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Friends, Romans, Veeky Forumsnessmen, lend me your ears! For those of you who know me, I come on this board occasionally and give out advice. Some people who have followed my advice are now up over 400% in practically no time at all.

Many of you have asked me to make a discord to help give solid tips and advice that are practically guaranteed to make you huge gains. By popular demand, I have created it. The invite link is below.

Before you join, please understand, THIS IS NOT A PUMP AND DUMP GROUP. Pump and dump groups cannibalize each other (usually with new people being the victims). We actually do research and make informed investing decisions, and we have fun while doing it. I've profited a ton and people who followed my advice have profited a ton.

Feel free to come hang out!

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Also, bump.


Good to see you here bud!

What is your next call(s)? How do you feel about DRGN?

arent you the dude that said we're going to 8k btc?

maybe im confused...

Actually no, user's asked me if bitcoin was going to fall below 10k a few days ago when BTC was in freefall, and I said that it wouldn't. You have me confused with someone else.

I like DRGN, its solid roadmap going forward into 2018 and once it hits bigger exchanges and more news comes out, it's going to dramatically increase in price. Been holding since .44c

Dont need Discord. Buy XRP. It will 10x when it hits coinbase next momth. Thank yourself later. Buy something nice for yourself. Like a Lambo.

What's your take on UBIQ?

I agree, I routinely tell people who have small amounts of money to split their portfolio into XLM and XRP. Solid easy going gains.

Good to hear, thanks. How about BAT? I've been slowly buying BAT in hopes that Coinbase will list it as one of the supported ERC20 tokens in the near future.

current upcoming predictions? desu I'm in a lot of discords already and I myself don't provide good advice, nor do I want to get sucked into another one. Anyway thanks for posting OP I wish you luck

When we are going to hit 20k?

I have 15k, should i split in half xrp, xlm?

Also should I wait to buy, seems like it spiked hard and it'd be silly to buy now.

Also how do you think btc, ltc, eth are doing?

In cryptobro I trust. What're your thoughts on XRB? I am bitter about having had to move money away from it to another hold and think I can get over it with a decent recommendation.

XLM is going to increase dramatically because of it continuing to work with IBM. Ripple will become #2 soon and will get a lot of media attention. Non-traditional investors will see a "cheap coin" and start gobbling it up in grabs. That will boost ripples price by quite a bit i'm sure. On top of that, Ripple, despite it being centralized, actually had some pretty solid value.

I'd have to research these more to give you a really solid opinion on it. Hang out in the discord and you'll get solid advice soon enough!

Since you have so much capital to work with, I'd suggest diversifying a bit more. XRP, XLM, OMG, QTUM being your main growth holders, and a small amount of your portfolio in DRGN and LINK for big possible parabolic gains.

Everyone will miss opportunities. Remember that crypto investing is a marathon and not a sprint. I missed Ripple at .25c, but I soldier on anyway. XRB is a great investment, buy some and HOLD for the long term. Never invest too much of your portfolio.

Join the group

should we worry about buying 20-30 cents over the "ideal buy price"?

I'm not sure which coin you're talking about.

well, like buying ripple at 1.20 vs 1.40 ?

You should always be focusing on buying coins that have real value and actually solve real world use cases. Ripple is one of those. Even as I saw ripple rising at 1.10 waiting for a dip, it kept on going up.

Your mindset should be, what will this be 1 year or 5 years from now. If i scoop this up at $1.40 or $1.20, will it be entirely relevant years from now? Also, the "ideal buy price" or "market price", is merely what someone is willing to pay for it. Considering that 90%+ of people literally have no idea what they're doing in crypto, it's hard to even say what an ideal price is. Scoop some up and hold for the long term.

Bumping for interest

i work a lot so that's kinda been my attitude. scoop some up and hold for long term, not worry too much about the buy price.

i'll have some days off for the holidays, can you give us some tips on what you look for when you're wondering if a price is going to fall? i try reading the order books and depth charts, but it doesn't seem to work out.

Thoughts on BNTY, COLX? What coins are u currently lookin at OP?

Holy fuck you put a lot of effort into this. Respect.

