Ripple just passed ethereum in terms of market cap

ripple just passed ethereum in terms of market cap

This growth HAS to be unsustainable, right? Dumping has to occur soon.

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Yes. unless apple and amazon confirmed

ethereum really has been pathetic lately, even fucking cripple got ahead of it

>sustainable growth
you didnt notice after it went from 2k to 19k for literally no reason other than normies?

Wow! I jumped on the Ripple train right on time with 1/2 of my BTC. BTC uptrend soon.

normies are the cover
banks pump btc and will crash it because its a threat

Can't cripple the ripple

On our way to $5 soon

>Dumping has to occur soon.
lel no

>thinking apple or amazon would use an outside crypto instead of "applecoin" or "amazoncoin"

this, honestly

Bubbles exist in a currencies restricted to a single market. Like USD or the Euro. XRP, BTC, LTC all worldwide currencies and fungeable (look it up) ANYWHERE.

Tulip mania? Can't sell that shit, and it was localised.

Even then, China used tea for thousands of years as currency.

Ripple will be sodl on Coinbase soon. Check'em.

>thinking Amazon or Apple would do something other than what they always do, acquire someone elses product and resources after said company turned it into a legit product and outlasted lasted the R&D phases into actual implementation and success

Guys is marketcap a meme? How can coins with intern developers, meme announcements and nou foundations be bigger than market caps of Microsoft and the like?

every magazine/newpasper is featuring it

exchanges are reporting 100k signups per day

there are millions of people waiting to get verified and their first buy will be ripple

buy while it's still cheap

>apple or amazon are going to aquire ripple

>thinking amazon or apple is going to buy ripple for 73 billion dollars

ETH is a scam. They rolled back a bunch of early transactions and told exchanges to stop trading after they got hacked.

I-is this good?

>Bubbles exist in a currencies restricted to a single market

>coiners, so delusional their shitcoins are currency

ETH is run by literal pedo communists fuck them

Marketcap = Price of coin * amount of coins

It doesn't mean that money is real is any way.

Congrats on this. Seriously.

take it 1 step furher and you get the right answer
Why would the Fed/any central bank use outside crypto with many hidden/unknown dangers and traps when they can just create their own


I'm pretty sure all who browse this board knows about the ETH-ETC hard fork, mate

Already pulled my ripple profits out today. Jumping on the Hush pump. Gonna be amazing.

Yeah dude they'd have to pay the market cap to use the technology. God you're a fucking moron.

join this group for pump info guys!

>This growth HAS to be unsustainable, right? Dumping has to occur soon.

Because most of biz wants it to, it probably won't and will overtake btc by monday.

>he doesn't know ripple labs owns most of the XRP supply

Why is XRP $1.79 on Binance and $2.12 on Bithumb? Why not just buy from Binance and sell there?

Sheeit eth was safe buffer zone between Bitcoin and xrp.
BTC has only muh decentralization. As soon as comparisons start getting shilled by the msm it's a bloodbath.

I think it's KRW -> USD fees


aka arbitridge

it works

Does that apply when you want to sell the KRW for other coins?
Am I missing something or is this not worth trying?

RippleLabs own more ripple than the total circulating market cap and they're going to dump you back to 0,02 cents.

This is a coin for stupid goys, not easy gains.

you know these guys could easily push ripple to a trillion right?

>not easy gains

I turned 1000 into nearly 30000 but alright man do you

Not sure. Try it. I can't, or I would too.

They have a giant company with a huge future.

They're holding their coins for the future they believe they'll build. They won't need to sell Ripple in their minds because they'll never have to go back to fiat.

Why do you think Vitalik doesn't give a shit about his fiat worth? These people are thinking beyond fiat.

yes because they will want to destroy their own company right?

Do you fags just make up these stories to make yourself feel better about not buying in time

I think I'll play it safe, there must be a reason why there's a price difference.
I was just planning to buy XRP on Binance, sell to Bithumb and go back with EOS, rinse and repeat.

I hope so, at least

>people buying into ripple and totally forgot about what happened in 2008

oh well, at least we tried. gg guys. we just had the greatest transfer of wealth this generation has ever seen and then we gave it right back to the banks because we are idiots


You need a good sized stack to arbitrage. Otherwise fees eat too much.

Who else here is gonna short XRP on bitmex with 20X leverage? This is going to be my ticket to lambo land.

You are right, plus I figured out why. Everything is more expensive on that site, so even if I sell XRP at a bonus, I'd have to buy the other coin at a higher price and sell lower on Binance. Not worth it at all.

>This growth HAS to be unsustainable, right?
You haven't got the idea of Bitcoin actual worth? Its pure faith on it. if people want Ripple they it will drive.

one entity literally owns 61% of all coins. no thanks.

Amazon can mine ripple on their servers.

>perfect amount of autismâ„¢

it just reached $2
rip user

>can mine ripple

wasn't there a pump like this right before BCH got on coinbase? IF and I dont think its that big of an IF at this point, this gets on coinbase, look what the normies do to everything else on there. realistically were going to be looking at prices between $30 and $50.

50*38,739,144,847 = 1,936,957,242,350$


>crypto currency

Its a secret basically big bankers don't want you to know

Hi sir how many i choose?

It's going to crash harder than you've ever seen. Maybe not today maybe not in a week but someday it will. I'm just waiting on Bittrex to fucking verify me so I can move my funds to bitmex

Obviously, but if you can profit now and then get out, why not?

>80% hashrate controlled by one country
>crypto currency