It's over, isn't it?

It's over, isn't it?

im surprised it didnt get cancelled after what happened with the creator

Yeah, didn't you read your own image?

I'm surprised it didn't get cancelled immediately.

Because it's shit.

I was quoting Steven Universe

What happened? I'm not really invested in this show.

so why can't I move on

Show's creator and main character's VA had a psychotic breakdown and was fired. Apparently just a freak, rare, genetic thing.

Thank fucking god.

The creator sexually harassed a woman and he was kicked off his own show in the same year it premiered

Hey, it was stunning and brave of them to have a show starring an Aspie, a kid with downs syndrome, and a product of inbreeding.

What's the point in having new shows when they are just going to be quickly cancelled like Clarence, Justice League Action, or Uncle Grandpa?

Did he really harass her or did he fail the purity spiral

I can't be the only one that felt like this show aired yesterday. Never cared for it, but it doesn't surprise me CN is trying to shelve everything. I'm not looking forward to the new TTG-esque meme shows.

On a side note, one of the artists for this show made hypothetical storyboards for a LISA: The Painful RPG animated adaptation. Does anyone have them by any chance?

so we can filter out shit like Uncle Grandpa and show them that bit more money and thinking is needed, people are not just going to eat up Justice League Action because WW has fuckable haircut

Quick rotation to keep children from getting bored of TTGO.
Also, most cartoons don't last long.

he played grabass

t. SUnigger


Is Teen Titans Go played a lot because it's popular, or popular because it's played a lot?

It started 3 years ago, so it is being cancelled pretty damn early.

It will most likely have over 100 episodes after Season 3 finishes and that's not a bad run honestly

Poor Clarence. I like it but haven't watched all that much of it. RIP sweet prince.

The guy in the OP's picture has two mothers.

I think it was mildly popular between 2014-2015, but I feel like the popularity is starting to slowly fade because of overscheduling

(Adventure Time got higher ratings than TTG ever got in it's prime though, was AT ever spammed this much?)

Clarence is the most underappreciated show on /co/

aw man, pretty bummed about this

Shame, they managed to make a chill show despite making a retard the MC

>All of this hate against Clarence

Fuck you guys. Clarence is awesome and Clarence is one of the sweetest cartoon characters ever made. He's adorable and always trying to help others.

fuck you spencer you turbonigger

Nope, that was back when they actually aired most of their shows at the same time so one show never dominated the network. CN had a hard and fast fall over the past few years.

there goes the only cartoon on cn i can bear to watch

god bless this show

Feeling better now, Skyler?


while off his meds and the woman was understanding about it, then her friends caught wind of it and kicked up a fuss

I can think of three shows currently airing that are worse and all the news shows except maybe OK KO sound like shit too.

Now granted the original pitch line for Clarence was that he's an adventurous kid who wants to do everything because "everything is amazing!" And I cringed and gagged and though it would suck but it was actually entertaining (aside from Clarence himself being a retard.)

When we pretend like we do

This make-believing

It feels so true

Wow, the saddest day of the year came early this year.

Yes, now cancel Gumball so there is nothing worthy left and I can finally move on from this cancerous network.

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Thank god, it was terrible.

It had an American Psycho parody

How can you even say that

>Amy never came back
Wow! What a hack!

It was too good for this world

That was the point

This is a sad day indeed

She came back in a flashback episode

So, he tried to bait us with loli, and throughout this whole time we took the bait to see if we see her again?

That doesn't count.

The point of the show was to recreate the feeling of relatable childhood experiences. Some people had a really cool friend move away that they never got to see again. That's life. Shit happens. It was obvious from the start she was never coming back.


This show kicked me in the childhood

Cause who honestly didn't have a friend move away when your just a kid

I've watched like one episode of Clarence and I remember nothing, which isn't good.

Everything I've seen on /co/ has convinced me it's Recess with Down's--convince me otherwise.

They're in a weird transitional phase right now. Up until early this year their schedule was diversified. There was a little bit of everything save for AT and RS which were on hiatus and cancelled respectively. They used to have that small SU marathon each morning with themed episodes that was really nice. Then you would get WBB, Gumball, Clarence, more SU, and UG throughout the day.

Now they're in some weird phase where they're stuck on 2 shows (Gumball and TTG) for the entire day. Networks usually do this when they're short on funds or trying to get their budget in order while ordering a large number of new seasons/programs.

It's comfy

>new shows are coming
>gotta make room

Adding this to my list after I catch up with Harvey

It also had a Texas Chainsaw parody, a Violent Femmes parody, and a Twin Peaks reference.

I honestly love this show but would never tell a soul. The character interactions feel natural but still humorous.

Wew, obsessed much?

Rip, I always wanted to give this show a shot. Never got around to it though.

I'm with you, man.

I hope the series finale is good.

For all of the promotion and plum time slots, it really doesn't do all that much better than their other shows.

It does like 0.1-0.2 better in the ratings than other shows and not like twice the audience or so that you'd think.

> tfw show ended and Sumo never came back



Even worst, he is a one liner / background character



Sumo moved to another school. The episode seemed like it was going to end in status quo bullshit but he's actually been there since.

Even tho it's only been like three episodes since then, he only appeared in one and barely. Knowing how the show manages the whole childhood stuff some people assumed that they were going to display this as Sumo's intentional fade to oblivion

Sumo coming back is going to be the finale m8

I like the show but... why the fuck do you like him? Sumo was cool and Jeff is pretty much the closest character to kid me I've ever seen on TV but Clarence is just an annoying fuck up most of the time.

Also, with Clarence ending, what the fuck are they supposed to broadcast now?

