Shave leg for the lulz

>shave leg for the lulz
>looks gay, think nothing of it
>go to bed
>feel my smooth leg touch myself
>feels like a girl
>shower again
>shave whole body, takes like an hour
>in bed
>imagine im fucking myself as a girl
>im tucking my dick between my legs and holding my left wrist
>imagine im fucking a girl doggystyle
>humping myself like a dog with my ass up and holding my arm while making girly sounds
>best cum of my life

please tell me im not the only one?

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Sex with a man is gay, even if it's yourself

i often touch my own butt and imagine it is a woman's butt

not really on topic but I shaved my ass recently out of curiosity and don't know if I would recommend it. sure the smoothness is nice but I feel like when I sweat, there's a lake between my ass cheeks. also for some reason it's almost impossible to let out a cheeky silent fart because they're ten times louder now

i just tuck toilet paper between them after a shower, works good

>shave body
>sleep naked
>on my knees on my bed
>reach up to turn on light
>land on all fours
>see my body in the mirror
>Damn I look good
>start arching my back and sticking butt up in the air
>no homo tho


Have pictures?

After being nice and clean from a shower, I'll lay in my bed on my side and dab my butthole with my index finger and pretend it's a girls. Used to love banging a girl from behind and touching her bum hole mmmmm :)

>ten times louder now

This site is full of fucking degenerates

no shit sherlock. this website has 3 gay boards and is known for its degeneracy.

Does this break nofap? Asking for a friend

ah yes
the switch to diesel engine farts

>that freshly shaved and bathed feelings in the sheets

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This is loneliness.

how to shave legs

I'm going need a crude illustration of this event.

I'm going to need a crude illustration of this event*

i hope you the only one honestly

Smh if you havent let hypno trainers trick you into thinking youd enjoy letting a man cum in your ass

Anyone else raise their arm, close their eyes and pretend the fold in your shoulder is a girl's lips?

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you walk around with toilet paper in your ass all day?

this is the most beta incel thing i've ever read

like this

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This thread is why I visit Veeky Forums.

this is how i do it kind of. i arch my back all i can so when i look back i only see my ass sticking up so it looks like a girls ass

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my fucking sides hahahahaha

I fucking love this place

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Fucking kek

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put me halfway in the screencap

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Post pics,dont be a tease


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What the fuck bro

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that's not that weird bro

Why are your balls in front of your dick?

>not having a flexible cock and balls

put me in the screencap!!

10/10 sketch, have you considered publishing?

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pls kys now. it'll save you and the state time and money

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Oh no
Nonono not again

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>be me
>cum into cup
>Put cum in cum tub (leave in refrigerator)
>Repeat this process over a week
>Put cum into Mr Frosty ice lollies/popsicles
>put lollies into freezer
>Lick lollies while pretending to be a girl
>browse r/sissyhypno and the sissy factory
>cum due to how much of a dirty slut I am

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>Include me in screencap

you fucker

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Don't worry user you're not going to hell, Lucifer wouldn't be fine with this level of faggotry

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>Be on /g/
>Tell someone to get Veeky Forums.
>Wonder what's going on with this board, been a long time
>Come here
>This is the first thread I see.
You fuckers make me proud.

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Is this what making it is like?

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AAh yes the first steps to becoming A trap

You look like gay gumby

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kill yourself

why tho

Then please leave for greener pastures.

I fucking love this place.

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I don't want to lift anymore

>this is Veeky Forums, welcome

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put me in the screencap so my mother can be proud of me


>the absolute state of this board

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>trim legs
>feels absolutely amazing even though it feels somewhat gay
>gf outright tells me never to fucking to do it again or else

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▲ ▲

ur even a dyel in ur drawing

I haven't seen those in like, 5 years. Wow.

Kek. probably stopped me from killing myself for tonight

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God damn I love this board

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You're not alone there. There's another one every other week.

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Put me in screencap pls

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