This coin is a GUARANTEED 10x. Why the fuck haven't you invested in it yet?


I have 11 icx
I hope it moons

Some people don't like money.

When 10x bub

We don't need threads for more exposure. This is a self running gold mine and everyone knows it. People are busy chasing PnDs and we are sitting comfy in our gem

By the time it 10x next February I already made 100x somewhere else.

i'll be back to icx after i'm done with xlm

Good luck. Please come back in 2months and tell us how your mission went.

>they don't know that on jan 2 the crypto self regulations will be notified

The e w what?

>He doesn't comprehend that the self regulation of the 14 btc exchanges is a good thing.
Bullish af

im 50/50 in ICX and VEN
should I put more in ICX?


im gunna buy wanchain instead ty

are you going to buy rite away when it hits an exchange or wait for a dip?

I'm 60/40 ICX/VEN right now. VEN is REALLY cheap and will rocket soon. When it does I will probably sell a few VEN and put more into ICX provided that ICX doesn't blow up by then. I believe ICX has the potential to reach $40+ EOY 2018, and perhaps even $100+ in 2 years or so.

So to answer your question, yes.

whats your target to sell VEN?

tough question. ill have to see what the price is once on exchanges and then calculate how much the coin mooned since ICO. then determine if people wanna dump bags or not. it was 6.8 eth individual limit during ICO so the only big holders are whales and people with multiple KYC accounts. i might put in half my stack as soon as its on echanges then put the rest in during a dip. if it never dips then ill have to buy at a higher price. its the risk we need to take if we missed ICO

wanchain sucks tho
good luck

wt is ico price ? circ supply?

im 50/50 icx and monero

the patricians choice

Literally same lol

It was 70/30 but I balanced it since icx has already mooned

Never sell VEN below 10$.

it could very easily 6x or more by feb.This hasnt even started yet in terms of total marketcap.

So could ven. Decisions decisions.

Not gonna make it

I have 204 ICX, will I be ok?

actually have 2.000 mil cap.

You are a retard? how this shitcoin take 20.000 mil cap?

DYOR, stupid pajeet.

so damn comfy