bunch of people who will eternally bitch about not being the best and wanting to be unique or special in a way that gets all of the attention.
It's fucking embarassing.

What if the only reason anyone does those things, is because they already, inherently know that they have the talent?

Even if you're fucking a sex toy its an anus? Wtf man sort yourself out.

>not posting the whole thing

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