Thoughts on this?

nazi fascist racist misogynistic islamophobic transophobic homophobic antisemitc coin

Long time hodl. 10 to 20 dollars possible, the white paper is impressive

Its already paid off for me the past two weeks. I'm in for a comfy hold for Q1

big boy coin gonna be top 50 one day

Nice just bought 6 million k

Iam holding a mere 150 bought @ £0.98 Hasn't done much the past week. Should I just hodl?

fucking BUY, solid choice my dudes

buy or ragret

this is big brain shit, makes these stupid fucking altcoins slaves to its dick (literally, read the whitepapers)

Realistically can wee $200 per coin? Thr market cap math adds up.

I'll be a millionaire if it gets that high so it probably won't

wow so racist

kek, nobody, including you, read the whitepaper

good coin, especially if you look at it from the point of view that these guys are the specialist at MIT, they have the best backup of minds and credibility, so definitely not a vaporwave. I'm holding a lot.

what coin is this


>LaTeX and confusing math equations in white paper

Enigma (ENG)

But yeah this is a solid coin , read the white paper and backed by real VC's. One downside is they were hacked a few months ago because they made some dipshit mistakes like not having 2FA and using same passwords. ended up costing investors 500k to scammers. Pretty bad for something that promises privacy

Buy it


I bought in at $2.50, after chasing shitcoin pumps I've decided to buy about 1k worth and add to my hold stack. Skimmed the white paper but honestly I'm a brainlet and don't understand the tech, lots of MIT grads and software developers behind it though.

Would it be accurate to say this project is attempting to be like the ethereum of private coins like monero?

Im not fudding retard most of my portfolio is eng. New investors need to know about the hack before making their decisions.

so when do you guys think well start seeing movement?