That right there is a winning mindset and is exactly why I know you're going to make it. Too many people look for short term moon missions and end up getting completely and totally blown out doing silly and stupid things. Keep adding money to your portfolio, put it into solid coins and you'll make it.
In regards to advice, join the discord. I have people asking me all the time about coins and I'm more than happy to give my advice.

I look for BTC taking a huge down turn. When people see bitcoin falling, the pattern/daytraders tend to sell their alts for tethers, and then scoop BTC up when its low. Because the alts start to sell more than is being bought, they tend to dip. I prefer a bit of TA instead of looking at order books and depth charts. Order books and depth charts can be manipulated by whales and are unreliable.

Bro what are your thoughts on ICX and XLM?

I keep hearing about BNTY and COLX but I haven't looked into it yet. I'll definitely put it on my to do list. In the mean time, consider joining the discord to ask questions and learn.

Scroll through the main chat in the discord, people have been asking me about XLM.

Thank you. It always makes me feel good that people appreciate what I do for them.

not even going to lie, it felt good to hear someone say i'm going to make it.

i joined the discord, never used the ap before, but i'll try to figure it out.

can you explain how to best look at an order book?

I agree with this but I wouldn’t touch ripple at this price

Thoughts on ENG and BTS?

why not? i understand it'll probably dip, but what makes you so confident that it'll dip much below current? because it's making ATH?

I said that when it went from .25 to .75. I'm confident that it is only going to rise though in the long term.

I've heard about them but haven't done enough research yet. I'll put it on my to do list. Join the discord in the meantime and lurk and/or post for information.

Hey cryptobro are you on Twitter as cryptobrodog or is that someone else?

Also, should i diversify my holds? I only have eth and xrp. I am only just over 1k in total value cause poor.

Are there some coins OP agrees with in there? I sadly missed the ripple train.

I dont have an official CryptoBro twitter just yet. I'm going to make one though.

how come there are no active voice channels in the discord?
They all look empty

CryptoBro thoughts on ASTRO? Got nearly 50% of my stack in dividends yesterday. Is this a good long term hodl if I am a newbie investor?

How do you feel about Enigma?

First off, really excellent work on diversifying. You've already accomplished what 85% of crypto traders fail at.

Next, NEO and FUN are going to do well in 2018. REQ is also good. I don't have an opinion on SUB at the moment. BTC should only be used for pattern trading. You can make so much more if you sell your BTC for XRP and XLM. Again, I'd sell my ETH and LTC for XRP and XLM. Monero is great as a privacy coin. ADA is a coin flip in my opinion. Fantastic team, might be unbelievable, might not.

ARK is really risky, check out their dev interview on youtube.

Also, buy some QTUM and hold it.

marketing absence aside, what's your take on ARK?
you believe it'll deliver the platform, superior to ETH's?

Gribpto buhrobbe

First time hearing about ASTRO, I'll look into it. Join the discord in the meantime.

There are SO MANY platform building projects out there that it gives me doubt about ARK delivering something truly superior to the rest of the market. Pretty risky in my opinion.

in cryptobro we trust!

i lost money on a bad sale cause im an idiot

do you think XLM will drop back down below 1600?


I asked about ICON(ICX) the other day and you replied that you hadn't completed your due diligence yet. Just wondering if you have any thoughts about it.

The volatility of this market is unpredictable. If i were to say that it is definitely going to X or Y price in the short term, I'd be doing you a disservice.

XLM is a solid long term hold. Buy some and hang onto it.

kys namefag

>have been considering selling my btc and most of my ETH to buy XRP and XLM
>brother bought XRP yesterday and is up $100
>see this thread

Thoughts on GRS and VTC CryptoBro? NAV and SYS?

In cryptobro we trust!

Salve magister! When is a good time to buy XRP? I'm a bit wary because it already hit such a massive growth over the last days. Also, do you think we're in for another correction of BTC around new year and if so, where do you think we'll find the new floor?

Salve Cryptbro!

How diverse should my portfolio be?

Am I going to be okay cryptobro

kys faggot
it's been literally impossible to lose money this past week and your gains are so tiny it's hilarious

Join the discord, learn some stuff and you'll seldom make bad choices again.

I like that it connects the bitcoin and ethereum networks and that it allows companies to jump on into the blockchain world. I'd entertain that play and put some of my portfolio into it.

