XVG just added USDT pair on BITTREX


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wraith doesnt exist everyone knows this

It's almost hitting is all time high
we're gonna moon bro's

Do you even know what ATH means?`fucking brainlet

just sold

i looked at the 24h high
my bad

never mind... current ATH will soon be the history.

It’s here. Wraith is here

Yh that’s fake, it will be coming out b4 2018 though so chill

I bought mine at 300 sats
waiting for them to confirm wraith for easy gains

Have you looked on Github?

i'm in for a long hodl... the real hodl, not selling after a day, week or month. 6+ months

No actually its not fake: github.com/vergecurrency/VERGE/pulls

try clicking you dumb ass faggot

Wish I would have put in more. Was just getting into crypto when I found out about verge.

>checking altcoin's price in fiat

Same here

Yea I know. Newfag bla bla. It was one of my first trades

I just went all in with my life savings. Wish me luck bros

post transaction larping faggot

I bought 54000 worth which is like 10k. I'm poor as fuck.

Big walls there.