1 month ago I took out a 3 yr, 15k loan

Am i doin it right? Found most of these coins on biz. Looking to 3x-5x this by end of 2018. Critique my portfolio or suggest any upcoming coins for short and mid gains. Thank you brahs, yall changed my life. We're all gonna make it!

Where do you take out 15k loans?..

the bank???

There's a lot of personal loan providers. Got mine from lendingclub.com. gotta have decent credit history though for good APR. I was offered up to 50k but the interest was too much for that amount

> bounty
Good luck with that lol
Start diversifying into ICOs
Throw 5k into every promising one you see

I literally bought bounty yday and its been dropping hard. I'm clenching my asscheeks hard and prayin it recovers. yee im gonna try to around for some ICOs

Get 50k loan, make millions with it from crypto, don’t pay 50k back XD

Does the bank know what you're investing in?

bountys good for when it gets released on binance in january if ur willing to hold until then you could 10x depending

Thinking about getting a home equity loan for this

Missed too many moon missions by not having enough capital to work with.


yeah im most likely hodling BNTY til it gets listed on binance its still super early so I'm prayin!!


this is the best advice. most ICOs (id say 98%) at least x2 right when they get on exchanges. some x50 like ICX.

nah i didnt lend from a bank so they didn't ask any questions just wired me the money as soon as I was approved. i used lendingclub.com which acts as a facilitator between investors and creditors. People with extra money lend their money and receive interest in return for doing nothing. And people like me use it to gamble on crypto haha. as long as I can pay my $400 monthly payment I'm gucci

i dont know how much of a neet you are but i can get a 15-20k loan whenever i want without even having to mention a purpose

>No Sumokoin

Where's best place to find out and invest in upcoming ICOs?

I'm still young and I don't have a job.. so the loan was ballsy but I took the leap of faith. just finished college on a full ride scholarship, studying for my CPA exams right now. I don't have any debt and I love crypto so this could be my big break ya feel me

>getting a 15k loan without a steady income

Can't do that here in Europe. I would get a 5k loan if I could but I need steady income and I'm only in school..

>studying for CPA
>Make over 90k in a month

Why do you want to stare at trial balances all day? It fucking blows


Ok, enjoy getting fucked by the IRS then the bank closing out on you with jacked up interest.

not op but some of us like our boring ass job as a cpa

jesus christ user. if the shitcoin market plummets you will be WIPED. consolidate to ETH with the funds you need to pay off the loan ASAP, but really you should just pay off the loan ASAP. move a large amount, preferably 75% or more to low risk.

I built my credit score up for 4 years while in college, never missed a payment once and my credit score is OP as fuck, so I was already preapproved without employment. dont think I would be able to do this in any other country

Don't you want to do more in your life then sit at a desk doing returns?

how are you filing your gains? using like-kind exchanges at all this year?

yea not even one coin that could be considered somewhat safe
im not saying its all shitcoins only those are still very new coins you put 100k into

Pay back your loan, and pocket at least half. You have absolutely no idea what you are doing. You have benefited from a historical bull run. You will be the first person to lose everything the moment it stops along with 90% of biz.

I have gotten ads about crypterium ICO lately. It is a dividend type crypto.

it's more than that. i'm working on going back to grad school so i can become a prof. private sector wasn't for me, i need a three month vacation in the middle of my year.

who the fuck told you its going to be on binance

To answer your question user, The information is very useful and I'll have all the resources to not get buttfucked by the IRS and CPAs have a lot of opportunity. CPAs can basically work in any city they want and jobs will always be hiring. If I could make enough with crypto by next year then I probably won't pursue it.

I have 3 years to pay off my loan at 7% APR. i have no other debt and i'm young. 15k can be made back in a few months. why should i pay it all off right now? I think we are barely getting traction since normies barely got into crypto and 2018 is gonna grow even harder.

I'll consolidate to eth soon, thanks for the advice. I bought 3 gen0 ethermons when they were released and they gave me 3 eggs per ethermon, so I have 9 eggs + 3 gen0 ethermons. Im gonna be selling each egg and gen0 ethermon for minimum 10 ETH each since they are rare, similar to the cryptokitties hype, so that should give me at least 120 ETH if all goes accordingly

>telling the bank what you're using their fake fiat money for.


Gambler and lucker. Good job.

Are there any ICOs that accept burgerlanders?

yeah you should drop what you're doing and consolidate now

t. neet with no idea how anything works