Digimon thread: GO!

Digimon thread: GO!

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As much as I enjoy Digimon, I'm one of the bigger autists for it on this entire site, you need to let threads occur naturally and not try to force them. Either have a discussion topic or wait till something for the series to come up, not like we need to have a constantly going general or something.

That being said I will say I finally finished Next because I didn't know the scans were finished last year. Boy was it nothing special. I wasn't expecting V-Tamer but this shit was pretty dull.


Think you meant to just click your favorite board but accidentally responded to be, friend. Especially considering nothing I said has anything to do with that board and I haven't been on that board since the first few months they made the mistake of making it.

When you're related to a show as shit as Savers was, it's to be expected that you'd also be pretty bad

Not like you would know since you never saw Savers

ignore him, he is likely the "not /m/" fag trying to start up a shitstorm.

I did. It was awful

Is it possible to have Digimon General? I'd love to see it happen

Did they ever make a true sequel to this? Y'kno, an actual V-pet game in 3D instead of a Final Fantasy clone? Preferably with high chances of suffering when you inevitably fuck up as a parent and your Digi croaks young before it can even fully evolve? That was some character building shit as a child. The Deaths in Monster Rancher 2 were even worse because of that unforgettable sad music.
I miss the critter raising genre. Fuck Pokemon for getting too popular and turning them all into JRPGs as if we don't have enough already.
The first Ultimate I managed to get (Vademon & Monzaemon dont count they were handed to you) was Megadramon. How fucking proud I was after losing so many Champions. I rushed and managed to beat the game with him. RIP buddy

Oh and another thing that was nice, back then Ultimate was the final Evolution and all Ultimates aside from secret ones like Etemon, Phoenixmon, etc were Cyborgs, all /m/ as fuck.


Do Re:Digitize and Re:Digitize Decode not count to you? Or did you just not know they existed?

I mean. It has trouble staying focused but other than that it's fine. It's as good as frontier.

>did they ever
Well, what do you think? I mean, I only directly asked if they have or not. Sheesh

I don't really give a shit about the anime franchises outside of Tamers, so yeah, it was good. All the Megas are humanoid which is a bit boring after awhile. Yeah yeah Wargreymon is cool but I prefer Greymin becoming a purple mutant Cyborg

Re:Digitize was awful and I dare anyone to defend it, especially since you can easily flounder your way through Digimon World without grinding at the gym for ages.
>Walking through any screen of the city takes an hour or more of in-game time.
>Your Digimon are basically as weak as tissue paper and any enemy Digimon you fight seems to have double the defense, HP, and attack you do.
>Once you get past the flooded ruins the game becomes "If you don't savescum at the gym for half your Digimon's lifespan you aren't going to progress at all" which leads to "You will need to waste an hour or more taking your Digimon to the doctor to reduce stress".
>All fights once you get past Tailmon/Leomon cave are "If you don't have a constant supply of HP Recovery Disks you are going to die" because everything has 5000+ HP, 600+ brains, attack, and defense so you're taking 1200+ damage a hit.
>Have to follow a Digivolution guide if you don't want fire type Digimon shitting up your team since it's extremely easy to get them, nearly everything you fight everywhere has some sort of water move, and they're basically made of glass.
>Rosemon's gym lets you raise stats twice as fast as the other gym but if you mess up at all reverting back a save means you waste 20-30 in-game minutes every single time to get back to the machine and if you overlevel the stats you can get a completely different Digimon than you were aiming for (Usually a fire type). It also takes 3-4 hours to reduce your stress every time it happens.
>30 battle requirements for some Digivolutions.
>Gaining bits is basically you taking a Digimon out you don't care for, using Birdramon to fly over to Golden Sukamon's mansion, and fishing for the next two or three realtime hours as your Digimon slowly dies.
>If you don't want to do the gym then you have to have something like 3000 bits to piss away every time your Digimon is hungry and have the restaurant unlocked.

I was miserable the whole time playing it.

