So I watched the loud house for the first time yesterday and now I'm in love with pic related and don't know what to do...

So I watched the loud house for the first time yesterday and now I'm in love with pic related and don't know what to do with my life anymore, what do

Become autistic.

draw porn of her
sure as hell im gonna do some


Do Anons like Leni because the idea is she's stupid enough to not see your flaws if she were real?
Not that I'm not in the same boat just curious.

People like her because she's very nice.

I mean I was trying to look at it a little deeper than that all the Louds are nice minus Lori.

>leni could have been fat and ugly


She's an idiot savant who also seems genuinely sweet and caring.

Not even best sister

>The one Lisafag crawls out of his hole

That's because you have good taste user. She is the sweetest and most caring cinnamon roll there is. Here have another one.

>when you realize you will never have a wife as perfect as Leni Loud

Not sure I want to live anymore.

>She will never greet you with a warm smile when come tired from work
>She will never have her apron on from having made food for the both of you
>You will never sit down together to enjoy your meal
>You will never have her there to listen to how your day went with a genuine smile on her face
>You will never ask her about how her day went
>You will never snuggle up under a blanket after the meal and watch some TV
Here's some more reasons not to live senpai

I like both of the older sisters. I like Leni's personality but I really like Lori's design. It's hard to choose.

this character ruins the show for me sometimes. One of the few modern cartoons that take place in the real world, grounded in reality (except for the characters' personalities which are cartoony exaggerations). Her sci-fi BS ruins that and adds an Adventure time amount of "whatever the fuck we want to happen can happen because magic/technology".

>you will never come home to find Leni wearing nothing but an apron as she cooks you dinner
>not because she's trying to be sexy, but because she just forgot to put on any clothes

Fucking T H I S

She is the full package. Truly the best of waifus.

Are these people part amphibian? Why are the calves thicker than the thighs?

Join us in the Lewd House

>Having taste this bad

Would you a sleepy Leni?

That seems to be the case for most people. As I recall, when the first few episodes were uploaded online, she quickly rocketed up the ranks for many. She might even be the most popular of the girls.

She's been the only girl that's been constantly good throughout the two seasons.


She collects shit, letting you know.

>Literal shit character


more like the nut shack because my dick

mild kek

She along with Clyde brings this show down and are goddamn annoying beyond belief.

One of those rare occasions where the final design is the best design of a character concept.

I didnt ask for these feels...

I'm one of those few people who doesn't mind Lisa.

She maybe an idiot

But she's caring and sweet knows how to make things and pick locks

Will actually watch what she cooks to make sure you stay healthy and such

mfw I will never find my own Leni in real life

Leni or Star?

Agreed, however she does have some good moments, such as the episode where she moved to Lincoln's class and put on a TV-Y7 version of a shock collar to contain her autism.

Star has magic, and is desperate for the D.

I'd go with star.

Keep me posted.

People IRL keep stopping me from killing myself. When they ask me, "Why would you want to die," I don't know how to say, "Waifus lmao."

Why isn't there fanart of some stud dump his load in both their mouths?

>I unironically like the lamp

A patrician choice, old boy. Leni is wonderful and I'm happy you think so; for myself she's tied with Luna as second best sister, and I applaud your your taste. However it's my honest and purely personal opinion that Lynn is best Loud. She's a treasure.


I like the second design best

Protect her smile by giving her your own lincoln log, OP

What were the other designs


But there's a better sister, and she can drive.

Excellent taste
Lola Lori and Lucy are the best sisters show wise

There's something cute about her having a lack of intelligence. maybe its because I can relate to that?
The fact she's hot is the real seller.

Also I'm pretty sure Lisa has a scat fetish

>Also I'm pretty sure Lisa has a scat fetish

I think it was pretty obvious with that shit eating grin

wew now that is one hell of a bullet to dodge

>Not using a reaction image like this

This needs to be drawn because I suck ass at Photoshop.

I think they realized if they went with the first pic it basically would've been a real retard and they couldn't real do that on tv

good thing they gave the baby legs

heh I didn't even notice that

makes me see her as a puppet of some sort

┬┐Por que no los dos?

>Better sister

You need to stop worrying and love the Luan.

> it's /trash/ leaking out again episode

She is too pure for this world.

Don't ruin Lisa with ugly, shit arts fella, Lisa = the only actually smart and useful one in the whole fucking family of autistic people except Lincoln and Lily (possibly autistic tho)

Her experiments do more damage than they help.

Lucy is great in any flavor

Which episode was that?


>tfw gf
>tfw she's just as sweet and dumb and caring and blonde as Leni
>tfw deciding between tit implants or a ring for her birthday

>tfw lies
>tfw the "dumb and caring" girl is obviously fucking autistic or just a manipulative cunt

You say "fucking autistic" like it's a bad thing.

I wish there'd be a woman who'd understand me.

>Had same gf once
>Most caring person I ever knew
>Happiest I've ever been
>Moved away

What kind of choice is that? Of course you should pay her implants. Your girl sounds like perfect bimbo material.



fuck you nigga Clyde a best as long as Lori isn't involved

So youre autistic?

No, I'm a schizophrenic. Which is the same thing basically.

What do the voices say? TELL ME
>shoot yo fucken schewl?
>commito sudoko

I don't hear voices. I used to fill that I should slash my throat to clean out the moss and cut open my chest to remove metal balls stuck in my lungs. But after a few months of pills it passes leaving me without anything interesting to share.

This is the kind of gf I want to be

But you can't, haha.

You are probably not even female.

How else do you think I'm not qualified

Not that user, but you post on Veeky Forums. That's bad enough.

Keep going

Bimbos aren't sweet or caring

There's nothing saying they can't be.

Going where?

I was asking for other reasons why anons don't think I could ever be like Leni

I don't think any real life girls could be like Leni.

I watched some of this show.
Im not sure if ill ever finish it but its alright.
Reminds me of a time when i still trusted nick.

is it a virus

That's not very nice.

She seems to enjoy it.

there should've been a fat sister but i'm glad we have Leni as she is now

I want to see Lynn in a sundress and hat

>there should've been a fat sister
enough with the fat acceptance
you have to go back to tumblr

They can't afford a fat one

Barely enough money to buy a fucking cereal for the lad

Get away from my idiot


There are nine other sisters you could have chosen from for your contrarian opinion and yet you still managed to pick the worst one.