CBT - current body thread

old one is kill

4 year progress, not as much progress as I'd want but still a lot to go

6 feet tall went from 127 lb to 175 lb


Dat nip

im good.

what are you taking?

Had to do a quick edit.

fish oil
lol and whats the new trendy shit... coconut MCT oil.

haha but seriously

Lookin good. Natty?

rate my back friends. Is it good enough ?


6ft 200lbs to 210lbs in a little over a month of progress. Ignore the weeks labelled on this they're fucked up.

Bench 205x5 -> 245x5
Squat 275x3 -> 315x3
Diddly-doodly 385x1 -> 445x1
OHP 145x3 -> 185x3

But every bulk must come to an end. Gonna get to 195 by summer

> train so hard all of your hair falls off

P-post routine, pls.

Wow. Nice body. Natty? What's your routine history?

Probably just got cancer from coming on Veeky Forums too much


(6'3 225lbs)



im 6'1 and i think i was around 210 in this pic

Lookin particularly tren-ie there bud.

only being 210 at 6'1 makes it pretty embarrassing but i was on test and eq in that pic i think

The golden age was right. Overdeveloped traps make your frame look narrow.

damn you were on tern? I wouldn't of guessed


>pls go belly fat

Looks like you have a vagina with a landing strip on the right

I'm post op

you are not the most handsome man, why would you fuck yourself up even more with shitty tattoos?

physique is ok


Still fat why did you repost you faggot


6'1 190 lbs

haha you probably look like shit! That dude looks fine fuck off. He's got more muscle in one quad then you do in ur entire pathetic emaciated pussy repelling cuck skin suit you call a Physique.

Thats my first time posting in a CBT. Wheres your pic? Or is it that bad?

womanlet checkin in

a birds flight muscles are analogous to our pecs as it is the downstroke that fights gravity and so must be powerful

back looks good enough to me. people always call me small but try running 70 miles a week without losing gains. people call me ripped so its good enough

because you're 5'8


Yeah, I know I have bad acne. How could I improve my back?

Good good
>Unzips pants and slowly fishes for cock
More..for..science and things.

5 months in after being a 174lbs skelly. Am now 194lbs at 6'3.

I have a questions, since i clearly didnt do legs, is it better to do a few sets of squats, lunges and leg press every day OR
to have two days a week devoted to legs alone and work the shit out of them?

Also, how do i make my arms look thicker? My arm span is 6'7 and my arms look so thin from the front, but when i flex its 15.5".

u don't look like 194lb.. I'm 6'3 too (this is me at 195ish)

>those tattoos

the fuck even are they? Does he have a alarm clock tattoo?

Why the fuck do you idiots need routine for? Routine doesnt make a fucking difference just lift and hit all the body parts.

5'11" I'm royalty buddy

You posted in the last CBT as well
Why don't you just go ahead and give him a blowjob if you love him so much you have to rage when someone tells him to cut.

With just test you can get great results already wouldn't need more than a long cruise of a few cycles to get to his level.

Still waiting on your progress pic...

what scale are you weighing on? I used to think I was 165 or so until I went to the doctor and discovered I was 172 or something. I don't really think it matters how much you weigh so long as it is proportional to your height

2 and a half months between
5'10 70kg down to 67.5kg.
Going to bulk to 74kg after I reach 67.

I haven't made much progress with size, but the main reason I'm cutting is to prove that I can. I've never been skinny before so I didn't want to bulk without knowing if i have the willpower to come back down.

My diet has been very clean, healthy prepped meals, hitting macros etc. As I say, my lifts and size haven't changed. But I feel a lot better now I've done this.

Can't cut the Gyno tho.

R8 me

pump and no pump

1.87m 78kg

48/103/109/125 The Press/bp/sq/dl

Good stuff OP

Mirin my gyno fit?


Total new fag here, been lifting on and off for a year and started taking this lean my protein powder shakes because my friend no longer needed it. I haven't been going gym consistently because of uni and other things going on but I try to go when I can. I usually do a muscle group at the gym then do some cardio. Got a health check the other day at the gym and the instructor said I'm "skinny fat". He told me to either choose. Bulk up or cut. I won't be going to the gym for at least 3 weeks from today so I'm not sure what the best thing to do.


Bottom is me and top is close to what I want to look like, sorry just stile it from this thread.

Any ideas what I should do? I won't be able to lift weights but I can still take this protein shake and do jogging or press ups, should I still take the protein shake even if I can't go to the gym?

Any help would be much appreciated!

end your life. really.

every time you've thought about killing yourself and didn't, whatever dumb reason you made up is wrong. There is absolutely no reason for someone as pathetic as you to live.

>tfw uzed to be 340lbs at 6'6"
>loose skin

Is the loose skin meme worth suicide? Should I get surgery or is the only hope to delude myself into believing that some woman might actually not vomit or leave me because of it eventually?

Hey guys first time posting here. I've been lifting for 4 years, still not big as most of you. You've been of huge inspiration these years, go gogo fit

That is deffo gyno.
This is deffo the before pic.

You're beyond skinny fat, more like fucking fat fat. You also have zero muscle mass, which I assume comes from spending your teenage and pubescent years inside being a hermit playing video games.

Your frame is really small, being completely honest, and your wrists look tiny. Not to mention the awful situation about your body competition just now.

You should do roids. There's no amount of natty lifting or dieting that can help you.

There's no way your arm span is 6'7 if you're 6'3, unless your torso is amazingly long, your arms hang around 1.06-1.10 ape index for a normally proportioned person, so 6'5 at best.

When will I exit dyel mode guys?

I agree, but that other guy may just be bloated

my ripped bodyweight is around 190 at 6'3" (right now around 210 12%) and while at that composition I still had 17" arms, whereas his arms are sub 16" easily

he looks like me when I was 175, but hey people lie about their bodyweight pretty often on Veeky Forums

lol stfu, help a guy out instead of kicking him? he's obviously in need of Veeky Forums's help

you should bulk and start with strong lifts/starting strength.

Imo, instead of doing 3x5 (starting strength) or 5x5 (strong lifts) I think you should beging with 3x8-10 instead with lighter weights.

This is because having a correct form and sorting out all your imperfections (whether you have a pelvic tilt or something else) is extremely important and will give you a very solid foundation pursuing your ideal body. You will also burn fat and build muscle over this time since you're a complete newbie. Remember, baby steps, it's not a spring it's a marathon. You have to give it time, and with time i mean anywhere from 2-5 years.

Id hope so, 4 years is a long time to get to 6' 175.

theyre military related and I plan on getting more.

Truth hurts sometimes. What's the point in telling him to go waste a few years of his life trying to exercise when it's going to do nothing for him.

Help have I become skinny fat?
Went from 6'0 140 to 170lbs but now my abs look like this.
Should I cut? How the hell does one cut and not lose gains?

>Should I cut