70 hours

70 hours

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mas.gov.sg/~/media/ProjectUbin/Project Ubin SGD on Distributed Ledger.pdf


I honestly hope they don't announce anything so all the non believers have a big sell-off and then everyone who stayed and believed end up with massive gainssss

what's in 70 hours OP? whatses in 70 hourses?

Colonel reporting in, what happens in 70 hours?

You'll see my friends :)

all stinky linky shills are pajeets


This will be absolutely huge

I'm ready

i've heard tell of this paradise.... cmon man i've 6k link to feed, throw me a bone here

Literally fucking nothing. There are absolutely ZERO hints of any news or announcement coming before year's end. OP is just bored.

Can anyone seriously explain whats this thread about?

Don't wait until 1$ to FOMO in

I've been in since $0.15. Unfortunately we won't see $1 for at least a few weeks yet if not longer.
OP bored and trying to generate false hope

You will see

31.12.2017 23:59:00

ok, where do i see it? stop being a cunt. i want information.

>tfw only 13k Link


70 hrs until what sergey dies of a heart attack from his big macs? Rip $32 million fatass.

>tfw only 14k link

>tfw 10k linklet :(

mas.gov.sg/~/media/ProjectUbin/Project Ubin SGD on Distributed Ledger.pdf
CTRL + F "Smart Contract"

You don't get to know unless you're an insider. You will see on the date above.

Still a future millionaire, brah.

For idiot's and newfags.


Wait for the new year announcement, people gonna sell and then buy

>telling people not to buy
>right before it reaches $1
good idea. let them FOMO in when its 100% higher price than it is now :) more money for us :)


Hype wil go down, price will go down.
It might go 0.70 due to pre announcement hype, and then weak hands will sell and ADHD 16yo investors will sell.


only 10k, just sell and I'll buy those bags

smart contracts =/= chainlink

Wrong kill yourself you fucking retard

Is that you Assblaster??

don't be a brainlet. There is clear language in the report of what chainlink does. However there is so far no evidence that chainlink is in fact what they're moving into production with other than clues dropped by the riddler (who also larped with XRP and as far as i can tell turned out to be wrong)

That said I'm still obsessively searching every day for info on Singapore Exchange, MAS, etc.

Please just crash back to 1500 sats. I want to double my stack...

>tfw only 11k linklet

>mfw own 50k LINKs

It's actually disgusting watching everyone disregard Chainlink and chase empty pumps instead. This is the most innovative piece of technology that financial and insurance sectors have all been waiting for and it will actually revolutionize the world and strengthen every industry it touches.

Look at Vitalik, Roger, Justin, and Charlie constantly focusing on publicity stunts, shilling, and talking about the pricing of their coins. Sergey is actually the most reliable leader in the cryptosphere focusing only on his technology and development, no bullshitting with publicity stunts. Only honest answers to honest questions when he gets the chance.

I feel like I'm taking fucking crazy pills watching all of this play out. Etherscan shows that soon 95% of all available circulating LINK will be consolidated into less than 15,000 wallets and that continues to shrink as more people try to chase pumps, they're being shaken into stronger hands. As soon as Sergey's saved up LINK is finally handed over to institutions we'll see the price jump by increments of dollars and it'll be way too for most people by then. This is so fucking ridiculous and scary in showing how stupid most of Veeky Forums actually is.

>mfw 30k link

Quick guide
1.Sell before 1st jan and buy for half the price
2.Thank me later

Expect 4000-4500 sats in the next 24

Not unless we see a shitload more volume come out of nowhere.



Ye of little faith you shall not enter the kingdom

Out, sinner. Sergey never knew ye.

Oh I'll enter it. But we're not hitting 4500 within 24 hours.

This is going to be a very long hold for big ROI. Normies are not into it.

yeah that's what you fags have been saying forever, and anyone who listened to you missed the moon from 15 cents to 70. grats.

normies will be all over this shit when swift partnership gets announced. normies love banking shit

>tfw only 500 stinkies

will strap on the kneepads for link

If the rumor is right... we're hitting $1.50 minimum tonight

Yup. LINK is going to knock XRP out of the number 2 spot by fall.

41K LINK standing by

I keep hearing about a Singaporean conference. What is its name? Link?

Can someone explain WTF you are talking about

LINKlet here. What in the name of sweet fuck are you people even talking about?

They don't know about Singapore.

2k link here, what's in 70 hours ?

The beginning.

No, the beginnening.

this. this is why people hate us. just answer

>newfags don't know about singapore

Earth shattering knews

Singapore is fake news used as bait by PnD faggots.

My body is ready. DYOR dummies

the joke is that LINK was supposed to hit $1 by EOY 2017. there's a meme about it somewhere, can't find the source. that's what OP is referring to.

looking less and less likely at this point but i'm keeping my hopes up.

No its not. Look, its right there on the map. Its a real place man.

Only 804 link here. Forever poor



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My body is ready. I wont eat until jan 1. Sergey can creampie my boipucci. Last time he took me to ihop at 2am. Not this time.. Oh no...

Autistic fuck

Got a tingle in my nads just thinking about it.

You post this every fuckin day can you stop spamming