This will be my last post ever on Veeky Forums

This will be my last post ever on Veeky Forums
I'm going to end it in approximately 3 hours. Just wanted to say goodbye before I an hero. It was great posting here for the past few years but I'm afraid I didn't make it.
I fell for the tron phising link and lost my entire stack of crypto in one fell swoop. A total of 26 ETH gone in a second. It took me years to save that amount. Before you say its your own fault... I know. I should have double checked the links but I messed up and now it's over. It's been fun shitposting with you guys and hopefully you all don't make the same mistake as me.

Godspeed anons. All the best

- James

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I was in the same boat - had $300 left and turned it into 7k trading xrp on margin this week. You can make it back

>Trump becomes president
>killing yourself
Why would you do that when you are about to witness the fourth turning?

what happened?

Best of luck in the crypto afterlife bro

Brah you just lost some internet money, not really worth dying over.

I explained already.

I have nothing left my friend, mentally and financially

Nice digits

Bounty is a company run by a highschool drop-out and a lawyer. They don't have a working blockchain product. They don't even have a dev team. I bought in at $0.06, and then a LOT more at $0.18. I just sold everything. It has nowhere to go but down once people realize the concept not only doesnt work but has no backing to it. I suggest you do the same.
You might get another little pump, but don't wait too long on this, don't get too greedy.

It was my entire life savings

Go watch it’s a wonderful life and tell me you still want to die

Just earn some money again and put it into a 10x coin, then another. Not hard

I hope this isn't an elaborate begging thread

OP even if you lost all your money please don't an hero. You are clearly a financial wizard and know how to save your money. There's no reason you can't build your portfolio back 10 times stronger

Hi james, if you're serious, I can give you 3 eth to start over.

I refuse to believe anybody who browses Veeky Forums is retarded enough to give away their private key

You'll kys too after the midterms /pol/

>A total of 26 ETH gone in a second
Mate, that's only 1.3 BTC...

Maybe I got a little too big for my boots

I mean, I don't know, I am suicidal as shit right now. I would appreciate it greatly but would feel bad for you having less for my mistake

It was my life savings.
20k isn't nothing

Watched it. I don't want to die anymore, I want to invent a time machine and go back and murder Jimmy Stewart. Fuck that guy.

You can make 20k in one year flipping burgers man. It is not worth this.

I owe 30k in student loans and I am not necking myself

Do it man you would LITERALLY be a life saver

Op please dont die on us. You made 26 eth. You can do it again. Like bro. 3 eth, for example, in basic attention token until its 5$ a coin will make you your money back. Like bro. Keep working and saving pay checks. People are scum. Someone stole your money. But you LIVE and you LEARN. You made 26 eth. You van do it again. If anything,itll be easuer the 2nd go around. Ive been robbed of all my lifes savings multiple times too....ive always bounced back man. And everytime i do(this is my 4th) gets easier. Much love op. I hope you go consult a family member or close friend and just try to calm down and hash out a plan for getting back on track

dont do it, get 1 eth and go in on link and become a hodler. it is 100% not worth ending your life over 20 thousand dollars. go clean your room, make your bed, take a hot shower and go for a walk. you need to replace these negative thoughts. i wish you health and a long natural life.

It wasn't nothing! It took me thousands of days to get that amount

I mean, I like to think so but I literally lost every single cent to some scammer. A scammer and I fell for a phishing link after years of crypto.

Killing yourself over $20,000 seems a bit much. I mean why not write down a bucket list of shit to do before you end it all. You're already dead, right? So there's no problem in doing a few last things before you kill yourself. Suicide is just a bullet away and can be performed any time.

its not too late.

scrap whatever money you can and go all in on chainlink. you will be a millionaire end of 2018

goodluck, linkmarine

Godspeed you!

That's not that much money even if it is your life savings. You can make it back.

It was a lot of money to me, man.

1. go on welfare, stop wagecucking right now. Destress your life. If I lost my money that I actually worked fulltime for, I would lose my mind too. GO. ON. WELFARE. NOW.

2. Get some tiny amount of spending money and invest it in some coin you still kinda believe in and hold it. just hold it.
Just stay alive for the ride with us LINK holders. Do it just because it's interesting to see if it will work out.

Don't be such a douche and talk about the story more, sounds interesting

Mate, go for a walk tomorrow morning, for like 3 hours. You feel better afterwards.

Then make a plan. Learn something online for free which can make you money like a programming language or something.

Or just monitor the CC market, give good advice, post referral links or a wallet ID so people who make profits from your advice can reward you. Start again. Anyway this CC market messes with your brain, is it merely for your mental health try to stay away from it as much as you can

I wish you all the best in making it user
I did have Chainlink before this happened

dude don't off yourself. literally

come on mimblewimble was not yet developed. you're still early.

I know it's not nothing dude, I'm sorry for what happened. I can't imagine the pain and I know that. I'm just saying that you can build that back even by wagecucking for like. Potentially not that long. Dying will rob you of everything.

