Gaelio Bauduin has yet to do anything, ANYTHING other than chase McGillis.

The whole reason he clash in and fight was " look at me" and " you betrayed me".

In the end, He wanted his Senpai to notice him so much he let all of that happen to the point there's nothing to salvage.

Is this, dare I say, one of the most stupid characters to come out of the entire gundam franchise?

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well, there was that guy who sabotaged his life's work by giving his greatest enemy an even footing in their last battle. Can't remember his name, just that he got real salty at the end.

What's typical for a 2-year-old?


he's worthy of pity.


Relief comic

Gaelio might be more blind then Julieta.

>hur if I take the image from after the head recoils back from the impact it makes the show look stupid
Unironically kill yourself

Julieta is perfect what are you talking about

IBO is a bad joke

I'd go as far as to say without Ein Julieta would mop the floor with him easily.

Is this a serious thread or is /m/ seriously retarded?




>Guy offhandedly ruins other guy's life.
>is driven to revenge and wants acknowledgement

I bet user would read The Count of Monte Cristo and bitch about why he doesn't get on with his life.

But the count did get on with his life once the revenge business was done.

Yeah, when it was done.
McGillis body isn't even cold.
So why the fuck are we bitching about Gaelio.

in the end he's actually not that different that he was before. He just broods more. When we first see him, he's a naive whining brat. And he's STILL a naive, whining brat. He just whines about different things now

>The Count of Monte Cristo
He's not a /m/

>The Count of Monte Cristo
>He's not a /m/

>a mecha pilot is not /m/


The thread was made for stupid comments.

>hey, look, someone doesn't like the character I love, so I concluded the thread was made for stupid comments.

How much of a baby are you?

I'm glad this ep finally made most people realize Gaelio is fucking sprung for Macky.

>kill the man who betrayed you
>cry like you had just killed a lover.
Gaelio sure is a badass.

>cry like you had just killed a lover
Even putting that aside, you have to be seriously retarded and/or autistic to not understand why he was so upset.

Can you point out something intelligent?


the hero of normies

Well, hes a shojo bishonen

Not really. He's really just a stupid brat. Since he was a little boy all He wanted his Senpai to notice him.

Yes, this is truth

>Since he was a little boy all He wanted his Senpai to notice him.

Is he gay?

No shit.

Yeah, He reminds me of Angelo Sauper from Unicorn.

he's pretty gay


It's pretty amazing. He spends so much time in S1 being butthurt over her engagement to Macky.

>It's pretty amazing.
its pretty stupid and bland

>He spends so much time in S1 being butthurt over her engagement to Macky.
beacuse he is in love with his Senpai

>its pretty stupid and bland
I strongly disagree.

>beacuse he is in love with his Senpai
Why did you feel the need to explain this to me? For the record though, he doesn't see Macky as his senpai.



>cool edgy kid moves in
>try to make friends with him like a decent person
>he fucks off to read books
>later in life feel like you finally got to know him, talk about reforming the government and removing corruption
>be best bros, work together
>he fucking murders you
Yeah, you would demand that he look you in the eye and face what he's done too.

Well yeah. By flat out ignoring him McGillis was invalidating his murder in his eyes. Gaelio took it personally and McGillis reveals he didn't want to acknowledge him because it kept him distracted from his ideals given he probably enjoyed his friendship.

And the whole yet to do anything else except chase McGillis doesn't invalidate successfully stalking and killing McGillis at the end of the day. Just suck it up and get over it.

Why would McGillis be his senpai? Weren't they equal rank?

This ending was a complete asspull.

You can't blame Gaelio for being pissed. He grew up with McGillis, and McGillis tried to murder him. More, McGillis said "You're my best friend, dude" WHILE HE DID IT.

I mean, being backstabbed is one thing. Being backstabbed while the fucker doing claims it's for the greater good is another thing entirely.

>More, McGillis said "You're my best friend, dude" WHILE HE DID IT.

Do you guys think Chuni actually meant it, or was it one last sociopathic fuck you to take the wind out of Gali's victory over him?

Macky is too chunni and crazy to have lied about it. Him not not double-tapping just feeds the rumor mill.

Probably should have just done a threesome with Gaelio and Carta, probably would have ended up in a triumvirate situation.


Literally why the fuck would he lie? He's been shown on multiple occasions not feeling well about having betrayed Gaelio. McGillis isn't some evil asshole who does things for no reason. Not to mention if he had really wanted to hurt Gaelio, he would've just said what he wanted to say instead of complying when Gaelio begged for him not to speak.

The fact that he genuinely considers him his best friend kinda makes it more messed up.

God damn it, McGillis. You could have let them save you.

Yeah, it hurts to think about. The fact that being around Gali and Carta made him happy enough to waver on the ideals that were essentially giving him a reason to live says a lot.

A lot of times when people say "X character would've turned out fine and nothing bad would've happened if they had a better childhood!", they're oversimplifying things and/or woobifying the fuck out of them, but it's sadly 100% true in Macky's case.

I really hope there's an epilogue where Gaelio comes back to earth and beats Iznario Fareed to death with a folding chair.

I always noticed you, GAELIO-KUN, but I pretended not to notice.

Agreed. I don't have much faith since it's the last episode and they have to sadly spend time on Tekkadan, but I hope Gali gets a nice final scene. Preferably involving Iznario getting what he deserves.

He really meant it. That's the crazy, fucked-up part. McGillis is so fucked-up, he can murder you and go - with 100% sincerity - "You were my best bro, bro. Now, I need you to die."

he's the Imaginary hero of fujos and normies