Based rippetoe just BTFO'd numales. How will they recover?

Based rippetoe just BTFO'd numales. How will they recover?

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Hopefully they never recover

this is good

>bashing on the aesthetics and having abs

Found the fat fuck

>aesthetics lack intrinsic value, unlike strength
>implying aesthetic lifters are not strong
And the value of deadmemeing? Are you a pleb who works as a professional oversized furniture mover? Are you a spic who is a construction laborer? Are you an NFL lineman? Fucking moran

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>fat baby boomer says younger generation sucks

wow, this is worth listening to!

except he's correct

Look how the modern male reels at the truth. Quick to denial and even quicker to the estrogen pills

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lol baby bitch can't lift

Found the faggot

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t. soyboy twink


This retard literally advocates against having abs

Imagine the absolute delusion and seething cope of this guy who was a bitter fat fuck his whole life against Chad and the only women he smashed is his fat wife. Even as a fat old man the cope burns deep

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Some of it was decent. Kinda just sounded like he really wants to fuck an old farmer or construction dude though no homo.

Still reasonably happy with SS. The squat and diddly progress is the only thing keeping me going on it since my bench and OHP feel like they're taking a while to progress.

This. He was fine until he ripped aesthetics. Aesthetics are a pillar of western civlization. Fatties woudln't understand

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Mark wasn't ripping on having abs he was ripping on working out purely for aesthetics and not a useful measurable level of strength w/ progress forward. Just cutting bodyweight and doing some abwheels is working out not for your own inner progress but for approval for others which is a womanly behavior.

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Damn Mark's pic in the OP is like an obese version of this

That cope about abs, though

Nah, that dude is literally a half-god. Definitely magical gains

here you go. Do this for your OHP/Bench


>all those butthurt comments
where the fuck is nikolas cruz when you need him

>implying “modern men” have abs and aren’t skinnyfat
Also, why did he even make this? He speaks highly of the man that, in the end, doesn’t care what anyone thinks. If he were this man then he wouldn’t have to glorify this ideal to anyone. The his ideal man wouldn’t even be listening to this in the first place and anyone that may be converted into following this path has corrupted the ideal by going that way because of what other people had said.

That retard is preaching to the choir. Numales aren't going to listen to him anyway.