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Cheating manlet vegans stealing your girls.


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anasci.org/ebooks/anabolics 2006.pdf

bumpin cause some nigger punked me with a new thread

>tfw currently at the gym while the roommates are having a party at our house

The drinking has also probably not helped with my declining aesthetics

What temperature does Test E decompose at?

iirc above 100f

5th for whiskey is the best cure there is

I cut up old tshirts with designs I like
Have trouble keeping my nips in though

>The drinking has also probably not helped with my declining aesthetics

>tfw waiting 3-4 weeks for the test to kick in
How do I speed up time?

100 def fahenbeit?? thats like summers day temperature. Are you thinkin of melting point


Frontload 1g my dude
I'm impatient as fuck so I always frontload

I'll stop drinking and start tanning and stop eating so many pop tarts and mcchickens... in the summer lel

is trump on trt

Pretty high, but worry more about whether it's been exposed to light.

Vial sitting in drawer, fine for years, vial in the sun no bueno

It's there any other reason besides libido to keep test higher than deca on a bulk?
>>long distance relationship
>>probably better off without wanting sex atm

Want to just do 500/500 test/deca for a milder cycle.

More like birth control with his amount of tantrums and small hands

She's gonna cheat on you so you may as well do it first

Can anyone recommend a good ebook? Most reviews are shills.

would 100 degrees celcius or a bit higher destroy it?

Fug u
She won't if I'm joocy from a good test/deca bulk. And wealthy.

>long distance relationship

are you a trucker or a sailor with a years long marriage and kids? otherwise it's bullshit

Just read studies from nih or decent forums if you want info. I've sampled a dozen ebooks thinking maybe one is legit but they're truly all basic knowledge. Or at least, if your roiding, you should have already known this stuff.

>room mate been playing with my dick
>Gf just bought me ice cream
>Room mate wants me to go downstairs and fuck her in the basement

Whats a good compound to run with test for a second cycle?

Military. Dw she only wants me. Stay jelly
Now is there any other reason to increase test? Deca is more anabolic anyways right?

U poly?
What are goals

>Military. Dw she only wants me.

sure thing buddy hahahah

>Just read studies from nih or decent forums if you want info.
Great, I'll take a look. What qualifies as a decent forum?
>Or at least, if your roiding, you should have already known this stuff.
I agree. I'm not; still learning.

No, room mate just really started liking me since a put on weight, kinda dont want to fuck her but her pussy taste good

Honestly goal is 160lb lean, 5'9

Gonna cut down to about 150 then try hard to lean gain next cycle


Hoo boy, I hope you know someone who can keep an eye on her.


dialing in my asin is tricky! i feel high e2 sides like bloat or moodiness, increase asin eod, keep getting sides, increase to 12.5 ed. now nips kinda sensitive. wtf. seems like the transition between levels causes sides no matter what.

I'm really getting in touch with my feelings.

I like steroidology, and the trt forums. I mostly just Google shit, think that's the norm.

Listening to Drake makes me need more asin

Listen to the weeknd

Baby I would diiiie for yooooou

We've talked about being open and she's said no for now cause (I didn't think she could do it.) So I assume when she says she wants to be open, she'll fuck other dudes and vis versa. Not too worried about random sex with throw away dudes.

We r9k soc now

Do you like masteron? I've never given it a fair chance honestly. My source has a new dude selling his old shit and it's priced pretty good.

Might pick some up to run in the fall after

I'm happily married m8, just talked to enough military types to know the deal.

Yeah it's great butbonlybreallybehen you're already sub 10. You wouldn't see much from it now.

Email me and I'll make a group chat with you and chem.

>trusting a whore

ey mister beta cuck, don't come crying when she becomes distant and suddenly dumps you after taking multiple rides on the bbc rollercoaster

I think my dying liver is making my piss smells like death, which is in turn making my dick smells like death after a long day of peeing multiple times without showering

that or I got an std I'm not sure

what do you have to look for to know when to hop off tren? last blast i was on for 3 months, got night sweats, paranoia, irritated etc, nothing i couldn't handle.. but this time im planning to just run 500 tren e until my body needs a break. how would i know when that time comes?

250 test as well ofc

Does anyone ever do just 1 cycle?

I'd go with really high BP? Never done tren. BP is a bad thing tho.

So youre a cuck?




Anyone else enjoy pinning? I get excited to do it when the day comes. I might switch to Test Prop just so I can pin more often

Anyone else feel like complete shit all day after deadlifting unless they spend 15 mind foam rolling afterwards? If i dont i just feel sick all day and like i am going to vomit and pass out from the back pump

I did at first now it's a pain in the ass chore to do it even twice a week because i hide my stuff

>decide to try pinning in the delt for the first time
>everything seems to go smooth
>hardly feel it
>aspirate and no blood
>mfw pull needle out and jet of blood shoots 5 feet across the bathroom from the needle hole

When I had liver problems I got really really itchy skin. Like, painfully itchy.

