Question how many of u fucks have a shirtless picture on tinder/bumble

question how many of u fucks have a shirtless picture on tinder/bumble

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I don't have a shirtless pic, but one in a tight fitting tank top.

I don't have a tinder/bumble, I have this thing called a job and a social life.

I don't have an account with either of those services. Why would I?

I do because why not

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sure do. just don't know what position in the line up of photos is the best

1st pic?

do you need a Faceborg account or can you just get the app

Little over 1000 matches now, account is 6 months old. My pics are cringe as hell but I just don’t care enough to update

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When I still used Tinder I got 10x more matches after adding a shirtless pic just make sure it’s at a social event or activity not in front of a bathroom mirror

Your profile is literally fucking grade A thot bait good going man

>no interesting hobbies
your life is a sham

Lmao "get over here dog, I need to take a photo"

Before Veeky Forums:
> skellington
> no shirtless pics
> artsy pics, black/white etc
> 100 matches in 2 year

Lifted for 18 months in monk mode, go back on tinder:
> mirror pick topless in gym locker room
> sixpack and great lighting+pump
> some of the old pics as well
> 200 matches in 6 months

Close to making it after 30 months lifting:
> new pics from summer vacation
> posing on a boat in caribbia, pics taken from water
> one on the beach with great lighting/pack very visible
> 300 matches in 2 months

And I've really increased my standards as well so all matches are 7+.
Only been on one tinder date because I have some other FWBs I've met through social circles the last year, but they were all out of town for a long while.
It was so easy, she initiated making out and asked to come back to my place where she just jumped me when I laid down on my couch.
Been seeing her a lot lately and looking forward to my other girls coming back from vacation soon. All blondes with blue eyes btw, just the way I like it.

We're all gonna make it brehs

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Is that a picture of you smoking vape?
Good profile overall besides that pic and the mirror/dog pic

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At least post your shirtless pic dipshit. Otherwise your post seems like bragging only

gym mirror shot. didn't work very well on tinder

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Good boy... now excuse me
/unzips dick

I do, but its a beach pic so it doesn't look that douchy, works like a charm tho

yeah, this one works better
though I don't really look big because this was a long time into the vacation trip with drinking every day and no lifting

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Tfw only white girls match with me

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> gabriella
> aesha

even jane looks like a latino, get out of here you fag

lol you mad
You are the faggot
I fuck your women

>lifting 2 and half years for this

you are visibly fat my dood, good for you if that works on thiccs

yupp, I know I'm nowhere close to done, but it doesn't take much more than this to pull 7+s off of tinder and irl. And every single one of my girls tries to tell me I don't need to cut, I look great and blablabla

estimated your height from the shadow and you are dangerously close to manlet territory

Lmao don’t listen to those salty virgins
You look good senpai

6'0, king of manlets. Have it written on my profile ofc. And I'm not the lying 5'10 guy cheating those extra inches

thanks mate, I look many times better than before I started lifting for sure and I'm even the strongest at my gym now. I really like the changes in my body and it motivates me to keep pushing for even better aesthetics

Sounds ideal mate, unless you're looking for some Jap puss

I wonder how many of those matches are because of your height

6'4 reporting in.
Absolutely none. I get no matches from being 6'4 skinnyfat with outdoorsy pictures. Its because he's fit and shirtless and dog and outdoors.

lol, post pics, bet you are just simply fat. If you can't build on 6'4 you are a lost cause

All of them. Stay mad, manlet

>>made tinder last week.

Posted a shirtless pic, ended up talking with a Cambridge University PhD student who, of course, told me she wouldn't usually message a guy who'd do such a thing...
Told me she'd change her thesis to cuddling in bed, but needed a test subject first.