Life goals

What are your life goals other than being fit? I just had a sobering experience today because I ran into an old friend from high school when I was jogging through a dog park and now he's a police officer (tactical response TEAM ie SWAT) and his girlfriend is a lawyer.

He's fit (though judging from his physique I am stronger) but he has a career and a hot lawyer gf (I looked him up on Facebook afterwards), like she's seriously hot, if her profile wasn't so restricted to non friends I'd be fapping.
He also went to university for 2 years before he got accepted into policing and was studying criminology and investigative studies.

Meanwhile, I've done nothing but a few labourer jobs and been unemployed for a year now and live with my parents.

So, what are your life goals? Are you achieving them? I thought lifting and gains was good enough but I feel like shit.

> Being rich
> Finding a good women
> Have a lot of children

I'm working on the rich part but finding a good women will be harder than expected. And if I want a big family, I'll have to find her fast.

I'm going to law school after undergrad and I want to study abroad at least two terms

>student loans until I die

I want to have a cabin in the woods where I can raise Mastiffs, Saint Bernards, and Great Danes, fuck my thicc wife, raise kids, and lift akin to Eric from metal and iron

My goals are similar except I prefer a thinn wife and I'd rather just have a small farm

Try going to church. Women with good morals looking for a big family tend to flock there. Honestly been thinking of doing it myself.

>Finish Respiratory school
>Land solid job and work overtime to hit 6-figures
>Buy a house before I'm 25
>Coast on solid upper-middle class income
>Go back to lifting
>Lift till I die

Putting in 100+ hour weeks sucks and sucks even more now that I don't have time to prep and hit the gym

Gonna be worth it though
>We're all gonna make it brahs

>finsh bachelors degree and move out of parent's house
>Masters degree
>finish converting to Catholicism
>move into country and start a mostly self sustaining house
>buy shit ton of guns
>get Christian wife and kids
>live to help raise grandkids

I just want to have a quiet life.

>get stronger
>have a good romance leading to marriage
>do creatively fulfilling work
>spend time with family
>be financially comfortable/wealthy
>don't go completely bald
Failing the last one but the rest are on track.

I like you
N-no homo though

OP here, seems like I'm the biggest loser on Veeky Forums

>stop being fat
>gain acceptance from people
>acquire more high quality gfs/lays
other than that i dunno

Buy an acre of land away from everyone.
Build log and stone cabin and make sure it's as advanced as possible. A real life long project.
Spend the rest of my life camping fishing gardening and reading books in my library.
Occasionally go into town to slip ye ole 9x6 in something warm and tight for a night then go back home and continue on with my peaceful content life.

Out of curiosity- what municipality is he a cop in and how long did it take him to be SWAT? At the very least how old are you? I'm trying to be a cop too.

>tfw no passion
>tfw nothing to live for
How did you do it anons? How do you find something to aim for?

A man must endure. Throw yourself into anything and everything. I'm assuming you're fairly young. Explore shit and quit worrying about the future so much. At the very least find yourself something to do that you can live off of without killing yourself.

I'm this guy btw

>lawyer gf
Don't be so jelly. Lawyer women are objectively the least happy and most bitchy female in the world. It's science. Divorce by 45, guaranteed.

Plan on enlisting for a few years, going to college with free benefits, just to keep me on track

I'd live off the grid. A totally self efficient system. I'd grow my own crops, heat my own water, cook my own food. I'd have a traditional family. I'd be the man of the house and my wife would be the twinkle in my eye, she's be my heart. My kids would be farm fed, strong, and home schooled. No indoctrination or state-fed education. They would shock me with their curious innocence and help me deprogram.

We'd ponder the stars, we'd fish, and I'd teach my son how to hunt. My daughter would be my princess and would wear a chastity belt into her 30s (joking of course).

Would be nice if we had a community of people living off the grid, we'd trade and have fires together. We would also go on hunting expeditions together and trips on the river.

Sure would be nice.

*snaps back to reality*

>finish converting to Catholicism
>get Christian wife and kids

Catholic and Christian are different.
My Irish granny used to get butthurt about that all the time.

I'm muslim.
I don't think I'll have trouble finding a wife. The biggest problem here is to find one who'll agree to have a big family.
And when I say big family, I mean more than 5 children.
I really like big families.

Please don't... we already have enough mudslimes on our earth

I think it took him 5 or so years doing general stuff or whatever, I'm 25.

Who is this semen demon?

>Creatively fulfilling work
Like what?
I just got out of a job and have all the time in the world to look at things to get me out of NEETmode, need to know what are good options.

