Friends, BIG T here

Friends, BIG T here

we’ve been in this industry for decades. The knowledge that we release to our customers is to protect you from yourself and to look into the big picture. The big picture is ICON (ICX). Ok? Now, go on-to Binance, and buy as much ICX as you can. Remember, buy all that you can below 100$. We have a tremendous opportunity to make a large amount of money. Ok, Bitcoin is at an all time high? Alright, who cares? Who the fuck cares? Buy ICX. I told you niggas it’s going to have an update that will double, or even triple it’s value. And you gonna doubt me? What, you don’t believe me? Fuck outta here nigga. How dare you doubt me? You think you can short ICX on me after I told you it’ll moon? You think I snort coke off of the dick of thai ladyboys just to get my rocks off? Fuck no. All I do is read white papers so your punk ass can get money. Why? Becuase I AM the master shill. I am THAT nigga. I am the master of crypto-currency. Be fearful when you see Smug Pepes and be greedy when you see Pink Wojaks.

Thank you blessed Mr Big T

fake and gay

Stfu Big T, fuck all these pajeet nigger scammers

But then the taxman is going to steal my gains :(

Thank you BIG T. 1000 ICX is what I own, the top of Veeky Forums is where I'll throne.

i too am a master shill with good intentions

super bullish on icx, put in 800k 0% diversification

i am the whale and i stand with you all

I am 50% LTC 50% ICX will I make it?

icx will 3X - 5X from todays price within the next 35 days

LTC wont. i understand

>muh diversification

but one coin will out perform the other, why diversify?

put your dick where your mouth is

nigger ive been holding bags mayn
let me get some money mayn
ill suck ur fucking dick!

>paying taxes

no nigga, you don't give the man a fucking cent of your earnings. here's what you do, works 100%:

you buy a bitwala card (or any other trusted one), you top up the card with monies and either withdraw the money irl or use it as your main card to buy groceries etc. and save the 'legit' money :^)

Anyone tried this out? And who the fuck accepts a bitwala card?

bitwala is just a VISA card, you can pay with it anywhere that accepts VISA, and you can withdraw from ATMs, each card has a PIN

That Kenyan-Ugandese joint in the alley down 53rd, you know? That one cozy joint owned by Ming and Karl, they've been at it for a while now... The store that sells pomegrates, the big ones, you remember?

so why be secretive about the update? we all know that they will release mainnet, it's not a secret. We all know how great this product is.
Anybody who doesnt buy now is just an idiot

FUDING as fuck here since I have all in XRP. What the fuck should I do BIG T??

Sorry user. I don't understand shit.

But the shit will get audited and then you are fucked again.

not trying to be secretive

trying to be seductive baby

How do I know which coin will out perform the other, it's just 50/50 that's why I go 50/50.

ty whale i will all in icx and hodl

how would it get audited? they're based in germany, they don't report shit to the IRS / govts because they have no obligation to.