Gotta go /fast/

>What is /fast/?
Fast is a thread for the discussion of intermittent fasting, fasting, water fasting, and dry fasting.


While you're at it watch the rest of this guy's videos on nutrition.

>Weight loss
>Better skin

It's when your body takes apart useless, shitty cells. (Cancer cells, cells with broken protein, acne, loose skin, etc)


>take around 4700 mg of potassium per day max
>2000 up to 3000 mg of sodium per day max
>MIX THIS INTO AT LEAST A LITER OF WATER, sip it through the day. This will keep you hydrated.


If you're lean, 5:2!-- OMAD (one meal a day, 1-2 hour eating window) 5 days a week + 48 hour fast a week
If you're a fatass, FAST UNTIL YOU AREN'T.

You don't have the willpower to fast to death. Now look down. See that large bulbous gut? That's food. Thousands and thousands of calories stored and ready to be consumed by your body.

This is the coolest part about fasting. Your body remains very anabolic when you fast.
"Our results suggest that a fasting program in conjunction with resistance training can decrease fat mass, and maintain muscle mass in resistance-trained males."

>Sugar is more addictive than coke

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Day 4. Gonna make it.

You quoted the wrong previous thread.

day 2 of as long as I fucking can! getting it in!

Daily reminder that fasting is a non-functional meme for impatient fat asses who are too dumb and short sighted to realize that the only sustainable and healthy way to lose weight long-term is a sustained daily deficit of mostly 1000kcal with plenty of exercise.

Any good fasting apps or is Vora the only decent one ?

t. trollposter who never fails to post bait at the beginning of every fasting thread


Go away Boogie2988

Doing a 72h fast, at ~30h right now. Do I need anything else beside a 1,5l water bottle with a half a teaspoon of salt in it?

Shut up beautiful asshole not everyone is blessed with good genetics like your male ass. Its not my fault that the only way I can lose weight is by feinting on my couch all day. Fucking cute jerk

On day 4/7
Hunger has ceased, but I can't wait for this to be over

How's your progress bois?

Can someone preferably a cute big ol teddy bear lend me some pink fairy dust before I pass out

Little blog post here. So I was lifting for about 3mos and was kinda disappointed at how slowly I was losing weight thinking that I had abs underneath the fat. So I stopped lifting and began fasting. Lost all that weight in the span of month (still no abs btw), but got so lazy and didn't resume lifting and continued fasting at maintainable for 3 more months. When I finally did resume lifting, I noticed my lifts didn't change. I'm still doing OMAD and I've gained 4lbs in the past month, while not increasing my eating by much. So in short, you don't lose gains while fasting (at least if you're a skelly like me) and CICO isn't as sound as it's memed up to be, and yes, it is sustainable as a long-term means of keeping the fat off.

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post boipuss

Help please.
I am at 96 hours and just got the shits.
Afterwards I had some slight stinging pain around where my liver is just below the ribcage.
The pain lasted for 30 seconds and came in waves.

Kinda craving some golden oreos desu

~39 hours

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broke my fast on these bad boys, it's ogre. Day 1 from tomorrow

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All sources in this thread are from two people (Valter Longo, Jason Fung) who sell their diet (books, supplements, programs) as products.
>Valter Longo is a founder of a L-Nutra Inc., a company that markets food supplements.
>L-Nutra is the Leading Nutri-Technology Company Developing an Innovative Portfolio of Fasting Mimicking Diets FMD's™
Jason Fung is a well known fraudster who among other things claims that diabetes is curable (there isn't). He also sells books and programs.
>Personalized Therapeutic Nutritional Counselling for Weight Loss and Type 2 Diabetes Reversal
The other source is only about intermittent fasting.

Fasting apart from intermittent fasting is not going to do you any good. To lose weight in a healthy, sustainable, long-term way you need exercise and a moderate caloric

deficit (

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Can you use dexedrine?

What about nicotine patches?

>fasting programmes
>fasting supplements
wow better supplement my not eating with some air

can anyone recommend me a good not eating programme? what should i have for lunch?


> you will lose all your muscle before you lose any fat
nice meme friend, do you even understand why your body stores fat? to burn it when you have no food, brainlet

t. have fasted for 3+ days many times while gaining muscle & strength

I've lost and regained about 500lbs over the course of my life, doing long term restricted calorie diets.
They do nothing more for you than fasting, the only thing that matters is sticking to eating a reasonable amount of food suitable for your weight and being diligent with weighing in and catching yourself gain weight.
Doesn't fuckin matter how or how fast you lose it the only thing that actually matters is what you do when you get there to keep it off

Don't bother dude. You can't come in here claiming fasting causes loose skin or can't reverse diabetes when we get testimonials to the contrary every day.


Anything I can do to make my salt water not taste like ass?

Cum into it

Not the guy you replied to, but I haven't seen anyone in any of these threads post any evidence for autophagy of loose skin asked from posting the link from OP and parrotting that info.

