Name one reason why I shouldn't dump Litecoin

>"Normies see it as the cheapest Coinbase coin"
>"Charlie Lee is honest! Good spokesperson"
>"Litecoin always acts this way!"

Is this really the best you've got?

Btc is gold
Ltc is silver
Doge is bronze

there is no good reason, get rid of it

This is what you should have been thinking when LTC was in the $50-60 range. There's no reason to hold it anymore.

bump. I am also holding large LTC bags from my mining days.

Yup I fucked up. Ah well..

Monero is green leaves

because it will be much more valuable in the future

is that what you wanted to hear?

i converted almost all of my LTC into ripple and I am enjoying the gains.

LTC is stale ATM, I think it will hover around 250 for a while and WONT get back to the 360 insanity it hit a few days ago.

feelz comfy mane

don't listen to this shit. tired of seeing people standing up for this useless garbage

Litecoin actually works. I bought it at $4s and it's turned out OK. Extend your timeline a bit. Stuff that actually works has value and LTC definitely works a lot better than BCH, which doesn't scale.

>Doge is bronze
Doge is joker

>the best coin for transferring between exchanges

I’ve dumped 2/3 of my stack today for FUN and am so much happier. Still keeping 10 because there might be something happening.

When Dogecoin outperforms your coin you know you have a problem.

LTC is a good coin

- easy access to fiat markets (CAN cash out)
- segwit & lightning network compatability (atomic swaps with bitcoin)
- fair, decentralized, old and reliable blockchain (never hard forked, no drama)
- "silver" to bitcoin's "gold" (boomer & normie appeal)
- deflationary (only 84 million LTC ever to exist)

That Forbes article from the other day specifically suggests LTC will be used as BTC's 2nd layer to help it scale, that prospect alone makes it worth holding.

>>Doge is bronze
>Doge is joker
I am still holding 30 mil doge.
It will have a steady growth and the triple in February. I am thinking above ath of 290 says. Even 400. That would make doge at 8 cents. 8 billion in current value.

It is plausible. It as attainable . It is your ticket.

Also...doge sucks ass do not trust strangers online

It's a universally accepted crypto that's tried and true. Cheap, fast and trusted. Fair distribution. Charlie Lee doesn't control price swings anymore with his autistic social media presence.

I'd keep holding, but that's just me.
(my cost basis is a mix of $4, $14, $40, $90)

The only reason you need is to accept you don't have the discipline it takes to hodl this kind of coin.
Guaranteed you'll miss the next moonings. Best of luck though

dump it user, i bet you will never regret it

dump those bags and buy ICX user

>tfw your old post turns into copypasta

thanks for the good feel brother

The last of the weak hands are getting shaken out, time to buckle up for launch

Leave Jeb Alone!!!!

This is what I think also. Weak hands are buying back at a loss or break even. Wait and you will be rewarded. Should go to $280 soon, then fast track to $330.