You have 10 seconds to give me ONE good reason why you aren't investing in this man

You have 10 seconds to give me ONE good reason why you aren't investing in this man.

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TSLA IPO 7x'ed my money, and my fathers. Then 2x the value of my SCTY when the buyout happened.

I expect 500 a share after they get their Model 3 production figured out. 1k a share realistic bet within 10 years.

Why buy a tesla when you can buy an electric car from a reputable car maker? Asking for a friend

My money's going to him after I cash out the rest of my crypto.

he thinks billionaires can marry for love

Hyped by reddit-tier people

I don't appreciate any of his products, paypal included, and TSLA's performance doesn't reflect the auto manufacturer, and is more of a reflection of how fags love to suck his dick over what he does in spacex, which should be unrelated, but it isn't.

I'll never invest in or buy a tesla because of retarded design choice like software-side limitation of the battery life depending on which model you buy. Literally is the most jewish thing an auto manufacturer has done besides VW cheating emissions.

Because his businesses are nothing but government-supported Ponzi schemes. Without the tens of billions he gets from government, nothing he operates is viable.

bitcoin pump and dump group
you've probably seen this already but let this be the push over the edge that makes you join. You will be regretting not taking this opportunity.

this this this defund now

Literally gb2 reddit

The rest of the market is about 4-5 years behind Tesla in terms of balance of quality of interior and looks of the car with a proper price.

Chevy bolt looks like shit and the interior is a giant piece of scratchy plastic, its truly horrid.

Model S has the interior of a loaded Honda Accord. It's not up to par with other cars that cost as much, but the drive train and battery deliver a great driving experience.

Model 3 appears to have the same quality interior, so that's nice. I'd say give it time before buying a Model 3, then again, there are so many pre-orders you'll be waiting a year at least.

>software-side limitation of the battery life

is this true? what reason was this implemented for?

>Teslas look pretty
Faggot detected

He doesn't have a cologne called Elon's Musk

Simplify manufacturing, all the cars are the same inside, but implement different closed source software to change features.

Not that guy but they figured it would be cheaper to make the same size battery for different models.

The result is if you get the cheaper model you actually have like 5kw of dead weight not being used and have to pay like $3k to 'upgrade' via software update.

Pretty scummy.

maybe 4-5 years behind any burger car manufactor, which are also 4-5 years behind any normal manufactor


>Thinking how the car looks doesn't effect sales

Just like with women, the first thing is how they look on the outside.

I've been laughing at the FUD against TSLA for almost a decade, go fuck yourselves kids.

I am, I'm invested in his cryptocurrency, its called Bitcoin.


He hasn't made SpaceX or the Hyperloop publicly tradeable yet.

>buy an electric car from a reputable car maker

Why can't a reputable car maker make a(n) (electric) car as good as Tesla? They can only try to copy. Telsa is the "Simpsons already did it" of next gen cars and if Tesla hadn't invented it, none of the other manufacturers would even begin to try to innovate. The man may be a world class shill and can extract money from the government like no other, but at least he's creating something of value and the public is getting an ROI from their tax dollars for once.

Sure thing Elon. Don't you have better things to do than fucking around on Veeky Forums?

Doesn’t like hydrogen. How you gonna get to moon? Electric?

Once the major cars come, Tesla cars go bye bye!

I'm wondering what brainlets actually believe this. You probably think he created paypal (he didn't his company was aquired and he left ) and he started tesla (was HIRED as ceo and one of the original founders sued him for co-opting his company)

Open your fucking eyes, he's nothing more than a pr 'le science' man. He has built shit.

Are there any actual in production direct competitors for the Model S/X/3? That can match the range and charge speeds? If you live anywhere western you likely already have access to superchargers when you travel.

>He has built shit.
He built SpaceX.
He saved Tesla.

Oh also he invented paypal and bitcoin.

They didnt invent shit their first production car was a converted lotus. All of their r and d is going toward making botnet cars and proprietary software so you can't fix shit even though electric cars are incredibly fucking simple.

He's not on Binance.

The market doesn't care about that kind of shit you fucking brainlet. Stay poor.

damn I thought the man was a humanitarian

>I own too much TSLA stock, ama

Oh no he owns sooo much stock in the most valuable american car company someone save him!

Why aren't you investing in me Veeky Forums?

>American cars