Hi biz

Hi biz,

Got $1k to spare and gonna invest it into something available on Binance in 15 minutes.

Shill me some 10x+ coin

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Ast in like 3months

what's your time frame

are you retarded? obviously Ripple 0.01 to $1 in a year, next year 1 to $10

Can HODL easily until EOY 2018

Nah man, it's gonna be $100 min. EOY 2018. Screencap this.

And preferably the coin hasn't yet mooned. I don't like investing in stuff which has gone up 5x+ already. I want something fresh. Something which has been stable but is about to moon

If u invest in ripple u are investing in ure own poverty because its a coin made for banks in place where people wana get rid of banks so if u wana do that plz kill yourself before u can make more money off coins that are not owned by banks

Like i said check ast it hasent mooned yet and its kinda new their project getting released in q1 of 2018 and it will moon i have 8k ast coins

Actually looked into this by accident today already. Will consider this for sure. Looks promising

You didn't buy BZC yet user? Kek

Check out TIT Coin. Perfect for this pic.

Enigma is preparing for another moon mission, also low market cap. Check it out for yourself

pink coin

will go to 500 - 600 sats

that would be almost $4 trillion market cap you fucking dipshit.

Honestly ripple found the fucking secret. Make a shitcoin with a HUGE supply, then idiots will think its "cheap", even thought its literally fucking useless.

Chainlink of course. 5 dollars end of 2018

>Price stabilized by bots that want to keep the price down
>Tron game
>Coin burn on Q1 2018
>Cheapest coin on binance, normies love cheap coins because of this

Decided to split my 1k into LINK and DRGN.

Wish me luck for my 2018 long term hodls.

Or laugh at me. Whatever.

I second this. Tron has a strong use case and is mega cheap

All the shitcoins available and you had to choose motherfucking link