This kebab needs good removing.

this is the weirdest timeline ever

retarded weaboo virgins looking for a purpose outside of the 4 walls of their cum crusted bedroom are turning to the Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ to save them from a meaningless purpose.


can be autistic and not get called out for it because people assume you lived a sheltered life

dont have to go out drinking and be normal, ever, can preserve gains too

get to be on a high horse and call people degenerates because you have m-muh religion

live under the ignorant belief roastie whore that is christian and yields you children is any less crazy than your typical qt

dude, i think i might convert today too!!

Get my degree
Have my own house
Support my dad till he dies
Raise a family when im around 40

Mostly I just want to support my dad, he's worked hard all his life, doing all kinds of shit, made some decent money at some points, but is now 67 with no savings and a pension of 400/month.

God bless. Wish you all the luck.

I'm currently a graphic designer at a tiny fIrm, I'm quitting to work at a huge printing company in their management development program for two years. Graphic design is not as fulfilling as you'd think. It's basically all people breathing down your neck about deadlines and then choosing the worst or ugliest option at every turn. Clients are idiots.

I don't even know what my goals are. Thinking about going into law, thinking about going into education, maybe something else. I've just felt so lost ever since I started college last year, I have no idea what I want out of life or even who I am anymore.

If you need work though look into commercial printing (flexography, lithography, digital, ect). Always hiring, always training, you get a very satisfying concrete conclusion to every project and you get to work on some really cool stuff.

Not him.

There is a greater purpose, you have to find it within. Don't let Satan fool you. But you don't need to fear him when you accept Jesus Christ into your heart. This world needs more Jesus, maybe you could shine a brighter light that would seek to lift people up instead of shred them down.

I believe in you, user. Be well.

>Quit my software dev job
>Graduate uni
>Move to the us for tech giant job
>Get really good
>Contracting software work for big bucks
>Start a tech company (probably contracting)
>Live the high life
>Stay big


dude im unironically christian myself, but that 'do it for him' pic user posted really triggered me.

Just spend your money wisely man. While I have made 100+k per year since 22, I'm now 32 and no further ahead really. I buy new vehicles, bikes, sleds, quads, every year and just go adventure all the time. Don't own my own place, don't have any debt, but only 50k in the bank.

While I enjoy my life if I could do it again, I'd keep my first truck, first quad, first bike, first sled, and then buy a home. Would have had a gorgeous place paid off by now.

Experiences are great and all, but having something lasting like a nice home to live in and work on things, yourself, whatever, should be a priority. My pops told me that for years and of course kids don't listen, gotta learn the hard way.

>I mean more than 5 children.

Nigga do you want to live in poverty for the rest of your life? Unless you're wealthy, then go ahead.


I know this feel. My Oldman had a shitty go of life, been forever alone since my mom (25+ years now). A lot of it he brings on himself, but he deserves a break. Slaving away forever just to scrape by, dunno how he hasn't offed himself. I would have

honestly not a bad idea

there are some banging catholic/christian women that want that white-picket fence life

I feel like we would be friends

>Buy house with cash
>Quit soul crushing office job
>Meet nice QT girl
>Stay fit
>Work low-stress job I actually like
>Spend a lot of time raising my kids, making sure they're ready for the world

The last two are very important. I and many people my age have suffered from being thrown in daycare after learning to walk and now have no clue how to live life.

Spend a few years in the forces as a supply tech
Go to uni
Become either a Military or RCMP officer

If the last part falls through I'll just do my job until 40 and then use my nest egg to buy a cottage up north and live the rest of my life as a recluse

finish college
either go to law school or get a solid job after college
work in my favorite city with the girl of my dreams
eventually earn at least an upper-middle class income
start a family
run for public office and then see how far I can climb politically

I unironically love politics and I would love to really make a name for myself and make an impact

(Republican but more Paul Ryan and less Trump)

>finish EE degree
>study overseas for a semester or even a year
>finish learning a language
>marry my long term girlfriend
>buy an acreage, build a big house
>have kids, raise them right
>establish the family unit that has been lost since the end of the 1950's

it's good to have life goals

>Paul Ryan

Amen brotha

I'm 27, and started my company at 25. Making good money working on cool projects. Still feel like an under achiever. being a perfectionist has its highs and lows.

my goal is to survive 4 more years and inherit everything from my wealthy parents so i can do what the fuck i want.

Islam encourages big family so if the wife is Muslim and at least have some knowledge about the religion you won't have much problems about having a lot of kids.

But you should also count it all up, you don't want to have 5+ but they're all starving. Rather have 1-2 and make sure they're taken care of properly.

