Insider from Berlin here

Insider from Berlin here.

Earlier today I told you that REQ will moon.

You still have time to accumulate, get in while you can.

You have been warned.

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Why would someone pay to use REQ when myetherwallet is free?

320k here


Because you shove 20 dildos up your ass a day

It's about formatting, looks and convenience. MEW is free but it doesn't have the same appeal as say Paypal's look. Gotta think like a normie now instead of someone with a 3-digit IQ bro.

> healthy growth

will i make it with 1000 req?

Shitcoin -- good for swing trading, nothing else.

might be able to buy a used porsche

insider, really? whats the name of your favorite nightshop in berlin and what do people call it in kreuzberg?

paul walkers porsche

Fuck off



I thought there wasn't an announcement, though?

Well REQ has gone from 30 to 35 cents today so far. I'm intrigued if Berlin-user is on to something.

Req in just 2 months have 15k subs in reddit
More popular coin q4 2017
The graffic is clear manipulated by the whales.
Req will be huge in 2018

It has begun

Hmm, it is as if smb doesn't want you to put low buy orders...

FUCK! I was about to buy in last night too. Cop a few thousand and ride this wave but nooooo

mine is in btc dumbass. You know the one that most people use to buy their shitcoin. Fuck off infidel.

Kys, for real. Don't try to force this shitty bait.

so what is it

SO WE sell at 0.45
OP if i sell at 0.45 and it keeps mooning what then?

Myetherwallet=wallet for ether and ERC20 coins

REQ=invoice/auditing/accounting automation program with the OPTION of requesting payments and storing value like in Myetherwallet.

It's like saying "why would someone use smartphones when you can call with cheap $20 Nokia phones?"

uh uhh uhhh sounds like you lose money in opportunity cost retard.
>What if it never stops mooning and im not in

partnering with fundrequest.....


Fuck, I'm jelly.

I had 300K at one point but the hands got weak and sold some to put into LINK.

Now I literally STINK.

>request and fundrequest
holy shit with that branding we are onto the next major player

Don't worry my man LINK will also moon eventually the difference is that REQ will moon during Q1 and Q2 2018 while LINK will moon in Q4 2018 and Q1 2019.

If you hold long enough you'll make it.


Can you get payed btc in your mew?

When does the news drop op?

What should I set my sell orders to? Was that the top?

news are dropping next week dont they?
we had one last week

yeah, not sure why its pumpin now

People are setting up their plays for the announcement.

We going to $0.50 next Friday. Seems like the team has prepared a lot of new stuff. These fucking guys have work ethic.

OP says the dogs are gonna bark today? If op is to be trusted theres something in the works and a few people know

Fuck it I put in a sell order at ~49200 Im tired of seeing pumps and then shitty prices for days, if my order goes through cool I'll just wait until it dips, if it doesn't dip w/e 3x still.

count me in faggots

How much you sell that 200 for?

Dont understand your question friend.

strangely arousing photo