Have you tried just talking to girls

They're not that scary

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im married you bigoted sexist

>don't agree with tiresome virtue signaling
>"lol virgin incel"
Have you tried suicide?

It might just solve your problems.

>virtue signalling
nice dogwhistle

how do u feel abt the fact that no one irl takes any of your opinions seriously

>how do u feel abt the fact that no one irl takes any of your opinions seriously

this. games are INNATELY political and everyone agrees and accepts that except for virgin basement dwellers. its literally 2017, wake the fuck up and get with the times

Do you ever worry that you'll accidentally get too far down the rabbit hole and forget which side of the culture war you're pretending to be on?

There's already a thread whining about this non-issue. Fuck off back to /pol/, or kill yourself, preferably both in either order.

>more salamanders and sisters of battle
I see nothing wrong with this situation.

no and i already saw this shit coming a mile away with the primaris shit and am now 100% on the fantasy vidya train

honestly i was starting to question myself because it was taking so long for gw to drop the nigger hammer

So, are we FINALLY getting sisters of battle?

>more representation is "hating you"
Aren't you just proving the other side right?

Also GW already hates me and my wallet and my favorite armies. Nothing new.

more like sistas of battle axin chaos to pay dem reperations


I know this is bait/ mental illness, but I am going to post anyway. Feminist 40k has a facebook group that I went to look at for all the cringe you are so worried about. What I found was "Hey, can we have some female characters that aren't shit? We like this game too, but it feels like we aren't even wanted" They had a "women space marine" thread like we so often do. I asked if it woud be ok if GW just mentioned that women can become SM but they are so transhumanist that all secondary sex characteristics are effectively gone. They seemed totally ok with that, that gender is just not an important concept for genetic monsters and super soldiers, just that they want the option to be available in canon.

Doesn't seem that unreasonable to me.

Politics are /pol/, user. Like the board is actually called "Politics". Doesn't matter which side you are on.

>Doesn't seem that unreasonable to me.

There's a reason why the full text is never posted in these threads.

Reminder to report and hide things like this.

>admitting that gw is changing their game because of identity politics

uh oh. you need to check in with your jew handler and run over your talking points again user

>games are INNATELY political

no they aren't


How many of these shitty threads do we need?
Fuck off.


hey buddy

take a shower

I'm watching a twitch stream, and someone brought up politics. Twitch chat collectively said no, this isn't the time or place to talk politics. Congratulations OP, you're more of a retard than twitch chat.

Does OP have to spam his /pol/shit all the time? If GW goes the way of Marvel, just stop giving them money. These so-called "progressives" don't give two shits about fun they just want to spread their politics. There's no need to degenerate into /v/-tier outrage, just save your bucks.
I would also offer you to go to /v/, but I actually want /v/ to not be 100% shit.

I'm concerned about this, but I want to be careful and see what changes they actually make. If this just means more Sisters of Battle and optional female guard bits, then good. I want those things anyway. If this means female space marines and Tyrone the Mary Sue, then I'll cringe and ree.

A bit of updating could be good, but when things are done for the sake of diversity instead of incidentally being more diverse, they're always, without fail, much worse.

'Increasing representation' has become a dog whistle for catering to a tiny, loud, whinging minority of people who don't know the difference between quality and shit. These are people you wouldn't ever want to be friends with IRL.

>gw making game decisions based on politics is not a legitimate reason to talk about politics in games

i wonder who could have made this post

Weird, we were talking about a different post than the one you just uploaded.

It's a simple mistake, though, so we'll wait for you to catch up.

How is something "incidentally" diverse

Furthermore if it ever was, somehow, how would you know the difference between that and "deliberate" diversity

I really wish I didn't share a hobby with retards

>ask follow up question
>assume person you're talking to is retarded before they respond

Anyway, something is intentionally diverse if it was made more diverse explicitly for the sake of it. This leads to violating more compelling principles and themes of a setting for the sake of this new higher-prioritised goal. An example would be making some Space Wolves black even though the group is drawing from a certain population for recruits and giving them all the same gene-seed.

Incidentally more diverse would be making something more diverse as a consequence of the world. A good example would be if a world of people had evolved black traits or maintained them from an earlier wave of colonisation. Or increasing the importance of a place where black people are prior known to exist, like making a canonically black Catachan character. This does not violate prior lore.

It's harder to change a prior IP to make it more diverse in a clever and uncringey way; companies that pander to interest groups are more likely to do the former than the latter.

>intentional diversity is having there be black people
>incidental diversity is having there be black people


Its like you're not even TRYING to read what he said

howd you know

A great real world example of this kind of ham-fisted diversity is the storm trooper change in Star Wars. You could say they had a good excuse as to why this storm trooper was a unique black face, but really they changed a key lore point that defined the imperial soldiers in the entire rest of the series just because they felt this character should be black.

bad point, storm troopers were drawn from recruits after the clone rebellion on kamino, u would know this if u cared abt the lore as much as u cared abt not having to see a black person

diverse is just a meme word that literally means anti white male so stop caring and arguing over it


>The NBA Leads The Sports Industry In Race And Gender Hiring Practices

>anti white male

good have u ever met one

Not him, and I'm no expert, but I read somewhere that the empire was pretty racist.

why do you type like a retarded nigger? do you think youre on twitter or something?

toward non humans yeah, palpatine glassed naboo to exterminate the gungans, among other things

sorry i forgot i was on le Veeky Forums good gentlesir

Your the faggot on here who talks about virtue signalling just because some other faggots claimed permissivism is virtuous.

You are more of a fool for abandoning virtue than those who mislabel it.

I remember that in the original trilogy they were still clones, just that the genetic stock had diversified. I don't learn extended universe shit because it's awful and it was all decanonised by the Disney purchase.

>it's like you're TRYING not to read what he said


Yeah this, seriously. The fact that you type like an idiot only lends credence to the idea that you're a foreign interloper.

yeah star wars lore is by no means good but it's there (or was at least) so most appeals to the canon know nothing abt it

>on the world wide web

rlly activates my almonds

>tfw to intelligent too type words but know what political and moral system the world needs for the rest of time

u got me

>using nigs in fifa as an example

That does seem pretty reasonable. The only barrier would be that they couldn't market the space marines as being HYPER-MASCULINE
anymore. Still, 100% agree on more women in basic infantry boxes. Eldar get pretty much 50/50, why shouldn't tau and guard?

Sisters of Battle are sexist.

Why do you lie when the full text of their statement is available for everyone to see?


>Imperium is sexist because it doesn't allow female space marines!
Yeah...it's also a Feudal Stalinist Nazi Spanish Inquisition in space that genocides entire species at the drop of a hat. They're not good guys. They do very bad things.

These complaints would make sense if the Imperium was a goody-two-shoes fantasy kingdom of fairies and paladins in shining armor. Then I guess it'd be objectionable if they were on the whole set up to be good and just arbitrarily excluded women from things. But nobody tries to paint the Imperium as moral paragons, quite the opposite.