Why is there such a stigma against soy when all the studies show it has literally zero effect on horomone levels?

Why is there such a stigma against soy when all the studies show it has literally zero effect on horomone levels?

Tofu is cheap as fuck and full of protein, and you can flavor it however you like.

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Don't underestimate the stupidity of average people. There's stigma against living healthy all around. Don't forget the (((food industry))) is very powerful

because memes

Because it's gross and cuck food and no cheaper than beef. Fuck off with your soy-based woman garbage you hippie pile.

Inferior protein absorption compared to animal proteins. It's not "bad" though in any way.

>it's gross
Tofu doesn't have a taste. It's a blank canvas upon which you can craft a flavor that is limited only to your imagination

>protein absorption

It's fantastic in ramen or some shit like that but I'd never make it the main event of the meal.

tempeh masterrace

Not exactly.

Doesn't have the same amino acids as meat. Also if you do eat it for your only source of protein source it is bad. those studies don't take 200 grams of protein into account.

Why is there such a stigma against Hillary Clinton when all the investigations show she did the same things as every other Secretary of State and every other politician in America?

Because just like soy, the idea of Hillary Clinton is emasculating, and people are retarded.

>tofu doesn't have a taste

There's always this fag that pops in and says this, as if a contributing factor to the taste sensation isn't texture. Tofu has a strange texture.

>she did the same things as every other Secretary of State
She deleted a shit ton of emails after getting a subpoena. That's not the same things. Most other politicians with less of a profile would be in jail and you know it.

>the idea of Hillary Clinton is emasculating
The fact that she ran a really shitty campaign, went to war against a cartoon frog, had the body language plus the facial expressions of a witch and whined about not winning by enough of a margin in the polls might have had some influence, too.

Really glad you cited all your sources for that claim faggot


Read this paper by the American Nutrition Association.
tl;dr soy has a lot of bad stuff but fermentation kills off all of the bad stuff and it's pretty good for you. Unfermented soy is garbage.

did u see her face around normal people, it's like get the fuck away from me u animal

Silken tofu is the only good tofu imo

One of my fav quick whip up meals is silken tofu, oyster sauce, broccoli and noodles

cuck food
women garbage
hippie pile

This sounds like a good argument. I'll let it pass

What the hell is the "American Nutrition Association"?

>this paper

Just looks like a plug for a book, which is their only citation.

Why would i eat tofu when i can eat tasty grass fed beef?

>grass fed

He actually fell for it!

why eat soy when you can eat oats full of zinc and protein nd cheaper than meat

All the beef in my country is grass fed

this sounds good but im retarded, you got a recipe?

>200g of proteins
Are you a pro bodybuilder?

you can change the texture if you know how to fucking cook

>Tofu is cheap as fuck

How do I make it have the texture of meat?


Because every shitty tv show in the last 2 decades had an episode like this

High protein diets are shown to increase LBM and reduce fat, there is literally no reason not to eat lots of protein

As if anyone here can cook anything more complicated than a kale shake.

theres like 100s or recipes