No before/after pics, no confirmation, no significant studies about it. As far as I can see the loose skin thing is total bushit. That's unfortunate since that's the appeal to me, and I'd love someone to prove me wrong (with even minimal evidence from a source other than the one in OP which amounts to a quote).

>fucked up acne
>autoimmune syptoms
>feel spiritually bankrupt

All I want to do is go to the beach and fast for 7 days in nature and meditate.

who /borax/ here

Don’t try to meme people into killing themselves.

Reminder that there are no before and after pictures in these threads because fasting is the bottle rocket of weight loss. You are going to lose some water weight and then fucking quit and look for a real solution. Get some discipline fat asses. Sage.

>being this blind
People have literally posted their results and you see a significant difference in skin.


Been fasting frequently, my fitness standards and strength hasn't changed. I effectively lost more muscle eating at a deficit than fasting..

>selling no food
>selling drinking salt, litesalt and water
Wow, look at this faggot trying to get us to trust that you can't improve your health by not eating but only by EATING MORE


>there has been before and after pictures already posted
>says none has been posted. Might as well not even post lmao
Why don't you get some discipline to not stuff your face with food fatass

I used to, good for candida. But was hard on my system.

Is yohimbine or ECA good during long term fasts?
Does extended fasting cause hair loss?
How do I fall asleep easier? After 3+ days falling asleep is really difficult.

You know you're going to fail and eat like a pig.

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Currently 25 hours in my first fast. Is it posssible to bulk on omad 5:2 if you eat at a weekly surplus there should be nothing to prevent you from building muslce right? Lets say you need 40 calories to bulk (quick maffs) eating 7 calories in 5 days instead of 5 in 7 days will get you the same result?

>You know you're going to fail and eat like a pig.
I haven't failed for the last 7 years. Why don't you go back to /fat/ where you belong

google the health benefits

Day 4 here, is it normal to not be hungry but still crave food every time you see it/think about food a lot? I'm not sure if I'm in Ketosis yet, but 3 more days to find out. Thank you fellas for all the advice and experience.

>fasting doesnt work, because you wont fast
i never fucking got this logic.

Neither of those are worth the risks associated, just fast.

extended fasting can cause temporary hair loss (this is called telogen effluvium, in which on a extended fast can stress the body/hair, leading to your hair follicles switching from anagen/growth phase to telogen (shedding phase).

However, do not fret if this happens, the fact that your shedding hair via telogen effluvium is because the the resting scalp hairs, now in the form of club hairs, remain firmly attached to the hair follicles at first. It is only about 2 months after the shock that the new hairs coming up through the scalp push out the "dead" club hairs and increased hair fall is noticed.

So your hair falls out during telogen effluvium because new (anagen) hair follicles are pushing through.

Yes. There might be some small differences based on when you eat in relation to when you train.
Overall, we focus too much on individual 24-hour periods. There’s nothing magical about that span of time, so you can just as well look at your calories over three days or a week or whatever you want.

your gallbladder is probably dying from not having any fats to digest.

thx and i mean 8 my quick maths is terrible

Should I break the first when it returns?
Haven't had pain since the first time it happened.

I was just fucking with you.


>stop eating for a few days
>lose 5 pounds of water weight
>fasting works, guise

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So, I'm not fat, but it is worth it to fast sometimes just for health benefits, right?
Just for 24 hours or so, I'm not trying to go for a week since there's no need.

24 hours is basically OMAD.
Just try it a few times and see how you feel.

go back to sucking dicks.

>what is ketosis
>"if there's no food available the human body eats up all the muscle mass it'd need to get food – checkmate, evolution!"
>what is autophagy

you are dumb as shit, user.

7 days every three months feels kinda like a youth fountain.

>Minnesota starvation experiment
No thanks, (((doctor)))

Fasting is the only effective non-surgical method of removing loose skin though shill.

Loose skin is only a problem for the obese. How bout not getting that fat in the first place

>don't fall for the fasting "meme" (even though it's something mankind has been doing for 10,000s of years) you'll lose muscle and water only!
Anti-fasting shills out in full force today...

>refute direct claim
>hur u just fat
Go back

It’s the same every single thread. The first 100 posts are people falling for the same bait. Over and over like Groundhog Day.

Fat people are generally more retarded

I started my first fast today, i didnt realize i think about eating this much.

i used to break my fast on beef broth but it's so disgusting that i need something else to break my fast on and it should be low calorie (because i heard if its high calorie you just gain all the same weight back so you need minimal calories to ease back into normal diet)

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Dead threads cause you guys keep falling for the bait. Probably posted by fatties jealous of the sick cuts.


If there is so much evidence then where is it? No photos in this or the last 4 threads regarding loose skin, and no studies either. Like I said, love to be proven wrong here. Give me what you've got in terms of evidence and show me I'm as wrong as you are saying

I'm a streak runner doing OMAD with a 48 hour fast once a week. I run for an hour around hour 18 of the fast every day.