Have you tried taurine? works for me and its cheap


Haven't bought DNP in a while, last time I bought it from DMP, are they still a thing? I'm not really keeping up to date on this shit and didn't see a DNP thread

Have you read llewellyn's anabolics? Take the recommended dosages with a grain of salt, but I'd take actual knowlege of the compounds over anecdotal accounts from random guys on forums. Here's a pdf of it, though this isn't the most up to date version

anasci.org/ebooks/anabolics 2006.pdf

Oh shit nice link.

Good night

Night buddy!

Lmao been there too. Blood squirted all over my couch. SWEET, JUST WHAT I NEEDED THANKS!

If youve got Test P enjoy the pip.

Cycling is like smoking cigs. You swear to stop for good until the next one kek

i did when i ran just test at moderate doses when i started, with the oil volume and pin schedule i have nowadays its a fucking chore and i hate it lol

I hit a buddy/roommate in the eye with a blood squirt once because of that. An abstract sort of feel, for both.


Guys wtf
I thought you said that test takes weeks to kick in and improve gym performance

I abaolutely btfo'd my previous volume prs and i only pinned 200mg test e on thursday

Yohimbine is illegal in my country. If I were to use it as a weight loss agent, is that considered taking steroids or performance enhancing drugs?

shut up

Yes. But as soon as you move to another country you regain your natty card because of a technical loophole. Cool, huh?

God damnit I'm such a little bitch for not asking this girl out already.

We've all been there. Don't worry, if she actually liked you, she'd have given signs to make you confident enough. Guess you're just not man enough to do it anyways.

To hit peak test levels it takes 3-4 weeks

Add an oral

>What is the placebo effect

how bad does sdrol hit bp?

>she'd have given signs
Implying I can recognize these signs, you give me too much credit for an autist.

Rate my bulking diet back from November. Hamstrings were so thick full tight and juicy back then.

you know gomad is a meme, right?

>gf wants to try a thousand new sex positions that are more new age performance art than actual fucking
>gets mad when I lose focus and motivation after failing to bend my dick five different ways for half an hour and just pin her down to unleash pent up 900mg tren raep on her holes, despite cumming like 3 times in the end

Stop reading Cosmo you twat.

You really notice an effect from frontloading? I've always been skeptical

New "positions" are such a meme. Either try totallly new fetishes or just fuck normally

thats why I drank 1.5g of milk a day

My point exactly. But women get memed into the most ridiculous things when it comes to new ways to spice up their sex lives. And if I ever was to try the Kama Sutra, it wouldnt be after not having seen a pussy from up close for three weeks while fiending hard on close to a gram of bologna.

fatass gluttony/10


didnt say I am not. takes one to know one kek

recomping natty can't find any ostalean online to buy help me out breh

no source talk




>ostalean or ostarine in general

Kekest of keks

why do you look down on yourself like that

its probably the reason nothing has happened

gain some fucking confidence and get a better mental image of yourself

You fucked up everything it was possible to fuck up, congrats

What would happen if someone jumped on accutane but stopped before reaching their cumulative dosage?
Would they get acne back at a slower rate when they go off?

Want to hop on 20mg for a few months to get rid of this stupid bacne that I've had for almost 5 years

I did exactly that. Skin stayed clear for a year afterwards, better than ever.

Started to get acne again recently though since trying 500test with no AI. So now I gotta run it again.

A low cruise dose works wonders though.

Well I'm officially fat

Summoning jerry,

Down from 120kg to 61kg, what would you recommend routine/gear wise if I want to get juicy girlmode gains? Var/DMAA/Dexies got me to this point, time for serious not play play.

>asking that fat weeb cuck for advice

you know where the door is

>I did exactly that. Skin stayed clear for a year afterwards, better than ever.
cool time to get myself some indian/chink generics then.
Kinda ridiculous to run 80mg for several month to even come close to my cumulative dosage.

How are the sides? No suicide feels like other people expierience?

Also nice arms and delts. Pretty impressive given your small timeframe

No need for hostilities my dude, de-stress those gyno breasts.

so what will happen when you stop taking test? doesn't your body produce less than before u started taking test?

Thx bb
Only bad side I got was dry skin on my face and lips but I was taking 40mg a day for a while

Easily fixed by using cerave moisturizer and Vaseline at night.

Funny story I got picked up with no bond in the middle of an accutane run so while in jail my skin started flaking off like crazy (only allowed to shower e3d due to overcrowding and def no moisturizer).

Scared tf out of the jail doc and the other guys in my bay lmao when my skin was literally shedding.

Sooh, anything bad happen if I stay on LGD-4033 for a year?

Honestly the only thing stopping me is I don't know what to ask her out to do, she's a homebody.

>only allowed to shower e3d due to overcrowding and def no moisturizer
Fuck that's horrible

Combination of acne, low collagen and paleness makes my skin look like shit atm
Guess I'll cruise on test and accutane until summer, then hit a tanning bed for a few sessions to unlock greek olive color skin

just make sure to paternity test your kids. and maybe make a dildo of your dick.
Its actually important.

That's why u don't stop

Does DNP go off? I wouldn't imagine so but I've had some for over a year. Any reason I shouldn't take it?