Hey guys, I'm going to tell you once and for all what's happening. So listen 'ere

Hey guys, I'm going to tell you once and for all what's happening. So listen 'ere.

As soon as BNTY was found out by the whalelords 2 days ago, they've been manipulating the market on KuCoin to crash BNTY and accumulate more.

Why? This is the easiest moon ride of 2018. It's got a working platform, it's got a unique value to the blockchain space, and it's incredibly low marketcap. The coins in circulation were pretty evenly spread, unlike most ICOs which shit out a billion tokens to the early whales - This is why whales are trying to accumulate the coin by artificially throwing around huge sell walls, letting the coin mini-crash, and then scooping up all the cheap sell orders.

Don't play their game.

You've been warned. I'll see you at the moon in 2018, partner.

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this is a lambo gamble of an chance. see yeah on the moonbase

tldr BNTY is a shitcoin. Buy something with fundementals user and don't get duped by this ponzi coin

If you don't believe in it, that's fine. Go buy something else, buddy.

I actually did and you probably bought my bags user

some people can't hold for longer than a fucking day. as soon as something leaves the initial pnd phase it's suddenly trash to them.

I got in at $0.11. I could easily sell at a profit right now but I believe in this long term. C ya when you FOMO back in at $50M market cap.

It just released and it already has a working product. This is a freakin unicorn in the crypto space. Anybody who wants to argue with the facts is fudding.

They will wake up soon

SIX COMPANIES are already confirmed to be using their current platform soon.

FURTHERMORE, it could be the next Fiverr/Upwork but crypto:
If you look on the website, there's a load of categories getting added that aren't developer specific already like article writing and social media stuff. I think they say that they want to be a freelance platform for businesses too: alpha.bounty0x.io/bounties


So when it's going up hard just sell, then buy

ez win

That's exactly what I had in mind, the Fiverr of crypto. This is going to be fucking HUGE in 1-2 years if the team can market it properly.

Whale here.

It's time.

Looks like we got a rid of all the weak hands.

Next stop, $1.

I bought 8800 BNTY at $0.11. Am I going to make it? Or will it merely provide me with a better springboard for my current £750 portfolio?

The team also confirmed they were working on a new version of their website that'll be more polished and sleek, releasing soon

You're going to make it, user. Hold until at least $1. Sell half at that point and invest in other things.

Thank you, user, that's solid advice. How much would you advise selling for other investments?

Don't speedread in this business, cowboy.

I need to work on my reading comprehension. You said to sell half.

Post delay prevented me from admitting my mistake before someone else could pick me up on it! I'll stop speed-reading - don't want to lose money.

Let the dumping begin.

Good to read this. Got 4000 at $0.09 and thought I was only gonna do a 2x return....

This bag is already heavy. Was tempted at 40%, but this is my next big moon