I'm also eating a HCLF vegan diet.

I don't have much to lose, I'm around BMI 24. Mostly doing this for health and training my body.

On my first 48 hour fast, been doing OMAD for a few weeks now and down 20. Just hit my usual eating window but I feel fine.

Shout-out to /fph/, I'm never hungry after seeing that shit.

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All right, I'll try this out and go from there.
Thanks, bros.

>7 years
>still fat hmmm

Had a huge brown this morning and ive been feeling lethargic all day. Should I break my fast today? I never expected to feel tired and lazy all day.

Why is it always women falling for these stupid diets? Is it because they know they're too weak to do a proper diet yet want to stop being fat so guys would look their way?

I also stayed in the shower for like an hour lest night. Maybe that has something to do with it.

And I cant stop touching my fuckin face.

>ever having the discipline to go without eating for any extended period of time
gr8 b8 m8 i r8 8/8

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Indeed Fungs autophagy loose skin claim wasnt backed by pics and no substantial pics have surfaced since the fad began. Sucks because im too poor for surgury but atleast i can adjust my expectations before im looking down at worse skin than when i was 280lbs. /Fast/ works and pretty confident its safe in small increments under a week. Its just a tool used sensibly can have quick effects. IF is the best tool for sustaining.

How about you don't have much choice when you're raised fat?

Bet you take pride in having "solved" problems you've never actually had. Also willing to bet your lack of ability to empathize is related to your never having to overcome anything difficult in your life.

Well there are way more anorexic girls than guys

you have to be at least 18 years old to post on this website

>implying they don't just vomit all their binge eating

I cant do it!! I cant fuckin do it!!

So far so good brah

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I haven’t eaten anything in over 3 days. Why am I farting so much?

This is the coolest part about fasting. Your body remains very anabolic when you fast.

This article also states that IF significally decreases total testosteronet level, Anyone got more info on this?

Yeah I'm sure it was just the evil carbs that made you 270 in the first place lol this general should just merge with /fat/ desu lol

>white particles in my urine
snake man mentioned you might start pissing out kidney stones, is this what he meant

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If nothing else, fasting will make you healthier, which in the long run will make it easier for your body to produce an optimal amount of testosterone. You don't need to do intermittent fasting, though. Just do a snake juice fast until you are lean as fuck and then start bulking and lifting heavy ass weights until you become so fat and muscular that you have to fast again.

I'm older than you kiddo.

>when fasting makes you so healthy you start aging in reverse to the point you become a fourteen year old Peter Pan in green tights

When does the lethargy in the mornings go away?

When you have fasted for a week and has gotten 8 hours of sleep, a glass of fresh water and a glass of snake juice.

Rollerino for how many hours of fasterino

Two days into switching from high fruit OMAD to ketOMAD to go from 15%BF to sub10% (also taking another crack at giving up coffee for a while). Might not actually be keto because I'm eating fairly high protein (150g at least). Dropped 0.6 pounds the first day, a full one today. Gym session this morning wasn't quite as powerful as the 7 days I went last week (with all the carbs + suddenly eating every day after over a month of longer fasts), but still solid (definitely stronger than I was while doing 48s). Also went to yoga both days so far.

Biggest thing I've noticed: I'm suddenly craving far more water? Last week I was averaging maybe 1l of carbonated mineral water a day, two cups of coffee, and whatever was in the fruit. Felt fine. Today I've had well over 2l & felt parched for much of the day (had been planning on doing 23:1 dry but opted out). Was the fruit adding that much?

Starting a water fast today boys
Is it cheating if I whisk cacao powder into my cold brew coffee? Gotta get dem nutrients

Potassium 1200mg (60% NRV)
Magnesium 510mg (136% NRV)
Iron 7.4mg (53% NRV)
Zinc 8.2mg (82% NRV)
Copper 4.2mg (420% NRV)
(per 100g but i'd take 5g)

Shuls out in force today.

Yeah, it was. My dad stuffed me full of doughnuts growing up and as soon as I started making my own money I started buying a literal pound of bulk candy a day to eat, coupled with baked goods and slushies.

based kebab shop pizza

>workplace has 550 people
>weightloss challenge, oh boy
>began monday and goes through end of May
>eat like a fucking horse last weekend
>weigh in Monday, 196 lb
>goal is straight to 155 no refeeds
>experienced with 14 day fasts already
They're not even ready for whats about to happen, but this will give me a great opportunity to expose a lot of normies to fasting.

Gotta take before pics tonight.

>Is it cheating if I whisk cacao powder into my cold brew coffee?

Kinda, but a lot of people would say that drinking coffee is also cheating sooo...Ideally you'd want to just be drinking snakejuice, but you'd still be getting a decent amount of benefits from what you propose

is coffee cheating due to the caffeine or because it's not water
cause coffee is basically water tee bee aich