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For those new to gunpla/plamo or even just new to this thread; please read the guide. Please read it before asking questions, as there is a chance it has already been answered there.

For those unfamiliar, "plamo" is a shortened form of "plastic model". If it's made of plastic, someone can probably help you here!
If you're new, you're gonna fuck up. Don't worry! If you're experienced, don't make the new people worry!

>Why won't anyone answer my question?
Try being specific, especially about your materials and process. Post pictures whenever possible; even if the kit/part looks bad, you are more likely to get help posting pictures.

A guide to other types of plamo: Model World Specia -By-Step
Kawaguchi Gunpla tips:
Gundam Lineart:
Another gunpla guide:

March restock:

>IRC Channel

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Build/paint a robot with a loadout focused on melee combat! Anything from shields to swords to lances to axes to bare fists is fair game. There's no room for ranged weaponry here, however, so anything resembling a rifle, Rocket Launcher, cannon, pistol, or any other ranged weapon is a no-go (Small ranged weapons that are built into the kit itself like head vulcans are ok, however).

More clarification here:
>If the body part has a built-in ranged weapon (head/chest vulcans, claw beams, etc), then that's fine. If it's a separate part like the Alex's arm vulcans it's best to leave those off.
>Melee weapons with in-universe ranged capabilities (Like the Kimaris's lance or the Gyan's shield) are fair game too.
>Any scale and any brand is fair game here, you're not limited to just using Gundams this time around.

Send your entries to [email protected]
Start Date: 4/1
End Date: 5/31

This bad boy. I now realise he would have worked for the edgelord build if that had won...

And WH30K is patrician taste. 2nd best traitor Primarch.

>2nd best traitor Primarch.
>any kind of best
Do you wish to confess to anything, Battlebrother?

I can't say.

Also, Jaghatai is best Primarch, Pert is best traitor.

First time weathering anything, how'd i do?

Looks kinda all over the place. Chipping should be on edges or where contact with parts happen. Mud and dirt should be more concentrated on the feet and legs

what's the build quality of the HG Astraea?

Am I like, the only person just retrofitting a normal gunpla with a large melee setup? zz

I am, too. It's nothing special. Putting a kit together all proper like with a shitty paintjob is already a big enough step for me.

I'm planning the shrike, but as the Greeks know, hubris is the folly of man. I'm sure the simple kits will blow mine out of the water.

for the lack of snacks in the pic(I ran out), I am making up for it with an edge pic. first time painting

Very nice work. The gold is nice and even, and the gloss on the blue looks really nice.

>tfw getting sucked back in to gunpla to get over the girl who never loved me back

What are some stellar MG that take a fuckload of time to complete? I haven't touched gunpla since 2010, and my bros won't be in town for a while so I need a way to cope.

Grab one of the more complex kits. A nice MG would do the trick, I reckon.

Get the High Mobility Psycho Zaku. Mine just arrived and looking at the sprues I can already tell it's going to be ridiculous.

This arouses me.

the 2 thunderbolt kits and fa unicorn gundam can take a long time to make, considering how many weapons they come with
sazabi is a pretty big kit
for some stellar MGs, you cant go wrong with gundam 3.0 or origin
or just find some gundam designs you really like

Get the Psycho Zaku if you're a shitter.

Get the Sazabi if you're not.

>all these 00 OPs
>mainly with Setsuna suits
>all Bandai pushes for 00 are Setsuna suits
>OP is Bandai
>/gpg/ became a shill thread
I will continue to buy your product so long as you continue to create quality shoops.

What scale decals should I get for nazi bot? Went to the local shop today looking for decals. Guy said he had some from broken models he could dig out for me, and to come back on the weekend. Ive never dome any military stuff before, so i dont know what their scales are like.

Volume 2 was the Rasiel, Volume 3 was the GN-X and Volume 5 was the 0 Gundam



crosses, eagles and lightning bolts are the way to go. 40k space marines have the right sheets.