Say what you will about Clarence, I really enjoyed how well it captured the experience of being a kid. It sorted reminded me of Recess in that way, but a lot more grounded. No crazy, wacky adventures, no weirdness for the sake of weirdness, just the kind of stuff that we all did as kids, and can relate to even now.

Even the characters themselves sort of reflected what it was like to make friends at that age. When you're a kid, you don't really have any say in where you go or what you do, so you just sorta end up making friends with the other kids in your class because you're around them all the time. It's a bond born out of necessity than any real choice, but it's a weirdly strong bond that tends to last, and that's reflected in how different Clarence, Sumo and Jeff are as kids.

Oh, and the stuff like this.
>that one really good friend you had who you never saw again after they moved away

>no Clarence/Uncle Grandpa crossover


He's just a fucking kid. Its charming and refreshing. Everyone in this show are the most child like children I've seen in cartoons. He just wants to have fun and play with his friends, he's impressionable and quick to assume silly things and impulsively act on them, he's a happy fucking kid and he makes everyone else he meets happy by being himself. Clarence is that kid who would try to get to know you if you were that quiet friendless kid at the back of class. He's a sweet kid.

>No more Clarence comfyness
fuck it was a great show

It's pretty comfy actually.

You know what they are going to broadcast. Why even ask?

Not counting mini-series like Over the Garden Wall or the currently airing Samurai Jack, Clarence was the most well made show on CN in a really long time, probably since Ed, Edd, n Eddy, which is actually probably the best show to compare it to.

The writing was tight, the humor on point, and the world it created extremely in depth and relatable. It was a show very much about being a kid, and it lived up to this premise in a ways no other show to my knowledge has.

I think the best thing about Clarence, that most perfectly captures what makes it good, is how grungy, grimy, dirty, shabby, and all around scummy the world is. There's garbage everywhere, dirt patches and scuff marks, everything's in various states of wear and tear, the adults are all tired and bored and listless, it's all very gritty, but it never feels grim. Despite all the shabbiness, the world is still bright and colorful. Clarence isn't ignorant of all of the trash and grime and listless adults, but he doesn't see these things as ugly or unpleasant. Trash and grime are just a part of the world like anything else, still with potential for fun and imagination. Things are bright and colorful, but not fake and plastic. It's a pleasant, but not idealized version of the world. Gritty, but not grim.

What's more, the show has a wonderful sense of humor. Some episodes that I've watched at least 4 times still make me laugh, and are just non-stop with the jokes. Ed, Edd, n Eddy is the only on CN I can think of that's made me laugh even close to as consistently or as hard as Clarence. The show can swing from simple, down-to-earth, relatable character-driven humor, to more zany stuff with some of the more out-there characters, to downright bizarre and surrealist stuff, that all fits the child-like imaginative tone. It changes it just enough to keep you surprised and on your toes, but still feel consistent.

All this being said though, season 1b is really weak. Seasons 1a and all of 2 are consistently great.

>a Violent Femmes parody

Really? Huh. I need to see this.

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>We will never be able to waifufag Mary and KImby.

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Kimby is too pure for love

Thanks for pinpoint why I loved this show man.

>quickly cancelled

what are you talking about? Clarence has been around for over a year



For how much time a show gets reruns after cancellation?

Yeah you're actually right. It's the most accurate and honest depiction of childhood I've seen on TV next to maybe Malcolm in the Middle and even if he is annoying at times. It's sorta nice to see someone so genuinely friendly and it is refreshing.

Since when has 'over a year' been a long run time for a cartoon?

Time for TTG 24/7 365.
But don't worry user, I'm sure there'll be some new CalArts show this summer or fall for you to fall in love with, peak in two seasons, and inevitably collapse on itself.

Too bad. This was a good show from what I've seen. This and Gumball were the only consistently good shows I've seen on CN in a while.

Good bye Clarence, we hardly knew ya

Because rapists shouldn't get free passes. He knew what being off his meds caused and he choose to not take them

I watched the recent Valentine's Day episode of this show. It was the first time seeing it. The aesthetics make me feel uneasy and nauseous; while the premise of the show somehow was bland while being unnerving.

In a way it was like taking Daria, mixing it with the worst parts of Regular Show, with a rather disgusting queasy take of the "Calarts" trend, going with a non parody ugliness for its shows cast.

The best way to put it, was oddly enough in the episode itself.

Pimento Loaf Bologna.
To most people it is absolutely disgusting, it is something that unnerves you on a scent, texture, visual and taste level; however to those few who actually enjoy Pimento Loaf Bologna, its right up their alley.

Its sad to see shows pulled before their time, but I'm rather thankful for not having to look at Pimento Loaf for awhile. Then again, Plastic Fun Time Happy Smile Jump Friends is ultra prominent, so really Hell hasn't changed at all.

>On a side note, one of the artists for this show made hypothetical storyboards for a LISA: The Painful RPG animated adaptation. Does anyone have them by any chance?

Are you talking about the one where Brad is interrogating Rick about where Buddy is, and Rick goes off on Brad about her being humanity's last chance before Brad loses it and bashes his face in with a club?

too pure for this wicked world

Hey Mish Mash

It had a good run.

And no one would have been able to replace Jeff's VA after his balls completely dropped, anyway.

good, another ugly show bites the dust

hopefully soon the "hahaha its funny because its ugly ON PURPOSE!" meme will die out

hush moralfag

>Everything I've seen on /co/ has convinced me it's Recess with Down's--convince me otherwise.

It's Stephen Universe with Stephen was dumber, fatter, and uglier, but didn't have magic powers.

It was actually nice, except for Clarence, the MC, I can see sumo and Jeff having their own show, and actually not giving a fuck about Jeff parents being lesbians, because that shows why he is so fucked up

Don't worry user, this just mean more airspace for OUR FAVORITE SHOW™!

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