$130k gainz with stomach cancer

>be me
>22 years old
>almost graduated
>never worked
>never had my own house/apartment
>have a $130k stack from crypto
>just beginning to start my life as an adult
>gets stomach cancer
>20% survival rate
>70% are dead after 5 years

My life has just been being poor and going to school, I've never even traveled outside my own country.
And now I can't even enjoy my crypto gains.

What do I do with the time I have left? I'm probably dead in 3 to 36 months so tell me what to spend my $130k on.
I'm not sick yet, I have just been informed that I will start treatment in a few days.

P.S thanks for all the shitposts, it's been fun.
P.P.S buy xlm

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That sucks if you're not just shitposting.

hookers and blow - do every drug since it doesnt matter, and fuck hookers without condoms since it doesnt matter

i have a gf lol.
and drugs don't appeal me

go really risky with all your crypto money for the next 6 months

if you get rich as fuck, do literally whatever you want
if not, just kill yourself and take out someone bad with you

Well don't just fuckin give up retard, ur odds are probably better than u think since ur a young guy, just cash out like half and have some fun in the mean time

Hope you get better user.
Best to have some fun with your crytpo gains or leave it to family you actually like

problem is that i don't know how sick i'll become with my treatment.
it's a sad and slow death i think.

i just don't want to be rich and not being able to spend it

Thankfully, this life is simply a gift and even lived to the full extent is still like vapor in the wind. May God bless you and grant you healing, user.

have you been properly diagnosed by a doctor?

go full breaking bad and live your life to the fullest, you already have money anyways

go live some time in asia, spend some days visiting exotic countries, keep making money with crypto and then if your cancer cant be cured just kys when it becomes unbearable.

Travel. Try street food from all over. Get coffee on a whim from Italian cafe. River rafting Columbia etc. Get some thrill and you'll live forever.


Make the lambo meme come true. Get in a 2x really quick, but a lambo with your favorite coin on the hood

But the most depressing thing is that I've spent all my 22 years doing nothing, literally just spent my days in school for a degree that I never wanted.

My advice for you kids out there is to do what you wan't, don't try making your parents happy or stuff to fit in with your temporary friends

>P.P.S buy xlm

sad trajectory, stellar snake

We live each day on the edge of oblivion, embrace it. Do not succumb to fear and despair.

Younger people have higher survival rates and you have enough to afford pretty good health care.
You can win this, and when you're old sitting by the fire you'll be telling your grandkids about how crypto gave you a 2nd chance at life

What caused it? Were you drinking heavily?

You and your girlfriend can have an AMAZING 2 years with that money. Go travel and fuck around with it! Eat nice meals. Buy a tailored suit. Go to shows/concerts.

Yes, I am 100% that I am dying of cancer lol.
I'm thinking about not taking the treatment and just die somewhere where I am happy, you can do a lot of fun with 130k.

And breaking bad sounds nice.
Gonna do some brainstorming on that one.

Be hopeful, be open to a wide variety of treatments, and fight like hell. Know that you will survive this.
Look into offerings in Europe as well as America. Germany has a lot of treatments America doesn't tend to do.
In the day to day, focus, live in the moment, enjoy the little things, and cultivate inner peace, You are carving yourself out of marble, user. It will be painful and I'm truly sorry you are in this position. But the you that will emerge will be stronger, brighter, kinder, more alive than the you that you are leaving behind. It's okay to be afraid. It's okay to lean on your loved ones for emotional support. Just do not give up. You will get better. Know it. Taste it.

God bless you, user. Good luck.

how did you find out? were there clear symptoms?

Stop being a pussy. Drugs are awesome if you don't have to suffer to consequences which you don't, so go out there and try every shit you can.

Start thinking positive, you can beat cancer dude, fight for your life, don't go out like a pussy.

And honestly fuck the money, cash out and travel the world with your gf and make memories. There are so many beautiful places to explore, just do whatever you want if you're still strong, because cancer will fuck you up big time. There is no time left, enjoy your life because if cancer beats you and cease to exist forever, all the crypto gains in the world won't matter to you.