>more Paul Ryan

I always wanted to be a fireman in a particular City, a couple years ago I got in there so I'm doing my dream job, I had a decent successful construction company before that, still do that on my of days for money cause that fireman pay doesn't cover my expenses tastes and hobbies well enough, although I'm looking to get out of construction and into day trading which is going pretty well so far, I tend to make a couple hundred bucks most days trading, if I can keep this up for the rest of the year I'm selling my company and dumping the cash back into the market

Holy fuck I hate Paul Ryan so much, Trump plz fire him

+1, I too want to have a big family. But we have to get rich for children to be raised right bro !

Thanks bro. Anyway, if you're 25 you're still good. What are your interests? I'm 28 and am trying to be a cop in D.C. until I get called back for the FDNY. My real dream is to be a firefighter. I'm a 28 year old veteran and about to graduate from a good school with a degree in IT. I used to teach cert courses in IT and worked the help desk at a financial software company. I'm saying all this to let you know you have ample time to sort yourself out

You don't gotta be rich, just a decent income, me and my wife bring home about 120-160 depending on the year and have 3 kids, they have everything they could need and most of what they want without me spoiling them, I have money put away for college for them and a decent house in a nice neighborhood. I still have enough money left over that I go through a sailboat about every 2 years as I keep upsizing. It's about keeping debt out of your life, if you can do this you can live great on a reasonable income

I'd like to do some traveling, first around my country, then maybe even around the world, I'm not much interested into riches, big house, nice car etc. I'm only 22 and atm working as a caretaker for this little kid of a nice family. I just don't know how to break this circle, pack up and leave. And when I talk to my closer family about it they all think I'm crazy.

I want the same except I want a pit and chow thrown in there

This is my dream too.

Good luck bro, being a fireman is the most rewarding thing in my life next to my own kids. I hope you make it in, the fire service needs more fitness oriented people, I've worked in a few cities now and I'm disgusted by the average level of fitness by most fireman, my life, the life of a child in a burning house, the life of your brothers going in with you may ask depend on your level of fitness, I wish all departments had yearly fitness testing that actually took some level of fitness to pass.

Capture cryptids and sell them
Get rich off of it
Use money from it to hunt for treasure and fund expeditions into uncharted parts of the world
Use money from the treasure to build an anti gravity drive and a spacecraft
Go to Antarctica to search for ancient temples under the ice and nazis
Find a artifact that gives me powers and take over the world

I want to make video games.

Absolutely patrician.

Thanks bro- lifelong dream. I honestly don't get why law enforcement, firefighting, and ems jobs don't have yearly fitness test like the military.

>get fucking huge at the gym
>start up school again in the fall (I quit going about four years ago, and like you I'm at a point where my career isn't going anywhere and everyone else is doing so well and I've been left behind completely but I want to pursue my dreams)
>get a breddy gud job
>provide for a family, take care of my parents in their old age.

I think I'm achieving them... It's just taking so long. My prime is disappearing. I always feel like I've fucked everything up and wasted four years of my life.

Life goals are just to do as much as I possibly can whilst living for as long as possible really. I want my own family, my own house, but also want to travel the world on motorcycle, write a book or two, serve in the military, work in politics and see if I can reduce the overall level of autism that has spread around the world.

26 male.

Always dream about being a soldier and a bartender.
So i joined the army, had my deployment, quit, became a bartender.
Didnt really have much dreams other than those. Going back to the army doesnt feel like the right thing. Staying a bartender isnt fulfilling my needs anymore.

Thinking about becoming a EMT.
That or some engineering degree. But that would only be for the money. Cant really decide. Inclined to go with EMT, as i think it suits my lifestyle more. On the other hand, its a shit pay, and as i grow older its gonna be difficult to change.

Same, but German shepherds and Jack Russell's. Also, no kids. Fuck kids.

In terms of achieving them, I'm slowly getting Veeky Forums-ter (1/2/3/4 a few months of work away), currently at University, working with publications irl and gonna slowly start putting plans into motion for army stuff. Everything is else is money, time and opportunity :P

I need to know who this is

22 here also trying to become a cop
Being fit helps as I passed all the fitness tests at the top of my class everytime but where I live it's very competitive. Currently doing a lot of volunteer work and asking every cop I see what else to do. Don't see myself actually becoming a cop for another couple years. I just want a job where I feel like I'm doing something positive.

Score a big pay job so i can finally move in with my gf.

>Don't see myself actually becoming a cop for another couple years. I just want a job where I feel like I'm doing something positive.

