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epic new meme dino

Post PR's, routines, form checks, meet results, schmexy lifts, etc. No Dubs or gets allowed. Supermong and Sean pls go.

Remember OHP is not IPF approved, and long femurs are the underactive thyroid of lifting

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>How to sumo deadlift by Ben Rice
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>How to lowbar squat by Alastair MacNicol
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>How to set WRs by C. Lutz
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>How to build a big bench by C. Lutz
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stfu tranny lover

My back is hurting, my lifts are shit, I failed 140kg deadlift. My diet is shit pls kill me I go to sleep now I come back in the morning

paul didn't fall in love with a tranny he fell in love with a brazilian manlet get your facts straight

ok dino

Sean go to sleep


i fucking lol at kbooey trying to be some internet famous powerlifter but failing miserably.

dude posts all his lifts and videos on here and reddit, is a total instagram whore and struggles to break a couple k views/followers

he should just move up a weightclass so he could at least be a relevant powerlifter

literally who

I never did a proper LP program

How do I know if I could get anything out of it?

I didn't do them


Run something linear and see how it goes?

Reminder to fix your posture.

On a scale of 1-10, how dumb is cautiously training through a minor lumbar disk herniation. I'm asking for a friend.

Only way to do it.

do you feel any pain or anything?

i thought a lot of people have minor herniations etc but dont realize it

idk though

Just some sciatica in the left foot. Very little back pain at all.

Tbh do the McGill shit every morning, maybe try lifting and see if there's anything that's totally uncomfortable and train from there. I mean, this isn't "good advice" but it's what I did.

not op but can you give me a link?


>the olympic press

is not a powerlifting movement


>tfw going home for a long ass time
>tfw dad recently started lifting
Is having your dad be your gymbro weird?

much appreciated

No, it's sick

But I mean, he could give me a ride to the gym, I'd always have someone to give me handoffs, always have a spotter etc.

Post PR music:

Go compete against Lilliebridge in the raw with dad division.

I don't get how people can lift to such light-hearted music. I need someone screaming bloody murder in my ear.



He meant sick in a good way you aspy. Why would having your father as a trainer be weird? Is throwing a baseball with your father weird? No, calm your autism bro

Training partner* fucking christ I hate typing on my phone

It's sick is a good thing man.

Sounds pretty great though if he does become your training partner. I tried talking to my dad about it and he doesn't want to even though he follows weightlifting a bit.

He is excited for my first meet though so that should help me out because no one wants to look like shit in front of their dad.

pls b patient nd respect i have autist

>mfw had no family present at my first meet
I think I just would have gotten nervous if I did, even though it was just a club meet

Reminder this exists.

I hate letting my dad down so I reckon it will help a bit. I have a couple of mates coming as well and two of my brothers.

Just finished up c6w day 8 and I managed to get 10 reps of 127.5(pls no bully) and then do 10x3 of 122.5, feel pretty good though. I just want to lay on the ground all day and not move though.


pls be kg

Joe's dad is basically a bigger, stronger, balder version of him. Meeting him was like looking 35 years into Joe's future.

So Benchbeta is going to end up fat (already is KEK) wireless and a bench+beta? KEK

Joe btfo by me, his arch nemesis

It is thankfully. Hoping to get 170 on the 6th week. I got 160 last time I did a mock meet and I fell into the safeties.

Never thought waiting for a rack command would be hard so I started doing the pause at the end of each set.


>tfw want to go to the gym tomorrow but am stuck on a wired connection

It is now April, and Frog is still not my fuckbuddy.

>Squat chugging along at 5lb a week
>Deadlift going backwards

shit dude fuck

If i can squat roughly the same amount of weight low bar with flats and high bar olympic style on any given day, should i continue on with high or low bar? Ive been told if thats the case continue doing high bar for athletic ability improvement in the long run

Tomorrow is my first meet , halp pls

Lift real good

Which style feels comfiest to you?

if you're american, go to sleep.


the checklist here is pretty good, I still use it for my meets

Make sure to pack or buy food before your meet so you don't die while waiting hours to lift.


You just want him for yourself!!

