get ready for the government to raid their office and SHUT IT DOWN

que? i miss something or u larping?

They are being accused of insider trading. (they totally did)

I wouldn't be surprised at all.

meh, they're gonna offer up the guy who did it most likely. when has the government ever shut bank-like entities down?

you know this is btc right? every pump is a crime in many countries. this is kind of the wild west. that's why bitcoin is worth so much.

idiots who want regulation are idiots.

you know pump and dumps are illegal right? if any one gave a shit every single coin would be outlawed

i think its time for you to go back to stocks

That’s what they get for insider trading. Screw Normiebase.

>fucking idiots
those idiots really are idiots, agreed.

Nice FUD faggot, I'm sure you will make all the NEETs here on Veeky Forums close their $100 dollars accounts... sage

you're out of the loop, apparently. or autistic.

sure.. fuck the gov

neoliberals please gtfo of crypto

fake - last post timestamp is missing a digit

Notmies are so stupid they don’t know what gox is. Their two Lopez podcast propaganda hasn’t shown them that side

>trading laws
>global decentralized currency

One is not applicable to the other

unregulated market, faggot

go suck additional dicks

I'm not though.. its just this totally destroys your larp or whatever the fuck you are doing. You need to go back.

eating trash and being cruised upon sounds like a night out to me, senpai

what are you even saying? my post was against people who complain in crypto and saying insider trading is fine and dont try to ruin crypto.

you need sleep.

nah nothing is going to happen like usual lol

just to clarify again, i was clearly against regulation. you're a nut

What are you a psychic?? God damn user you are right, I really do. Worked 19 hours straight repairing fiber that some assfuck hit with a backhoe, you win gnite!

waaaah insider trading waah

Coinbase literally said they would be supporting BCH by Jan 1st. 11 days early shouldn't be this big of a surprise.

And the api key leaked a couple of days ago too.

Look at these idiot. Enjoying 300% gains all month but when he missed a moon mission and his favourite coin dips 10% he starts crying for regulation. Your logic is nigger tier corecuck.

Charlie Lee knows his coin is worthless and serves no purpose. He literally dropped hints and trolling us for weeks on Twitter but you fucks were to greedy to see it. After his $20 I sold all my LTC right there and then as you should have. It will bleed to $3 a shadow of its former glory

*20 dollar statement
*And was

regulations are for jews

Corecucks are getting desperate.

stupid question: what to use to convert to fiat and back other than normiebase?

oh man we are all so fucked if their offices get raided.

They never said they would allow trading, just that they would allow you to access your bcash.