I’m very sorry to hear that OP.. where do you live? Get a 2nd and 3rd doctors opinion. Like another poster said though, you are young so survival rate will be in the higher spectrum for you. Also, post Blockfolio plz.

It started with regular stomach ache that turned into nausea almost every night, dropping several kg's in weight.

The doctors also mis-diagnosed me with gluten intolerance the first 6 months.

Good suggestions with the exception of not wearing a condom, that's fucking dumb. Imagine surviving cancer only to find you have HIV later on.

My suggestion is to use your crypto gains to have fun through as many different experiences as possible, but also to try to change life for the better, in some way, for some people (your choice who and how). I'd hate to leave this Earth knowing that I hadn't made a real and positive impact when I so easily could have.

Stay positive though user. You'll be okay.

>20% survival rate
wishing you the best user its not over

Stomach cancer is fucking horrible. If this isn't a LARP, I hope they caught it early. My aunt had it and out of the many cancers I've seen, it was by far the worst. Only ALS was a worse way to go.
I'd literally go out to eat and the nicest places I could find every night. I'd travel and eat the best everything in the world. Once you start treatment, eating liquids will be hell. I don't know what it looks like when it goes into remission, but I bet you'll still hate eating.
Take out as many small life insurance policies on yourself as possible. Leave it to gf or whatever.
If it's terminal, truly inoperable and everything, and pain is terrible, take yourself out to a secluded place and end it.

pass on your seed with your gf and give her some of the money to raise the child with

just make sure that your last stop is a country where euthanasia is legal so you can hire a dr to kill you gently and painlessly.

but seriously, keep making money and travel, enjoy your last few months/whatever you have left and leave on your own terms.

my father died of stomach cancer and i know how bad it can get, trust me user, i have seen it first hand.

will keep you in my thoughts

>I am going to die.
>I have a girlfriend so let me not have fun, marry her and give her my money before I die

Please don't do that. Stay with your girlfriend if the relationship is good, but for god's sake have fun. Travel a bit, enjoy wearing a nice suit like a successful man would. Go to a concert. There are a lot of things you should do before you die, so you have a taste of the good life.

Likewise, if you want to live on and leave a legacy. Die like a poor man but, pass on your genes (by having a son, having a daughter is like throwing your legacy away) and hand your son and girlfriend a trust with all of your assets so that they may live comfortably.

stop eating raw sushi you retard

Also this 100%

Stomach cancer's base emotion is that you cant 'digest' a traumatic and tough situation. You cant get through that. It eats you up from the inside. Could be in the family. Believe me or not I dont care, but I study on the psychosomatic origin of illness, such as MS (search for Marc Flechet).

Fly to France, meet this guy, ask him to help you for some money. Good luck bro You will start to learn to behave emotionally properly, at first it will be tough and confusing but hodl and you will understand.

Listen to this user.
Cancer survival rates are for old people with worn down bodies.
The deck is stacked against you, but you can beat this.

The symptoms were the same as gluten intolerance.
But the symptoms were still present after 6 months of avoiding gluten so I did another gastro with bloodwork and they could find that I had cancer.

Oh yea and this.

....so? you think your gf isnt gonna fuck another dude when youre dead? LuL

nice larp

mate dont go out like a puss lol. you can beat it easy. gl user

Hey brah, actual doctor here.
Sorry to hear the bad news. Most stomach cancers have bad prognoses unfortunately.
If I were you, I'd live life to the fullest.
Wake up early and go for a walk. Walk in the middle of the empty roads, and enjoy the sound of silence. Enjoy the gentle hum of the wind. Enjoy the crisp air filling your nostrils. Once you've had your fill, go to a good coffee shop, sit down and get yourself a cup of your favorite beverage and a pastry. Think about what you want to do in the next few weeks (not months because who knows how long you have before treatment of cancer take their toll on you).

I hope you are one of the lucky ones that make it.

