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lets see m boys

this is mine, 5x5's got me to 2/3/4/5 already

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Pretty good user

>Warm-up: 2x10 close-grip chin-ups, light pendlay rows


>2x5, 1x5+ Bench
>2x10-15 DB Hammer Curls
>2x5, 1x5+ Front Squat
>2x5, 1x5+ Close-grip Bench [EXTRA, IF FEEL GOOD]
>2x12 Leg Raises to The Bar

>2x5, 1x5+ OHP
>2x6-8 Weighted Close-grip Chin-ups
>2x6-8 Pendlay Row
>1x5+ Diddly
>2x12 Leg Raises to The Bar

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nice work user,
i like that no day in the week has the same exercises, and that week 1 and 2 differ in workout order
different focus and all

Just how worthless is this routine?

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if you are natty, its too much volume, you're gonna overtrain

What would you adjust it to?

first of all, if you can do 4x15 ACTUAL, full rep pullups, kudos to you

1 exercise for strength, 5x5, which also translates to mass in the long run
1 exercise after that for mass, 4x8
1 to exhaust the muscle, like 3x15 or something
is less total reps, while giving you the best of both worlds, and keeps you from overtraining

That's not how u do full body three times a week
>why you hate urself?

i don't understand this kind of split. Having separate shoulder day is worthless because you are going to do only couple exercises but combining it with legs makes session too long. Why not do push pull (legs) and switch chest and delts on push day? You add some laterals to push day, you add rear delts + traps to back day and everything is good. Or you can add squats to push day and leg curls or any hamstrings movement to pull day and you have push pull off push pull off off if 5/6 days a week is too much for you

Im looking for a 7 day home gym routine. I can even train twice a day. Got home gym so i could lift as often as i can but im not sure how to plan my routine.

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Is it true you should stick to a 5x5/3x5 program till you can bench, squat 1.5x, and deadlift 2x your bodyweight?

look at OP's routine, its pretty good desu

This is the dumbest thing I've seen in my life.

>3x3 ab roller
>zercher anything as a regular exercise
>pistol squats

am i doing ab roller wrong? i can do 3*10 starting frmo my knees

how the fuck can you only do 3*3 ?

>implying zerchers are a bad exercise
>implying pistol squats are easy
>implying crunches are bad
user, why so salty?

try them from standing position, knees are for pussies

How should I build a routine that targets mainly OHP and pull-ups?


Flat BB Bench
Flat Close Grip BB Bench
Incline BB Bench
Incline Angles DB Bench

BB Deadlift
BB Shrugs
BB Rows
DB Curls


his whole wednesday revolves around bodyweight, whats so bad about pistols?

Ah yes, rack pulls, that great bodyweight exercise.

how long does it take to finish one day?
is low volume high freqency high intensity the key to muscle and strength gain at any level?

except that and the OHP then, whatever

i'd say somewhere between 1-2 hours

Fifteen minute cardio warmup
Bench press 5x5
Squat 5x5
Overhead Press 3x10
Bicep curl 3x10
Forearm curl 3x10
Lat Pulldowns 3x10

Also eating super lean + protein. Trying to get slim and strong.

Nope. Stick your program as long as you could get gains with it. You don't repair what's not broken

Worked for me. Do those 5x5 and do aesthetic accessories for 3/4x8

Later switch to more sophisticated routine for core lifts to keep making progress

Whole body routine

Workout A

Squat 3x5
OHP 3x5
Cable Row 3x5
Weighted Dips 3x8
Barbell Biceps Curls 3x10
Hanging leg raises 3x10

Workout B

Deadlift 1x5
Bench Press 3x5
Pull Ups 3x8
Lateral Raise 3x10
Triceps Extension 3x10
Planks 3x1.5min (1 each of front, left, and right)

Spread over two weeks as follows:

Monday: A
Tuesday: 5k run
Wednesday: B
Thursday: 5k run
Friday: A
Saturday: nothing
Sunday: 10k gentle run

Monday: B
Tuesday: 5k run
Wednesday: A
Thursday: 5k run
Friday: B
Saturday: nothing
Sunday: 10k gentle run

+ Stretching erryday

Goals: improve general fitness, flexibility, and dad-strength

Age: 39, Height: 5'11", Weight: 75kg

>Bench in power rack to make roll of shame impossible
>Don't put safeties up

>No lower body
>No progression plan

i made this for a girl im seeing. how is it.