>tfw you haven't had a meal in 2-4 hours

>tfw you go straight from the gym to Chipotle and crush two burritos minimum

>just woke up and a fresh 3000 calories to eat today
Also got paid yesterday, might get a burrito myself

>tfw your shake is 3000 cals

Driving three hours (each way) to train equipped bench


this hurts my back

wew lad why

people routinely do this, its a good thing to do to train with people who know what theyre doing and can improve you

Oh yeah

GB EQ Bench squads :^)


Also I've just got an audible subscription. Makes driving much nicer desu.

what is it like 2hundo? You're not even competitive raw Tbh

I'm not competitive in anything, but I did win british equipped bench (first of one) so I'm still going.

>all you have to do to be on the national squad is not bomb

How can i bench More?

I am doing a meet next weekend. Originally i've signed up in the 90kg weight class, but there's a lot less guys in the 100kg class and my coach told me that if I gain weight, I'll probably get a medal.
BW 88kg after breakfast right now. The weigh in is in the morning, roughly 7 hours before I lift. How should I gain the weight without affecting my performance? I think I'll be 89 by then, should I just down a bottle of water?

>long femurs are the underactive thyroid of lifting
Are they really? Show me a pic of an accomplished long femured lifter (pl or wl).

t. bitter lanklet

do you compete? yeah i compete

No but I pretend to be a coach and spam sheiko on plg

Just bench more m8.

>tfw you train for strength, but you don't want to compete, so your routine isn't a purebred powerlifting program, however plg is the only place that makes sense on fit and you're stuck here with powerlifters, feeling like an everlasting outcast

dreamer bulk while lifting weights

The majority of high level conventional pullers have long femurs.
Some great squatters also have long femurs (Hancott, Norton, Blevins)


It's not looking good

what are you currently listening to izlee?

youll just get fat with poor programming

i'm currently benching 3 times a week (cuckols program) with a big foam roller in order to increase my arch
but it is shortening my rom and as I am in off season I need more gainzzz
how would you do if you were me?


Prissy little bitch. I am disappoint, son.

Bench 3x8+
Front Squat 3x8+
Chin-ups 3x4-6
Lunge 3-5x8-10
Dips 3-5x10-12
Curl 3-5x10-12

Bench 3x6+
DL Rep Maxes + BackOff
Row 3x4-6
RDL 3-5x10-12
Dips 3-5x10-12
Curl 3-5x10-12

Bench 3x4+
Front Squat 3x4+
Chin-ups 3x4-6
Lunge 3-5x8-10
Dips 3-5x10-12
Curl 3-5x10-12

About to get fuckhuge with cuckols :^)

you have one single joint movement

If I dont need IPF approved sleeves atm what is best choice or all 7mm sleeves are good?

No DBs or machines and extensions fuck my elbows

What do? I have a meet on September 9th. I'm going on vacation May 3-8, July 11-16 and July 31-August 12.

So it's:
4 weeks and change
>first holiday trip
5 weeks
>second trip
2 weeks
>third trip, this one almost 2 weeks
6 weeks

The last trip in particular is long enough to disrupt my training significantly. I'm thinking I need to increase volume so that I overreach in the week before the first and second trip, then in the 2 weeks between the second and third trip I go balls to the wall on volume, then the first 2-3 weeks after the third trip again high volume (since I'll be extra rested and slightly detrained/fitness will have decayed) but also medium-high intensity to peak, and then the last 3-4 weeks before the meet increase intensity and decrease volume to taper?

woops made a mistake, there's about 10 weeks between trips 1 and 2

you can probably go balls to the wall with volume the whole time and then taper like you said at the end
those first two trips should get rid of almost all fatigue you've accumulated before them

when is the new 531 coming out?

or is it out already? gimmie gimmie pdf

dont do anything silly, just stick to your programming best you can around the holidays, trying to compensate could leave you worse off on the platform, training principles still apply

pic related is a 4wk peak, replace the assistance with what you do, pay attention to the squatbenchdead numbers



wtf is Veeky Forums doing here

abril fools :-DDDDD

no one is going to do your silly roider peak bro

swede burns was voted coach of the year on powerlifting watch

i think he knows what hes talking about

i really do still fail to see how its a "roider peak"

you hit a fatigued max then taper down to reduce fatigue coming into comp, allowing you to hit fresh maxes on the day

you dont need to start peaking 10-12 weeks out