>tfw finally a good thread on Veeky Forums

OP I would just use your money to have the best days of your remaining life. Or look for alternative treatment that isn't going to slowly kill you, if that can't happen then fuck it all and do whatever you've always wanted to do. The world is yours for a year if you have a stack like that.


fight it user. make everything you can to survive.

They misdiagnosed me at first so I went 6 months without any treatment, and my symptoms came 9 months ago.

Thank you user.

Thank you.

I hope so.

% survival rate
Some people should simply start thinking positive. You will be fine.

>tfw theres a cancer inside you

Also I wish you the best user. Stomach cancer is nasty. Killed my uncle in 3 months, he passed out on his motorcycle and fucked himself up pretty good, went to the hospital where he was diagnosed and he never left that hospital. I know its a horrible story to tell somebody in your position but if you want to live you need to do it now.

Drink wheat grass juice

>>gets stomach cancer

What using crypto to get rich worth it?

how far is 9 months of no treatment in terms of stages?

you don't want drugs and you have a gf
other than drugs hookers and travelling, idk what you're expecting anyone to tell you?
If you don't even have any dreams of badass thibgs to do with money then just go to the grand canyon, it's amazing and I assure you that you can share at it all day long and not get bored

Just try this alternative Medicine Things that Vegans recommend and also look into Cannabis Oil treatment.


Do you mean was?

It was fun, it still is lolol.

Dude what the hell. Come on now. Cancer is not caused by a tough situation that you don’t know how to deal with emotionally.

Kill yourself you scam peddling pajeet

Literally the worst of all human scum attempting to prey on the sickly

Nice id bender

wow user i'm sorry. Sometimes i don't know whether I'm more afraid of getting cancer in my 20s or becoming old without dying early and dying realizing I wasted my life; I suspect either sucks. good luck friend

>Asks how to live his life to the fullest for his last months
>Wont try drugs and fuck as many bitches as he can

Are you trying to die a boring fuck? Or would you rather go as the guy who lived his life to the fullest in his last moments?

Who the fuck has 130k just to blow. OP go out with a bang, please.

Also, OP, please don't spend any money on this alternative medicine bullshit.

You either try aggressive medical therapy with chemo or you don't do anything and go out on your own terms.

People here have had experience with relatives having stomach cancer, and it's one of the most aggressive cancers out there. You either seek professional help or you don't. Fuck these retards on Veeky Forums shilling their herbs like ICO's.

Would you have a son/daughter before you die? Is your girlfriend willing to do that if you leave her a nice chunk of money to get by? Just curious

Spend your money TRYING TO TREAT THE CANCER YOU FUCK. Do EVERYTHING you can to beat that piece of shit into the ground. You can't go around acting like you're already fucking dead. Be strong. Fight that shit with all you can. Be that 20%.

>implying drugs and whores are the only worthwhile things to do when you're dying

Good post.

OP I wish you the best. Hope you make it, but bring on some rock and roll to your life. Travel, eat, fuck hookers, do drugs. Whatever money you end up with at the end donate to your favourite charity.

Godspeed, user. I don't know you but I love you.

Enjoy the fuck out of life. You can do a whole lot with $130k. Maybe consider spending a couple of weeks in Thailand fucking hookers all day and doing opium.

man, hookers and drugs are fun for 2 days lol.
however, i always wanted to try psycadelics.

never believed in alternative medecine.
i'm lucky that treatment in my country is free.

Buy $VEW coin

what the fuck are you talking about

useless cunt

where are you from?
have you ever taken any form of psychedelica or dissociativa ?

Naturopath here, op. Stomach cancer is generally caused by long term H. pylori infection or some sort of upper gut infection. Treat the overgrowth, change your diet (most upper gut cancers feed off of L-glutamine so Gerson Therapy may help, eat organic food, if you do get worse on Gerson, then the cancer feeds off of carbs, go heavy keto instead), try to increase vitamin D from the sun (if you cannot because of where you live, fly to someplace where you can, beaches can heal), look into Kelley therapy, ground yourself, limit EMF, take some potassium iodine in high amounts, zinc carnosine may protect your stomach tissue, and look into Rife therapy. Of course run this all by your doctor. Good luck. FYG JB

How did you find out you have stomach cancer?

i've only had my gf for 1 year, doubt that she wants to have kids just because i'm dying.
i will not give away my money, i earned it and i will spend them before i die. my parents and friends think that i've only made around $20k.