Started this yesterday. Glad that I didn't play past the 3 hour mark. That sounds like hell.

I played a bit but don't really care for these traditional Digimon World games. After getting my favorites a few times I stopped caring. The RPG games are much better. I even like the Digivices better. Just wish Frontier got more love.

It just isn't fun. The first couple of hours are fun because you think it's going to be like the original Digimon World but they just ramp up the problems massively in no time at all. Like, in Digimon World you could easily take a Greymon with like 300 in his stats and about 3000 HP through a good chunk of the game, at least until Centarumon or the mountains which is about 50-60% of the game. Hell, you know Drimogemon in World? Well in Re:Digitize they basically do the same kind of quest except it was with some other Digimon, and while in the original you basically just need an Adult with like 200-250 in attack and defense you basically need 4000 HP and 400 in attack and defense if you even want to survive Re:Digitize's equivalent.

In Re:Digitize you can take an Adult Digimon up until you get to that forest area with Lillymon every five feet and all those black Tailmons and Demidevimons. After that you better believe you're not getting anywhere without Perfect tier Digimon that have a minimum of 400 in almost every stat.

Basically, Re:Digitize is a game you are forced to savescum in or you aren't getting anywhere. Failing any of Rosemon's difficult gym trials nets you something like 10 in each stat that you were training which is half of what you get from a completed trial from the regular workout or the other gym yet still takes the full in-game hour. The problem is your Digimon has to be trained to such a high degree in at least brains, attack, defense, speed, and HP if you want to venture out anywhere at all, but that means you only have one or two in-game days to explore before going back to 1-3 realtime hours of savescumming the gym again. It's ruthless.

Next Order is a digimon world sequel both in gameplay and story, the main character from the first game even shows up

I had fun with it and don't remember it being that grindy, but it's been like five years since I touched it and don't remember much.

Now Next Order I definitely felt grind was an issue, even tried cranking it down to "Easy" and still felt like I had to dump literal hours into the gym to get anywhere at all.

I don't think that's a good idea when there isn't even much content coming out. I mean there's Appmon but I think only like 5 people who visit this board are watching it.

Next 0rder is what you want

A lot of ultimates become humanoid because they are becoming closer to being like their creators and gods: humans. Considering there has never been any series that didn't include ultimates, I don't see where your nostalgia is coming from. But hey your preference is yours.

Also you should check out the whole series again, barring 02 and young hunters and maybe Frontier if you don't like it, and this time check it out subbed rather than dubbed. Dub takes a big stinky shit on the franchise.

How did Savers have issues staying focused? I like Frontier but claiming Savers is as good as Frontier is kinda an insult to Savers. Savers didn't meander like Frontier and it didn't squander it's interesting ideas.

I wouldn't be as negative as that but those definitely weren't good games.

Grind is required in any proper vpet style raising game, it's kinda the point. You grind up a strong iteration of your monster then go out and try find stuff usually within their lifespan. Next 0rder actually streamlined it by lowering certain grind, making more stats viable than original World where you only needed two stats, the payoff of combat is far more satisfying since the combat works, the game isn't extremely esoteric about certain raising mechanics, and best of all you never truly reset to zero because your Digimon scale and keep a level of improvement every iteration. You don't fully feel like you have too start over with a clean slate so progression feels more present.


Kek, it wasn't good on the PS1 and it's still not good on the PS4.

Looking forward to the new Cyber Sluts game though.

Well, shit. I had no idea. So I guess we can officially say no game will ever surpass DW2 in terms of mechanics and general fun?

>Tfw both your partners die to one of the final bosses, but your tears bring them back to life, and they Jogress while the game's theme song plays and beat the shit out of the boss
I hadn't been spoiled on that being a thing either, it was the most hyped I'd gotten for Digimon in a decade.

>Savers didn't meander like Frontier and it didn't squander it's interesting ideas.
Oh wait you're serious

How did Savers not directly keep addressing it's plot? How is it comparable to 20 episodes of Frontier which just boils down to the kids getting their shit pushed in by the Royal Knights every single episode in the same way?