Look. You could have years ahead of you to learn how to do phishing scams yourself. And protip! If you kill yourself the phishing man who got you will have won completely.

It IS a lot of money. But who gives a FUCK. it's not worth killing yourself over you absolute cuck

gamble on some shitcoin or something. im a poorfag but if you are genuine i will help you out to get going again. dont be a dickhole

My guess is you are still young. You will survive, it's not that big a deal. There is more to life than 20k.. like the others s aid that's a year at a minimum wage job.

user, anyone can turn $100 into $1000 quickly in this market. There's still a shit ton of money to be made. If the bubble pops and you haven't made it, THEN an hero, but it's too early to call it quits just yet.

ITT - A bunch of Pajeets circlejerk to try to get some money. LOL.

I lost about the same in CFD. Already made it back. You can do it user.

Secondly OP, if you can lose out on $1 bitcoin in 2011 then how is it any different from losing 26 ETH? It's the exact same thing, just again.

I fell for the tronco phising scam. That is all there is to it. I googled the link and clicked the first one and it turns out it was a scam by some Russian. No luck in recovering anything

I am still wageslaving now user. I spent YEARS of my life earning that. Gone in a second. That is what gets me.

I know you are trying to help but 20k is a big deal to me, friend

James if you are genuine, take up the 3 eth offer, prove to him your not a scamming cunt, and start over. Seriously you'll be laughing in a few months ya fucking jew


give the link please.

If you are that much of a cuck where you decide to kill yourself over 20k while living in the USA where you can get help easy then go for it. Try living in Africa or sweden.

This is Veeky Forums my friend. It was likely a troll. I would probably take it and at least try but I doubt it was serious. I just can't think straight about losing 26 in a second. One click and gone forever

I'll give access to private call channel to help, only 60 people, drop an email

First of all man, I want to say I am very sorry for your loss. I know that is devastating, and from where you are right now, you feel like there is no hope.

That said, you need to take a step back and think about things, because you are not in a position to see clearly. 20k, life savings or not, is not worth the entirety of possibility for the rest of your life. You were in this because you could visualize a life that was different for yourself. A possibility. That possibility is still there, along will all the other possibilities life holds. Crypto is just beginning.You've done it once, you can do it again-- if not to the same degree, still to a degree you could be happy with. I have bought and held, and turned 900 in 20,000 by just sitting on it for 8 months. Anything you put in mindfully has a very high probability of the same.

Suicide will always be an option. It will be an option tomorrow, next year, a decade from now. If you give up now, you are destroying the possibility of a life truly, deeply worth living. What a shame it would be throw it away because of shortsightedness in your grief.

Just hang on, user. You're smarter than this.

Put it this way, you're alive in the most amazing time ever. This could potentially be the turning point of humanity toward a very different and bright future:
>crypto is bringing a lot of people out of poverty.
>scientists are researching how to reverse aging and to give everyone indefinite health (
>the most underdog losers have become winners by taking some initiative, partnering with the right people, or starting out as being cleaners or cold-callers for a company they'd love to work for
Do whatever you need to do, but don't cop out now.
Here's a vid that may provide some inspiration. These is some no-bullshit inspirational shit going down.

And lastly, if Nakamura and his team could develop the blockchain and give NEETs like me an exciting opportunity to participate in this incredible moment in history, what other innovations await us, that could dramatically improve your life? Don't sell life at the ATL, go long and HOLD, user.

How much was your initial investment? Keep in mind that you've only lost your initial investment, not 20K.

When you're saying that you are into it since 2013, actually it seems unreasonable that you only made 20K. Since your statement "I've invested 1000 days to get it" implies that you've been trading alot.

Thanks for the offer but I never day traded

i hope you're just shitposting but if you really kys you're going to hell bro.
not even memeing, search for NDE and what happens to people that nearly die and then come back to life after experiencing the afterlife.
God is real and suicide over money is not an option

That looks like Northwest Washington! Chuckanut drive! It's gotta be.

oh...don't do it mate.

No, I never traded I just spent Btc over the years and then bought ETH

Are you unemployed? What are you living off?

search for people who died and then were vanished into hell
i'm not joking.

No full time wageslave

And another important question: how old are you?

I'm crying for you

>killing yourself over 20k

LMAO do it.
I'll give you 30k USD for your body right now.

There is a valuable lesson to be learned here- don't send your entire life savings to some random address you click on silly billy.
In fact, don't keep your life savings in crypto at all if losing it gets you this upset.
I don't know how old you are but at 25 I was a total loser 50k in debt. 10 years on I have a nice house a reasonable stack and a perfect life. Learn from this and get back in the game.

Ok. My email is: [email protected]
I don't know how to trade but I guess I can try man


Don't cry user, people die everyday

Being on zeros is bad but u have to realize most people are in negatives carrying around debt on interest

Ok so if you're saying that you are a wageslave and you've spend a thousand days to accumulate the money you've lost, doing nothing other than buying bitcoin one time and then changing it into eth and then loosing it, it seems to me that the loss of the ETH is not the source of the problem you have.

