Post your face when 1 REQ = $1






>mfw I realized that it only needs a 600-650M$ market cap to reach that price


I only have 10k. Can we push it to $10 instead?

>Already at 200 million

Comfiest hold for anyone else?

i doubt this coin can ever reach a dollar

fuck no but I've heard good things about it. Would love someone to shill me on it desu. I just bought in

you might actually be the most retarded degenerate on this board

hows its going to get to $1 when every pump gets sold off (like now)



>mfw Crippled is billions in market cap
>mfw Request is 10x better than that Jew token

Bought in for 10k. Everytime you start seeing tons of REQ posts on biz, it jumps by 30-50% in the next 72 hours. Ill take ny free money


>mfw 5b MC

i'm selling at 50 cents and never looking back

Could you then afford to buy a toilet pajeet?

white living in atlanta. just moving my gains to something with more potential for explosive growth after i 10x on this. REQ likely has a great future and i hope it gets adopted. i just won't be a part of it when it does.

what's up fellow atlantan. midtown here.

sup faggots, kirkwood here


do you realize this token could theoretically end up 100$+ and the roadmap is tightly packed?

i'm all in on REQ, but saying some dumb shit like that should get you banned.

paypal has a 90 billion marketcap so its theoretically definitly possible

$100 is possible in perhaps 3 years or more, which is centuries in crypto time, it if you want something to lock away for that much time, REQ is a good option.

That would be pretty shieeeet. when 1 req= 1000 dollars. That's when I'll smile.

>0.6 trillion marketcap

How did it get to $0.30 from $0.04 when every pump was sold off? Be patient.

If we aim for OMG's bullshit sticker market cap, that is equivalent to $1.50 per REQ and much more plausible in the next 1-3 months.


i should have bought when you faggots told me to last month



I agree with this. 1.50 is reasonable and likely.


oh shit, lets fucking go.

they have totally different use cases

>token burning


Can’t even make it to 40 cents


no, u

Yeah so?

*debt free face*


Yes. I had 13k but now I have only 9k because diversified portfolio little bit. Still I think I'm gonna make it if I hold those. REQ will be 20$ EOY 2018

I'll be a millionaire.


They're completely different my dude

> tfw I hold both


I'M FEELIN IT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!