3x5 back squat [heavy]
3x5 bench press/overhead press alternating
3x8 dumbell press (flat/incline bench or overhead)
3x5 chinup/pull up or rows (barbell/dumbell/cable)
3x8+ lat pulldown

1x5 deadlift [heavy]
3x5 bench press/overhead press alternating
3x8+ dips
3x5 chinup/pull up
3x8+ rows (barbell/dumbell/cable)

3x8+ back or front squat [light]
3x5 bench press/overhead press alternating
3x8 dumbell press (flat/incline bench or overhead)
3x5 chinup/pull up or rows (barbell/dumbell/cable)
3x8+ lat pulldown

core isolation
calf raise
glute bridge
lateral raises
dumbell curls
tricep extension
back hyperextension
girly leg stuff

i was considering lowering push volume like taking out some bench/press, but worried about not balancing with pulls.

Monday Upper 1:
Bench 4x 4-6
Row 3x 6-8
Incline DB 3x 8-12
Chin ups 3x 8-12
Triceps 3x 8-12
Biceps 3x 8-12
Lateral Raise 3x 8-12

Tuesday Lower 1
Squat or Deadlift 4x 4-6
Leg extension 3x 8-12
Leg curl 3x 8-12
Standing calf 4x 6-8

Thursday Upper 2
Flat Dumbbell Press 3x 8-12
Lat Pull Down 3x 8-12
Over Head Press 3x 8-12
Row 3x 8-12
Chest Flys 2x 12-15
Triceps 2x 12-15
Biceps 2x 12-15

Friday Lower 2
Leg Press 3x 8-12
RDL 3x 8-12
Leg extension 3x 8-12
Leg curl 3 x 8-12
Seated calf 4x 8-12

Sometime last year I start working out for the first time in my life, and every some week I add new exercise to the routine. I usually spend around the two hours mark in the gym to finish all. Could you guys take a look and tell me what you think of my routine? Please give me feedback I'm new to this. (every color is one day) oh and almost forgot everyday have 40 mins except leg day and before leg day, weekends are for rest except when I eat like a pig during the week

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40 min cardio*

>the buff dudes

if you're on juice keep doing that split

5x5 on all

Flat BB bench
Seal Row
Chin ups
Zercher Sqaut
Reverse Grip Lat Pulldowns
BB curls

3x a week

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Way to much variety for my liking. Focus on 4-5 excercises

Do Bulgarian lmao

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Looking to switch from a SSesque type of plan to a PPL. What do you recommend me, brehs?

How is my routine Veeky Forums?
First month back at the gym, I know the lifts, but i didn't lift the past year, so basically i'm a noob.
I've been enjoying it, but I want to check if I on the right track:

it's Ice Cream Fitness, but changes were made based on this video:

>Workout A
Squats 5x5
Bench Press 5x5
Bent Over Row 5x5
Curls 2x8
Hyperextensions with plate 2x10
Cable Crunches 3x10

>Workout B
Squats 5x5
Deadlift 1x5
Standing Press 5x5
Bent Over Row 5x5
Close Grip Bench Press 2x8
Curls 2x8
Cable Crunches 3x10

Icrease wheight every workout, or at least every week.

>me on right.jpg
lmfao :')

not even being a sarcastic dumbass, but OHP and pull-ups.

In varying rep ranges

Has anyone tried: build the monolith 5/3/1

Thoughts on this? What would you change?

