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bruh, I need 9k more vechain

neeto I forgot I bought 100k of these at 25 cents


I noticed this earlier and removed my sell orders at 25k.

It's funny because I had limit orders at 30 and 40K but I cancelled them. PBOC means an ETH level bull run in an environment with a lot more money.

We are talking 50 or 60 BILLION during the run at least if the PBOC partnership is confirmed. Like holy god damn.

But that would make me rich so I highly doubt it.

I mean I wouldn't even be concerned. Barclays and LVMH were hinted at yesterday on Telegram by a Vechain exec. This coin is gold. I've done more research on it than any other crypto and jesus I only wish I could buy more. They said that once the infrastructure for the city in china is established they are going to use it as a model for more. The value of having a piece of the pie in the worlds upcoming leader of the information age is priceless.

jk I larp'd I bought 10k at 25 cents and sold them at a loss

Comfy with my little 10k stack

What are your price predictions in a few months without PBOC. I'm only sitting on enough for the lowest node.

it's deleted now. Why ? Didn't have the chance to read it, was it believable ?

Pboc just activated QR scanning/NFC a couple days ago and the Vechain app just added NFC in thr update today.

Wish I could afford more. Really jealous that you got a node. I think end of month at bare minimum I see this going 2x. 3-5 dollars could be as early as tomorrow if the news is big enough. Longer term - q2-q3, I think we can start thinking about this being past $10 and up to $20 or more. These are conservative estimates. Sunny Lu is the man though and has overdelivered on every announcement and release so far. Notice they drop bombs like the atm announcement without hyping it up at all - anything they must hype has to be intergalactic.


It's basically the proximity of these two things happening and the similarity in their nature. However one could easily point out that China made a regulation or a gesture towards one and they simply complied with it.

don't fall for it

gee thanks user, i was just about to drop 0.3 btc into this

Comfiest coin to hodl. Most retards and newfags on this board don't have a brain to research projects and just invest in garbage.

Should I dump all my REQ to this? Fuuuck.

alright, shill it to me

I want to win the BMW I8 on binance

>Vitalik was whored out by Fenbushi capital to advise a bunch of people back in 2015
>VeChain was advised by Vitalik
>Vitalik saying he never invested in them is absolutely true and they never claimed he did
>This whole thing sprung up because some redittor started claiming the Vitalik invested in them

How desperate are you.

If true this will pay of my mortgage and I only own a few hundred.

I have 10k VET will I make it? I just got into crypto like 3 months ago and went all in on it and idk what to do

this has so much backing from fuckhuge corps in china, shit is in for a moon mission in the not too distant future

If youre not a weak handed bitch then.... yes you will make it

I don't think I've ever seen a moon mission so obvious before. They dropped one huge news after the other like it's nbd, I doubt they are going to underdeliver tomorrow.

fuck it, just went all in, let's see where it gets me

literally nothing. They have partnerships with DNV GL and PwC and other giant companies, have a contract for developing a smart city in china. Who cares about pedalik

I truly wish you the best of luck. I think it's going to go up but it will be a bumpy ride.

jk I larped again I went all in at a 1$ this will overtake NEOs market cap in 2018

Should I screencap this?

Announcement release = 1st big dump

Competition trading end = 2nd big dump

Good luck to everyone. this is a kamikaze move

only have 3500 of these so i hope this coin fails quite honestly

I bought 50k VET at 50 cents

I am LITERALLY going to be a multi millionaire off of this coin

Anyone jealous?

Jelly as fuck. I have like 200 VEN or so bought at 1.50. Good luck man.

Except they have many more announcements locked and loaded for january. I HOPE it dumps. And this competition is different because its just amount traded so people wont have any reason to dump because if they dont like the coin they wont be accumulating anyways.

Yes - it will.

holy shit:
>Conduct tracing and management regarding your assets or any operations with handheld terminals conveniently.

I have only 1k VEN gonna cashout when 1k VEN = 20 ETH

Been an early an investor. Still hodling. This is undervalued as fuck for what the project is and what it plans to do. If crypto every crashes, you can bet VEN will be there standing

Fake and gay. Already deleted

Unironically this is probably the best post to get started and familiarize yourself

If you got any questions that won't be answered there, I can answer as I've done extensive research and due diligence on this project.

Also to note, people are speculating that PBOC (Peoples bank of china) could be partnering with VEN. IMO these are unsubstantiated rumours. Big news is coming tomorrow but we'll see what that is then. Vechain has overdelivered every announcement so far.

Can someone explain what a VET token is? You can store it on MEW right?

Is there any downside to just leaving it all on binance for the foreseeable future?

I'm holding 75% in MEW (MEW shows VEN as VET due to rebranding). Rest on exchange to trade on swings to increase stack.


buy rumors
sell news

but you
buy news
sell low

Isn't it already parabolic by now?

even more parabolic !!!!

There was barely any money in it until now. We still have ways to go. If the link in 1st post comes true VEN will do 3x overnight.

I'm in since 9000 sat so, good then. Was about to sell just now but checking in on Veeky Forums first.

dont sell until end of january or when they release mainnet. wait until then. you'll regret it hard.

Thanks for the tip biz-user, appreciate it.

been following this project for a long time. strong hold for me. i think this can be 50 dollars end of year desu.

end of the year is in 2 days you mean end of 2018 I could see 20 or 30 for sure 50 maybe

yeah lol, if this hit 50 dollars in 2 days jesus christ that would be absolutely insane and unhealthy

Tomorrow definitely isn't the PBOC. It's mid to late January at the earliest.

Tomorrow is just going to be details about what you get from running nodes and more information about the economics of the token plus more roadmap.

It's a great announcement for people holding because of the information but it isn't likely to spike the price unless the node rewards are great and you need to lock your nodes down now.

I think we should expect some information about what the new app will be able to do. Sunny Lu just tweeted about it and seems pretty excited. I think we'll get more than what you described. Whether or not we get PBOC tomorrow doesn't matter to me. I think that if it doesn't come tomorrow there is a good chance of it coming in the future. Look at the current sell wall on Binance. That thing is unnatural. There is big, big, big stuff in store for this coin. They still have a bunch of partnerships wrapped up under NDAs that they can't disclose.

The update wasn't new though. It already existed in the android version and Apple finally let them do what they wanted now for the iOS version.

either way, I'm not worried. People seem to miss that Vechain is partnered with fucking China Unicom, the state telecommunications supplier. Also partnered with D.I.G. - largest importer of Wine in China. Everything points to widescale adoption. These sort of partnerships happening early only happen when massive stuff is in store.

Oh no doubt stuff is coming. I just don't see the whole QR code scanning thing as significant because it's just getting the different platforms on the same level.

I think the focus Sunny is placing on it deems it more significant than we think. Widespread adoption across IOS and Android being stressed by the CEO is significant. Big hints at what's to come in that article too. They article mentions that this will lead towards:

>"Conduct tracing and management regarding your assets or any operations with handheld terminals conveniently."

We also just got hints on Telegram that the wallet is going to be "more than just a wallet." Anyways, yeah I'm just very excited.

WE READY forr the mooooann f [email protected]#$R

Pls be true. Trex and bithumb. 10 dollars within 4 weeks.

>digital ownership
Does it have anything to do with this ?

They are basically partners with Barclays. True if big.

I'm sure it's just a coincidence

I also think it's a coincidence.

okay I see where this is going

barclays working on a supply chain too. This is probably "the huge news" as user said. This NWO coin is going to make me fucking rich.

They say its a partnership with an Israeli based startup.