Malazan, The Crippled God. Been working through these for like three-four years.

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"Theories of international politics and zombies" by Daniel W. Drezner.
Most entertaning book about internatiotional policies I've ever read tBh.

My squat strength is super inconsistent. Some days it feels natural as breathing and i hit a new PR @RPE8
Some days i fail to even budge what i did for fahves the week before.
What the hell is up with that?
Googling it yields a bunch of "squat more frequently" answers, but I squat every other day (3-4 times per week, alternating light and heavy)
None of my other lifts have this issue at all. Any suggestions?

Your technique sucks and you need to bear with it until you develop a consistent technique. At least that was how it was for me.

Just ordered a bunch of eq and deca to run with this anadrol.

Gonna be a great low and slow blast, gonna run a lot of varitaions and high volume and just build a stronk as fuck base and peak later in fall

Eric Bugenhagen posted
Feeling Weak?

There are always going to be those days where you feel a tad bit weaker and 95% of your 1rm may feel like 105%. This may be due to fatigue or perhaps diet. Then there are those days where 80% or so of your 1rm feels like 105%. THAT IS PURELY DUE TO YOUR MINDSET! If you are capable of deadlifting 500 lbs, there is no excuse for 405 not budging. If you experience this...I suggest you start your workout all over again and approach your warm-up sets differently. Also, reevaluate why you are training to hit a certain number in the first place. If it doesn't get your emotions high, I suggest you dump that goal and find a new one. You should be emotionally invested in crushing your goals! I promise...if you revolve your training around a goal that gets your emotions high, you will never have "off" days in the gym...you should be so driven by your goals that you refuse to leave the gym without knowing that you bettered yourself in one way or another.

That's why he failed to pr last time he ran Jefferson deadlifts, entirely mindset. Eric knows his shit but spouts a lot of garbage like this sometimes

I clean and jerked 275 and cleaned 285 a bunch trying to get 'dat jerk. Then ate and took a nap with my puppy. What did YOU do today, /plg/?

So what would you recommend? A deload with nice, agonizingly slow reps to really ingrain the movement pattern?

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actually giving a shit

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why don't you try and overhead press while you squat

do you guys not instinctually push up on the bar when youre squatting heavy?

usually when i PR or just have a slow rep i push the bar up which does make it easier, but it puts a lot of strain on my shoulders when i do it

Alex, stop being retarded with your sub 400 squat. It was a 700 pound raw squatter who taught it to me, and I can rep out your best squat for a set of 10+ without a belt with an olympic style squat and shoes.

Anyway, let's think about the physics behind it. You are trying to push your body and the barbell from parallel to lockout. When you pull something down, you pull your body up (same deal when you push something up, you are pushing your body down), your legs have to get both up. There is effectively no force that effects your legs in either direction. But that's not all, doing one or the other effects how tightly the barbell is against your body, and the position of your scapula and the tension in your back muscles. Pulling it in promotes having better position and tension.

So in conclusion: you are a weak faggot that doesn't know anything, and need to fuck off with your gay ass, Twink Alex.

>do you guys not instinctually push up on the bar when youre squatting heavy?

i push up with my traps as hard as possible, but not the hands. Does this not seriously damage your shoulders? Like how people tear biceps in over/under grips because they instinctively try to curl the bar with their supinated arm.

id guess it damages them as much as a behind the neck press would but im not sure since its a lot more weight

you have to be careful not to push the bar forward too

It can irritate your elbows and wrists in heavy squats. It doesn't always dick you up though, for example you do literally just that to do a snatch balance/drop snatch.


>puts a lot of strain on my shoulders when i do it
>Does this not seriously damage your shoulder
I'm pretty sure it's not too healthy of a habit, though I do catch myself doing it one hard reps sometimes (interestingly enough I sometimes let go of the bar on hard reps too)

But bottom line: no; that was a meme post by Alex (candito may not have been memeing). Force application does not reduce the effect of gravity on an object. You still have every pound of force from that bar transferring through your entire body to your feet, pressing with your shoulders is just more work.

yeah its really just a bad habit

pls help

of course candito was memeing

do you really think he's that stupid?

Oh RIP, I didn't see the picture. Candito is a fucking sperglord 2bh.

I wasn't being serious lad. I just thought the candito picture was funny so I went with it.

i mean