I got a few kits back in the the day, but I never got serious about it really. Gonna try to now. PIcked up the Grimgerde and the Iron Cavalry Guncannon high grade.

Buy some 1/72 nazi tanks, build and paint them, use the spare decals for the Geara Zulu.

Wehraboo faggot

Why do the retards making uninspired Nazi-bots always draw like shit on lineart?

It's done. I've achieved the ultimate in mobile suit melee weapons technology. Everyone else can go the fuck home.

Now attach it to its back and let it fly

bought the HG and the head is real loose.

I'm really new so there is no primer, did one layer, and generally fucked it up, but I painted my first kit

Just finished decaling this Red astray. It's the first time I've done something other than panel line and top coat.

Any obvious mistakes? I'm pretty happy with it

because general idea/concept, not final product?

All my builds:
If I were to get a HG Hygog should I try to paint it, what should I do for painting since I'm sure I messed this one up

You have me beat

not terrible, people have done way worse their first time painting. Try doing some panel lining. Even if you dont want to paint a kit, panel lines and a top coat can make even a basic kit look gorgeous. Did you hand paint it with a brush?

Why did Bandai fuck up the face so badly? The entire head really... The eyes are way too high and the faceplate is way too tall.

Yeah. I wasn't too fond of the head, but it was still fun, and for my first RG, it was a pretty painless assembly.

Make it a shuriken you pussy.

its like the designer was and anime fan and told to make a gundam, but had only ever heard about them through word of mouth, and never actually seen one. That being said though, i seen no nubs, i see good lines, good job user.

>Iron cross looks like a retarded four leaf clover
>No white on it
>Lightning bolts not on collar
>Color scheme for the suit looks like shit to begin with

It looks like it was made by a mentally handicapped five year old with deformed hands

Do you need primer when you handpaint?

>what should I do for painting since I'm sure I messed this one up

Figure out what color scheme you want.

Get some black acrylic spray paint, or primer, whatever colors you need in the same kind of spray paint, and some top coat.

Buy a bunch of the little alligator-clips-on-sticks things modellers tend to use, and some poster tac.

Look up gunpla spray painting tutorials on YouTube so that you understand how to spray properly.

Put all the parts on the alligator clips, using poster tac to hold them on when necessary.

Go outside.

Base coat everything with black/primer.

Wait for it to dry.

Paint to main colors on.

Wait for them to dry.

Apply any decals or weathering you want.

Apply top coat.

just sand off the really obvious streaks of paint, like that arm, the weapon, and the chest. before painting, i would have recommended practicing more on nubs and panel lining
its more highly recommended, but mostly if you're using lighter colors, you dont want any colors to bleed through the paint
astrays are still one of my favorite gundam designs, but alot of the variants do look dumb/silly/retarded though

Another non-snack image, still out of snacks

Nu and Sazabi ver Ka, Ex-S, RX-78-2 3.0, FA Unicorn, and V-Dash Gundam.

might be because of that lighting, but the sliver on the horns look weird/splotchy. having that unpainted sword looks weird in comparison

There were some complications with topcoat and the sword, and the horns normally look fine

yay that's my 00
but 7 Sword is better

It's grown on me, the red one that is. I just think Gundams with non beam melee weapons are cool. I think it's why I like the Barbados as much as I do. I really need to get the Lupus or Lupus rex at some point, but I'm currently finishing off a Jesta MG, have a Sniper GM and God gundam MG in the backlog, and need to get some decent stands. What are the ones that look like the onside of a spacecraft/warehouse called?

Thanks. It's my 6th kit, and I feel like I'm getting the hang of good nub removal and panel lining, finally. Now I'm gonna have to finish off the Jesta without issue.

they're called kotobukiya mechanical chain bases, dont own one myself but im sure some one here does

You better be building that Soviet Guntank too

Thanks. I've thought those were cool for a while now, and wanted to try them.