I mean, the dungeon exploring and upgrading your vehicle was fine, but the grinding was a huge turn off for me.

Loving the ost, doe.

Being as good as the second worst entry isn't exactly a compliment.

Burden of proof is on you, buddy.

>Burden of proof is on you, buddy.
No it's not, you are making a claim so the burden of proof rests with you.


>Everything you did doesn't matter because they're going to give the finale to Omegamon because fuck you any one who isn't Omegamon or Alphamon.

Eh, it's not for everyone, I guess. But messing around with Jogress was pretty fun.

Re-releases of the D-Ark with extra features.


this is actually a pretty good song

Oh wow, that's way more pumped up than the first one. Sounds more like a Sentai OP.

>That shot of Haru's mom with the bedwetting photo
What the fuck. Why would anyone keep something like that?

is there a new ed too?

Haru's mom is a sadistic monster


Half the shit you are complaining about was in the Original Digimon World for PSX and you should fuck off for that.
The other half are legitimate tho I'll give you that

>That shot of Haru's mom with the bedwetting photo
>What the fuck. Why would anyone keep something like that?

The piss stain is in the shape of the world map



Centarumon was early game though. And you never actually fight him you just had to Take cover from his shots coming from off screen by zigzagging. I always went straight for him since it was so easy and close.
Now, Toytown & Factory town, THOSE were hard parts. Their music was GOAT tho

>Considering there has never been any series that didn't include ultimates, I don't see where your nostalgia is coming from
Gee I dunno, probably the V-pets? Duh. I'm not saying there's something Wrong with Mega level digis I just don't like the idea of Ultimate level being so easily obtainable and I don't like Evolutions being A-Z linear like Pokemon. I like the idea that a Meramon can become an Andromon or a Drimogemon can become a MetalMamemon.

Which things? Because you could survive with any Digimon that wasn't a Sukamon or Numemon in the original Digimon World with just the bare minimum grinding until you reached I want to say Factory Town or the endgame data area at which point you need a Perfect. You didn't have to spend realtime hours savescumming just to get by with 600+ in nearly all stats and most of your Digimon's life was spent exploring.

The original did have HP Recovery Disk spam, I won't deny that, but it wasn't every single battle involving Adults or higher like Re:Digitize has it. The volcano, desert, sewers, forest, cave, mountains, and winter mountain all require you to have a full stock of the things to spam or you're not going to survive more than two battles in Re:Digitize. Hell, you might not even survive one, and when the Ultimates start becoming random encounters they're like four minutes of the enemy spamming these God Ray attacks while you sit with a thumb up your ass unable to get any attacks off because the game hasn't dropped any decent ones to use that don't take a year and a half to use.

My bad, I remembered it being a fight. I know there's a Birdramon fight though on the mountain that's still doable relatively unleveled, Factory Town was definitely where they ramped it up, but at that point you can get Monzaemon with no effort if you just go there with a Numemon if I remember right.

Yeah it was in the vpet but literally only the first series, once the pendulum generation of vpet came out ultimates became a thing so unless all you played was the 1998 vpet (pendulum released in January 1999) then the only consumable media of Digimon involved ultimate already.

Perfects occur naturally in the world, the point of perfects is its a fully evolved Digimon that has reached its natural evolution conclusion. In a sense it's what the average Digimon can become over time. Ultimate are Digimon that push past their limits and become something far more powerful and reach the literal end of their evolution. Perfects have been a common occurrence since the start of the franchise since you basically reach it with growing older, that's why some of the first Digimon that are encountered are Monzaemon and Andromon.

Digimon have set main evolutions but they still branch in every series and we have seen Digimon of the same species evolve into different things in the show. In savers for example we see a Piyomon evolve into an Aquilamon rather than its "natural/pure" path of Birdramon.

This is more important than Toyota being Nazis.

Digimon is /mo/

That is correct.

toki yo tomare