Be listening to Fox Business

>be listening to Fox Business
>and now we interview Jordan Belford the man the Wolf of Wallstreet was based on
>Belfort FUDs
>Crypto is a scam and will eventually be worth nothing
>the government will ban it there will be no crypto in a few years
Alright boys it was fun when it lasted but he knows more than me about this stuff. Cashing out today.

ok bye faggot

lol fox news faggot go kill yourself...I don't like your redneck sheep kind if crypto you faggot cash the fuck out faggot. fox news loving bitch.. clearly too stupid to ever amount to anything ...ya dig

Why do people trust a literal scam artist?

fox news would do anything to promote the downfall of crypto you sheep faggot ya dig

You actually made me check if he was still alive on wikipedia and I found out a nice detail I was missing: /pol/ was right again.

That nigga made his millions by scamming with penny stocks.

Are you from 2006?

He did have a Jewish sounding voice...

Got a job at an investment bank from a 'family friend' lel

He's burnt out from drugs.
Plus he was told if he ever EVER shills any type of investment again he's going back to prison.

So is FUDing allowed but shilling is not?

the guy is paid to FUD so his whale friends can accumulate

he probably needs the money at this point

what program ?

I've seen Jordan Belfort's invterviews about Bitcoin. He doesn't know shit. He's an absolute drooling retard when it comes to this stuff.

>/pol/ trusting a scam artist

McAfee vs Belfort

Who is the bigger fuckhead?

>"wolf of wallstreet"
why do you imagine a person nicknamed such to give out good advice for free

McAfee fucks up the market more so him.

seeing trought this shitty bait.

What we do in crypto is no different to what Belfort did with Penny stocks.

Fuck Belfort. His character in the movie is fun when portrayed by Dicaprio, but watching the real man in interviews gives me off putting vibes. He's very slimy and his voice causes an instinctual reaction of wariness.

It's because most of their audience are boomer faggots. I can't wait for the day of the pillow.

I'm pretty sure he just gave himself that nickname anyway for the title of his book. From what I've read there's no actual media reports calling him 'The Wolf of Wall Street', but the 'twisted Robinhood' comment was legit. Guy is probably delusional.

I heard once don't trust anyone with a long nickname. nicknames other people call you are usually short and catchy, multi-word nicknames are either names you give yourself or names the news gives serial killers.

It's me Money Skelly,
I've been lurking around here and all I see are money hungry pajeets and Lambo fags. Get your shit together/biz/ and do something that will benefit all of society. My team and I are on stand-by to assign tasks to every single one of you poor wagecucks. At least you will be a part of something bigger. Also, if you fuckers don't respect and bow down to me I will fucking quit the ethereum project and all your fake meme money will be worthless.
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This guy was peddling penny stocks and wants to classify all crypto as a scam? Lmao retard crypto is already blue chip enough .

I’m sure Wolfberg has the average persons best interests in mind. Better play it safe and put your money in a nice goy savings account. Where it will accumulate a very generous 1.5% yearly interest. Definitely don’t go invest in that scam crypto market where you can free yourself from debt slaver....I mean lose all your money.

well skelly fuck your eth if it can not learn to be indepedent of btc