>Skirt falls off
>Hands pops out easily
>Crappy gun barrel
>No swivel at the foot

Pure garbage.

I chose the regular 00 because, well, it came first.

Chain Bases are good shit. They were expensive as fuck until Kotobukiya reprinted them last year, grabbed a few sets for the shelf. Probably should get more.

>Open new bottle of alclad steel.
>Make sure to thoroughly shake it up beforehand.
>Test on a junk piece first to make sure its good.
>Set to the approved PSI on the label.
>Spray part in a couple of thin coats.
>Its like rough graphite and dries unevenly.

I think I picked up a bad bottle with too little thinner in it or something. My last bottle of alclad steel was nothing like this

almost everything is constantly falling off this kit, really poor engineering

holy shit, is the gyancelot really that much taller than other kits?

Anyone? I want to start a melee build, but not if the gunpla has articulation and build quality like the exia

Here's hoping to join the group build this time

HG Astrea is Exia with different clothes

What he said also if you get one get the Type F for all those weapons

And the superior visor face.

Thank the Gunpla Gods that the RG Zaku II comes with spare beads for the leg hoses. Just launched them all across the room by accidentally flicking the spring.

The gyan is already tall, so the gyancelot's high heels make it huge.

I think i'm gonna make my own IBO gundam out of various Kimaris bits and a gyan.

>building a kit
>want to customize and need to scratchbuild
>stop because i dont want to fuck it up

this is the bane of my existence, i'll never go past repaints and simple kitbashes at this point

Get some cheap as fuck models you wouldn't care about and use them for practice.

>*blocks your path*

I feel ya, homie. But what are you going to do, stop?

Cardigan is underrated.

i guess not.
i've decided to just go for it and see how things turn out. might post a WIP if i like the results

>the stand doesnt start mid thighs

Why did Bandai stop developing Mega Size kits?

the single shade of red for the entire head makes it look like an Exia bootleg.

Hot damn that's good! You got any other pics?
also would it be alright if I put your kit up on my blog?

>still haven't released the rest
>Fumina already got a new one coming

It kinda does huh? Nothing a little paint and panel line couldn't fix.
Got the RG one myself and it does look better.

>building and weathering the MG providence
>I swear I have spent more time weathering than building

I just keep finding raised edges or similar where I can add some wear. It never ends. Good thing it's oddly entertaining to do.

Thanks. Sadly i havent took decent pics yet since i'm waiting for the lightbox. I have done decals on it since then too

Will a flat matte top coat remove any blemishes from a straight build?

>i will never be able to have this result because airbrushing is too expansive for a poorfag like me
it hurts

Yeah by hand with brush

It won't hide your acne if you spray it on your face.

It won't hide discolouration or gouges but it will hide sanding marks.

Thanks for the advice! Yeah my next step is to figure out how to airbrush instead of hand paint

Looks like those are HG kits. How do the stands scale with MGs?

Still out of snacks, but no worries, I've got good lighting

I can only imagine how far you are.

From the gunpla? I'm in touching distance

Where can I buy one? Preferably for non-rape price.

Looking to get into SDs, any recommendations?

So I'm cruusing around Woodfield Mall in Illinois. Supposed to be one of the largest malls in the US. Any good places to get gunpla that you guys know of?

Not EX-Standards if you don't want to paint everything

No. From the copious amounts of junk food you consume.

I just realized it said far and not fat. I was calling you fat.

>swore to myself to never have a backlog
>halfway through a unicorn MG
>busy with school
>have to get project car finished in two weeks to move it
>been working more hours to have cash for project car incidentals
>really want to do the group build too
Wat do guyz

You can't go wrong with any of the Legend BB series.
They're pretty fun and solid kits OOB, might need some painting to look good but not as bad as SDEX.

Can't help ya there, got mine off a local store during a sale.
Being P-Bandai and very limited release ensures no less than rape prices.
Looked up on Amazon and there's only 1 left, and I paid about half the listed price for mine.