Whatever happens, remember that life is just a transitory experience. We're all moving from one journey to the next.

Try shrooms

i'm happy you are dying. i hope you suffer.


Stay as strong as you can user.

Sell your shit, travel in the country you like, rent a car, sleep in nice hotels, bang some bitches.

You will have fun but realise after a few weeks that even with money, life sucks.
You'll go with a light spirit.

Go for a plant based diet. Know cancer survivors that are here today thanks to it.

One thing I forgot that someone had mentioned above OP is Rick Simpson oil, great stuff. FYG JB

Stupidest thing i've ever read. Vitamins and changed diet will not treat my cancer.

had the same symptoms as gluten intolerance (nausea after every meal, bad apetite, weight loss, stomach ache, difficult to swallow etc), and they told me after the 2nd time i was there that it was in fact cancer.

You're in your early twenties, beat the shit out of this thing, of the 80% of people who died in 5 years most of them were old as fuck.
Do the treatments, do every scan you can, for fucks sake sue the fuck out of that doctor

OP how does it feel to get JUST'ed right now?

If you wanna stay over, I've got an empty island house in Greece. Go there and see if the sun and beach can help you

that hurt

7 year cancer survivor here user, there is always hope.

OP can i ask you how did they find out ? what were the symptoms ? did you start throwing up alot or what ? how did you know there was something wrong ?
or they just happen to diagnose it on check up ?
what i would do is try to most fun things in this life. like atleast rent a lambo or something travel with your gf. eat best food etc

Only impregnate her if she doesn't know you have cancer, that way it'll be a happy accident

Cryo? Freeze yourself and be woken up in 2200.

>(nausea after every meal, bad apetite, weight loss, stomach ache, difficult to swallow

Interesting, the same symptoms of H. pylori, but I guess I do not know shit. ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC2952980/, good luck, you wont pass five years, truly a pitty.

thank you man, it really means a lot when reading post like that.

i had the same symptoms that gluten intolerance people have.

Try psychedelics you can mentally beat this

come see me in canada, ill give you home and try to get you free healtcare

godspeed user

enjoy life to the fullest

Doctors (more than 1) told me that I had cancer. I trust a doctor more than some user on Veeky Forums.

Aussie yeah? How great is Medicare/pbs *shaka*

I am not some user, if you want to reach out to me for some true advice and this is what you are suffering from, then let me know, if not stay ignorant. You have cancer but the underlying cause for most gastric cancer is virulent form of H. pylori.

If you have been eating healthy and have an healthy lifestyle I wish you the best, if you haven't been eating nothing but shit sugary food and follow an unhealthy lifestyle I ask you, what did you think would happen?

Cash 30k, rent an house, get yourself every lust you desire.


>Start ketogenic diet
>Add anti inflamattory supplements
>Start fasting
>Start supplementing 10g per day of liposomal vitamin C

Good luck

jesus christ user
i really hope your treatment goes well
sounds like you found it early so it should have more chance of sucess
please do the most agressive treatment you can first, don't try things that are considered "alternatives" but are less potent then either chemo or surgery

my mother died from cervix cancer 2 months ago, she tried radiation treatment first which did reduce the cancer, but it came back a year later, then she tried herbal things and alternative diets, but in the end she had to get a stoma AND chemo, which destroyed her insides further
she then passed half a year later after getting chemo

i don't mean to scare you, i just want to give you advice
you must fight it with everything you've got as soon as you can
try to have a better diet too
i really hope this helps, getting cancer in my 20's is a great fear of mine

My grandfather and one aunt died of stomach cancer. It was a horrible and painful death. You should spare yourself the agony, when you feel the time has come better swallow some sleeping pills, and dont forget to get a notarized do not resuscitate note.

Best of luck cuck, we all have to die.

Good basic advice.