Is UTRUST a good hodl?

don't speak hindi sorry

It depends on how much capital you're working with. If you don't have much, diversify less. If you have a lot, diversify up to 5-7 coins tops.

The best time to buy XRP was awhile ago. The next best time to buy it is now. Don't think in terms of short term gains, think long term 1000x gains over the course of a year or two.

I figure BTC and the market will probably correct HARD on new years considering that people will be afraid of the volatility and start selling their coins for tethers. After new years though the bull market should continue.

I'll put those on my "To research" list. Join the discord in the meantime. You'll learn a lot.

Considering that you're disciplined and diversified, yes. I would switch your portoflio up a bit like I told this fine gentleman. You'll make more holding more XRP and XLM in the long run. Swap the LTC and BTC for XLM, XRP and QTUM.

Care to comment on ZClassic?

Hey Cryptobro, thanks for sharing the discord channel, looking forward to reading about crypto advice from you.

However, could you guickly give me some advice on my portfolio, mainly longterm.

Started with 5,8k in september.

Sold half my stack at XVG ath to further reinvest in Vechain & XLM

Cryptobro, I've seen you mention dragonchain in one of the previous threads, is it still worth buying ?

I saw in your Discord that you like TRON, do you think its worth to hold for the long term or sell in a good pump?

In cryptobro we trust

I'm retarded, lost 1k buy high sell low

I'm still running 3k portfolio.
1.7k fiat still
2,921 CND as of 0.00008566 ETH
662 XLM @ 0.00037806 ETH
71 ENG @ .00335 ETH
21 SALT @ 0.021522 ETH

Will I make it? Am I retarded? Am I FOMOing too hard?

Additional question:
Is XRP being manipulated. the jump on one dedicated exchange seems icky.

Thanx CyptoBro, you're a good man!

I like many others, don’t have much capital to start with. Yes, I shouldn’t go all in on something, but if I diversify, my gains are too slow to really snowball into something worthwhile and I just feel like I’m wasting time. What do?

I fomo'd in my pants and picked up 45k ripple at ATH of 13000sat. I've taken a deep breath an am ok with this.

I have another $65k in LTC that I am planning on selling at $249. I was thinking of dumping it all in ripple as well. maybe.

I had some TRON that I sold, but it seems like fart grabbing anytime there's any kind of "news" or announcement.

What is your opinion on XBY? This is my first coin I bought, Im a poorfag so could only afford 50. next month im going to invest a 100 into something. not sure what tho.

Correct hard in a few days around new years? Has that been a thing in the past with crypto? I've been waiting to dive in deeper with some savings but have been hoping for a dip (I wasn't quite ready for the btc dip from 19k to go in)
you think it's going to happen again?

Thoughs on this for short, mid and long term?

I only have $100 left ;_;
Coins always crash as soon as they receive my money. I'm cursed

You broke commandment #4. Read through them in the discord. Put more into XLM, XRP, QTUM and SALT. Keep working, keep adding to your portfolio and you're going to make it!

First, join the discord. Second, if your capital is really that low, just split your money up into XRP and XLM.

Thank you!

I don't see a particularly bright future for LTC. There's nothing really special about it that other coins don't have. Especially with Charlie Lee dropping out of LTC. That's a really ton of money to be putting into just 1 coin user. Diversify a bit more. Read up and down this thread for my recommendations.

Well, I'm using my investing background to make that call. Currencies never sleep, they're always moving. They don't stop at some point like the stock market. I'm going to make the assumption that people will probably want to party on New Years and not have to worry about their portfolio, so they'll divest themselves from any volatility and risk.

You're not cursed, you're just probably not investing properly. Join the discord and learn.

Create use case, beats other companies in regards to the cost of storing information on cloud systems. I'd buy and hold.

I'll take a look at XBY, check my recommendations for those with small amounts of money. Keep saving, make informed purchases and you'll make it.

I'm having a good time reading through all of your comments, they're really insightful.

What do you think of RPX? I've seen it rising the couple of last days, but its usage is kind of niche.

I have 389,000 TRX.

How will I be in two months?

In cryptobro we trust

Even though I think you're a massive faggot, you're giving good advice.

>good advice
>buying XRP now when it's gonna go down 25% tomorrow

+1 Just bought 3000 TRX today. Any advice?