Preach- graduated from criminology program last summer, want to get into social work, 22 as well, no clue what to do next but want to do well and good in the world


Cannot you not do this in America? I'm being serious, we don't like that you would do that here and at BEST we're indifferent. This isn't a Muslim country and it never will be.

>inb4 racist
>inb4 containment board

I want my enemies to despise me
my friends to be envious of me
my parents to brag about me.
I want to buy my family what they want. I want to be so successful that they will no longer have to work and can enjoy their lives. I want to bear their burden.


>implying she has a choice about family size

find a nice woman and have many kids

I want a simple life.

Honestly I'm not really sure, but I know a few things I want.

>Dream Car: Subaru WRX
>Pets: German Shepherd and a Norweigan Forest cat
>A house with a lot of land, doesn't have to be a big house, it could be a rancher, just a modest house and lots of land
>Enough money to be comfy and buy myself nice things every now and again

Everyone else just kinda not know? Like, I feel as if I should have greater ambitions but I have no idea what I want to do. I've thought about becoming a lawyer, or joining the military as an officer. But I'm just not passionate about ANYTHING. I simply just don't KNOW what I want to do, anyone else?

you cultural Christian or something? why does devoting your life to Christ trigger you

In no particular order,

>achieve title of master sommelier
>marry qt brown hair blue eye thinspo girl
>fluent in at least 3 non-english languages
>purchase large plot of land in upper peninsula of MI
>write a novel that isn't trash

This was exactly my plan until my 3.5 year relationship fell apart :/

I'm finishing up flight school and planning on working as a flight instructor for a few years. Job outlook is good bc regional airlines are coming to our school like every day and offering salaries 2x as good as they used to be.

Yeah I have a shit ton of student loans but nowhere near as much as a doctor or even just ivy league schools, but one day if I don't get furloughed I'll at least be making six figures before I'm 35.

this is the migrant dream I believe in and I /pol/

My only goal is to get over this friggin performance anxiety. It's hounding me like a motherfucker, I can't hold down jobs, friends, girlfriends, anything, because I'm convinced I'm not doing a good enough job at any of them. But mostly I just want it gone because of the job thing. If I can work any Average Joe job, do my lifts and play my vidyas, I'll be perfectly content.

>finish uni
>buy motorcycle
>hopefully die a fiery high speed death

and no women/internet
and max one dog

I am 27 years old. I run my own company, have a pretty girlfriend and just got my dream car yesterday (Audi A4).

On top of that I just hit 2 plate bench for 5 reps which is something I've been working on since I started lifting 4 months ago.

I wouldn't say I'm fully content with my life but it isn't bad and I feel like I'm doing alright for my age.

>Audi A4
You fucked up.

EMS and fire are separate in my city, and I started out on the ambulance. Picked up a little weight in medic school, then got hired by fire a few years later. I never lifted before and had a wake up call at my first house fire a mere two months in at my first station. Nobody was home, but during our initial search I remember thinking, "I hope I don't find someone because I'm too tired to pull them out".

I started lifting weights and exercising at 33-- I know, I know, but I was a band kid in high school-- and it's a tough battle at my age. Now I'm 37, better than before but still not where I'd like to be, and in better shape than most of my EMS coworkers. The guys at my station work out, so that keeps me in check.

My advice to the young guys isn't to start now if you haven't already. For real. This shit don't get easier with age.

Please do yourself a favor and either enlist in the Navy, or don't join the military at all.
I've worked with all branches and Navy is by far the best.

Currently going for my bachelor in chemistry, afterwards go for my master degree.
I want to work in a research & development section in a chemistry company.
Maybe become a teacher later, but I don't know if I am made to be a teacher.

I don't know, I tried reverse image search but no dice. I saved them a long time ago on /b/ when I was a degenerate. Here's my other and last one, though.

I did reverse image search this one and it found an identical image on Smutty dot com slash h slash Dirt

That's all I can do to help, GL.

>be middle-upper class
>work as minimally as possible

>spend free time chasing girls and hanging out with friends
>do this whilst is lasts then transition into solo hobbies

>tfw no goals, aspirations or drive to succeed
I just exist. I don't do anything. What do?

Already well on my way into a good career, earning 110K a year at 24.

Now need to move out, find a new girlfriend, working my way towards competing in judo later this year and continuing to get Veeky Forums

I'm afraid my life goals might not be achieveable for me and I'm not doing much to pursuit them.

I'll finish a good law school soon and then... dunno. Fuck.

easing in into myself.

This. Government pries too much and think they fucking own everything. Just look at waco, peaceful community not hurting anyone. They killed those people to send a message that the government is in charge here. Only god has the true authority, the rule of man is an illusion. Sorry for going full William Cooper but you triggered me.