But what ever problem you have, it can be fixed. I promise you that



just wageslave for a few months, live off basically nothing and put everything you earn back into crypto. You'll have $20k+ in under a year OP I promise.

I don't know about thatr

Same thing happened to me
Lost a shitload over the summer
Now (in a few months time) I’m Back up to 250k on 2.5k investment
You can battle back extremely easily

How did you do it user
I feel its too late now

Kill yourself faggot. Anyone who loses money in this market is a bag of shit.

You lost 20k? I can't not believe you're not larping, I make 12k a year at best with a regular job.

Fuck man, don't suicide over 20k...

Why the fuck do people say stupid shit like this to depressed people or people that have lost everything

Why would just just act like money is worthless when its maybe the second most important thing in life next to healthy relationships with other people

Don't do it James. You're in shock. That happens when something completely unexpected shatters the vision you had for your life. Take a few weeks to process it. Your brain is adjusting to it and it will get better. I promise that a year from now you will be so thankful that you chose to live.

What's the point of killing yourself?
You lost a shitton of money and it's depressing, but what does this loss actually change in your day-to-day life?
You had it invested, so you weren't relying on it to survive. It's a major setback, but your life isn't over.
Think of the number of people who go from nothing to millionaires. We have another thread about nigger extraordinaire Ian Balima who made 2 millions this year for making dumb crypto videos marketed towards dumb people. No reason you can't make it too.

Stream it faggot

Yo lets talk on Discord man. Get some actual people around you. discord . gg / cJRT3Vt

OP i lost 50k last week, but got back on the horse and made 30k of it back, we're all hurting out here

So be it. If you do, there's no turning back.

If anyone is feeling generous then yeah as some have said, then yeah I will try start again from there. Part of what gets me is that I have literally nothing now. Every single last cent I had went to some fucking Russian scammer for what? I probably am still processing all of this but 20k isn't nothing to me, as I said. It took years to save that and the fact it was a stupid phising scam that I fell for only makes me more defeated.

ETH: 0x35a74EfB54e3b283a8E1611F3A7125DD7bB76eF8

I'm probably going to think but if you want you can email me at: [email protected]

I am going to try and start again but I have nothing right now and would appreciate any advice on how to make it back or something, man. Even if I make a quarter back atleast I won't be so defeated.

Anyway, thanks for all of the advice and help guys. Some of it made me rethink but I still am considering it seriously, to be truthful

You guys literally are getting shilled by a Pajeet. You should all gas yourselves out of the gene pool, faggots.

That's why you will mainly live unfulfilling, white knight beta numale autistic lives.

Just kys LOL (you won't though because he is a very very clever Pajeet).

Empty address, no proof.
Guys, if you're sending out free eth anyway, send some to me too, my address is [email protected]

I'm no Pajeet

This is genuine and happens more often than you think in crypto and business/finance. Whatever though, you have made up your mind

You're doing the right thing by taking a step back to reconsider, user. You will be so thankful you did. You will come back from this.

Others in this thread have already said this but I'll hope you take time to read this.

While it may feel like it, losing 26 ETH is an incredible shit amount to wipe yourself out over. I you think about it, adjusting for inflation, your parents probably put more than a million in just providing for your existence.

It's only money at the end. Would you really price a life at 26 ETH? Can you even measure worth of life in money at all?

Don't do it dummy and get some help if you need it.

You got this OP

>lacks empathy, thinks about money more than life
Spot the Jew

My other address private key was literally compromised in the phishing scam.

You can go on the tronco ether address (the scam) and see my coins sitting in their wallet still

>posts his address
>"if anyone is feeling generous"
>the address has no transactions
>posting from multiple IPs
Fishy as fuck.

Show us the compromised address and sign a message with the private key.

good luck user. i hope someone helps you start back out

i would help you out if i could, gl in future

>It took me years to save that amount
is no one going to comment on this retarded sentence?

it might be legit cus i saw people on plebbit talking about their private keys being stolen too

Hahahahahaha i lost much more investing i ethermons and forgettig passwords and im not even mad faggot. Just found shako in d2 its the best feeling

>Begging or asking for 'free money'/crypto is strictly forbidden. Encouraging beggars, or posting any kind of 'free money' offer is also strictly forbidden.

Saged and reported.

In any case, he can at least gain some credibility by showing the address so that we can see the transaction from it to the scammer, and of course prove that he owns it by signing a message with it.

>gonna kill myself guys
>ok, ok, if you send some coin I'll try again, here's my address.

How could it take years for you to accumulate that Ethereum? If you bought it more than a year ago, you would have very easily been able to buy 26 Ethereum.

Pajeet begging lol

You had 26 eth which means that you made better investment decisions than 99,99999% of people. In a year or two you will think about this and laugh.


>no proof
>anonymous forum

Spot the dumb fuck retard. Man I'm gonna start doing this too if this is all it takes to get free money.