Cryptobro, what do you think about Enigma and Icon? Or do you suggest to hop on XRP and XLM only?

>I'm going to make the assumption that people will probably want to party on New Years and not have to worry about their portfolio, so they'll divest themselves from any volatility and risk.
this is something i've struggled with for a while now. if something like this is apparent and a sort of generality you can handwave, then it seems like it shouldn't happen because of that. if everyone thinks there's going to be a dip, then there shouldn't be a dip. right? also timezones and autists who care more about crypto more than partying. when you think about people who are influencing the market, who are "they"?

It depends on how diversified you are. If that's your only coin and you're going all in on it, you're going to be an emotional wreck every time it moves and you'll probably end up panic selling when it takes a big dip. TRX though is pretty good. I actually made a call yesterday for people to buy some because of their announcements. A good hold in my opinion.

Well, I am heterosexual, but remember, making money knows no color or sexual orientation. We're all in the same great struggle for riches.

I'll look into it. Join the discord in the meantime.

>bright future for LTC
Agreed, thats why I'm pulling out. Can't complain, was able to see the trend for 300 and caught the ride from 130. Transferred my BTC into it. Went from 80k to 150k. So... now to figure out what to do with it.

Pls don't ignore me

Would you sell TRX in the next pump and invest more into RIPPLE / XLM?

well he doesnt give advise for day traders. that is why i like this faggot.

What tools do you use for tax time?

Tripfags are the first to go on the day of the rope.

he gives advice to poorfags who could afford a lot more XRP tomorrow if they waited

When do you take profit? I am up 40k on XRB. I am just not sure if it is worth taking some BTC out to move to other coins or even cash that out. Currently I have a diverse portfolio, no XLM or XRP though. Holding NEO, WAVES, STRAT, UBIQ, VEN, ADX, WABI, XBY, CSNO, SYS

This makes me sad. I only have 8 coins but 4 of those i bought at a 100 and that's what got me into all this 3 weeks ago. Was really hoping it would still go somewhere but i'm a total newb and have no reason to believe it will other than i want it too. I even had my gf buy a few on coinbase at 350 : /....

I've done well with other things though and am up to 8k from 4k including a lot of stupid buying at ATH selling low etc.

I know its only like 2 grand but that could potentially be a lot placed else where and my job will allow me to invest 2k a month and thats being a tad irresponsible.

So....sell my LTC to invest in more XLM or FUN or maybe XRP?....sold my XRP already at 50 cents....only 500 dollars worth...but still. This shit is stressing me out.

I apologize, I sometimes scroll past people asking questions. Yes, I think it still has a lot of upside. I've been holding since .44c and I don't plan on letting go for awhile. It isn't even listed on binance and the larger exchanges yet. When it does, the price will pop significantly. Buy and hold, be patient. Pic related

I majored in accounting and minored in economics so I do my own taxes.

Hi, assblaster. I would recognise that sentence structure and word choice anywhere ;)
Having fun?

I'm waiting for a dip to buy in

Cryptobro, so what about Enigma and Icon? Is it make sense to go 50%-50%?

That's really diversified. I typically don't aim for short term gains because the market is so volatile and unpredictable that it would be crazy to call it with certainty. Anyone who claims they can do that is most likely trying to shill you their bags and/or act maliciously in some way.

In regards to overall profit taking, If i see that a coin or token is at a significant milestone on its roadmap but probably won't progress any further, I would sell it and reinvest elsewhere.

Remember, invest in value. BTC has non. Swap it for other coins that I'd recommended in the thread.

Do you track the value of your trades at the end of every week or something, or do you do it at the time of every trade?

Hey Cryptobro, I currently have 40% BNTY and 60% XRP, total around $1k, up from $700 2 days ago. What would you say can get me to 3-4k by the end of January?

Thoughtless on this piece of shit.
I've lost a lot on this. I am still waiting for this to get back its value. Should i sell and hop to another one with higher potentials?

Is CND a good coin?

Almost all of these are long term for me. I just am debating skimming some off the top of XRB. CSNO i am holding for dividends.

I think I fell for the ODN and POSW memes.

Tho Im still 200% up on both I fear for the future of those coins. At least they dont represent a large part of my portfolio. Should I hold?