Tuesday – Shoulders & Back
1. Weighted Chin‐ups: 2 sets – 4-6 reps, 68 reps (Reverse Pyramid)
2. StandingBarbell: 2 sets – 4-6 reps, 68 reps (Reverse Pyramid)
3. Seated Cable Rows: 2 sets – 4-6 reps, 68 reps (Reverse Pyramid)
4. Lateral Raises: 4 sets x 10‐15 reps
5. Hanging Leg Raises: 2 sets x 10‐15 reps

Thursday – Lowerbody and Biceps
1. Single Leg Squats: 2 sets – 6-8 reps, 810 reps (Reverse Pyramid)
2. Romanian Deadlifts: 2 sets – 6-8 reps, 810 reps (Reverse Pyramid)
3. Standing Calf Raises: 2 sets – 10-12 reps, 1215 reps (Reverse Pyramid)
4. Barbell Curls: 2 sets – 6-8 reps, 810 reps (Reverse Pyramid)
5. Hammer Curls: 2 sets – 6-8 reps, 810 reps (Reverse Pyramid)

Saturday – Chest & Triceps
1. Incline Bench Press: 2 sets – 4-6 reps, 68 reps (Reverse Pyramid)
2. Flat Bench Press: 2 sets – 4-6 reps, 68 reps (Reverse Pyramid)
3. Skull Crushers: 2 sets – 6-8 reps, 810 reps (Reverse Pyramid)
4. Rear Delt Flyes: 4 sets x 10‐15 reps
5. Abs Wheel Roll outs: 4 sets x 10‐15 reps

I am a faggot and something went wrong. Those should say 6-8, 8-10, and 12-15 wherever it looks retarded.

Whole Routine

Monday Upper Body Strength
Bench 8xP up to 90%
Rows 5x5
Row Grip Pulldowns 5x5
Incline Bench 5xP
Lat Pulldown 5x5

Tuesday Lower Body Strength
Squats 3xP, 4x2 95-90% 1RM, 2x4 80% 1RM
Front Squats 5xP
RDL 5x5
Leg Crunches 3xF

Wednesday Chest/Shoulder/Tricep Hypertrophy
DB Press 3xHP
DB Shoulder Press 3xHP
Close Grip Bench 3xHP
Incline DB Press 3xHP
Arnold Press 3xHP
Dips 3xF
Chest Flys 3x12
Upright Rows 3x12
Tricep Ext. 3xHP
Incline Flys 3x12
Lateral Raises 3x12
Reverse Cable Tricep Ext. 3x12

Thursday Back/Bicep Hypertrophy
Deadlift 3xP, 3x2 95% 1RM, 2x4 85% 1RM,1xBurnout
DB Rows 3xHP
Seated Curls 3x12
Reverse Flys 3x12
Lat Pulldown 3xHP
Hammer Curls 3x12
Seated Rows 3xHP
Cable Curls 3x12
Close Grip Pulldowns 3xHP
Face-Pulls 3xHP
Side Pulls 5xF

Friday Leg Hypertrophy
Lunges 3x20
Leg Press 5xHP
Leg Curls 5xHP
Leg Extensions 5xHP
Calf Raises 3x15
Leg Crunches 3xF

P=Rep range 1-5
HP=Rep range 8-12

Push (Chest/Triceps/Shoulders):

Flat Barbell Bench Press: 3x5
Standing Barbell Overhead Press: 3x5
Incline Barbell Bench Press: 3x5
Dumbbell Side Lateral Raise: 3x10-12
Rope Pushdowns: 3x10-12
Overhead Dumbbell Extension: 3x10-12
Shrugs: 3x10-12

Pull (Back/Biceps):

Barbell Rows: 3x5
Deadlifts: 1x5
Lat Pulldowns: 3x8-10
Face-pulls: 3x-10-12
Barbell Bicep Curls: 4x-10-12
Hammer Curls: 3x10-12

Legs (Quad/Ham/Calves):

Barbell Squats: 4x5-6
Leg Extensions: 3x10-12
Hamstring Curls: 3x10-12
Standing Calf Raises: 5x10-12


What should I do as a dadbod warehouse worker? My job is unloading a 2,200 to 3,500 box truck by hand (boxes weigh from 5 to 55lbs, average close to 45lbs) and putting them on pallets. Every time I do a good workout at the gym I'm too sore halfway through the day to push myself and I get yelled at.

>What should I do as a dadbod warehouse worker?

Find a better job

I've been running nSuns 6 day deadlift variant for a while and have seen amazing progress, aesthetic and strength, natty. Anyone else tried nSuns?

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