I swear to fuck, I'm selling these stupid Litecoins

>In before "hurr Durr, you bought at $400"
>"$1500 by EOY" (2035)
Try $26, I've had these stupid motherfucking coins since the spring and while everything is mooning, they only decide to blast a cum rocket to Saturn to only be bleeding out back to hell's depths. 3/4ths of my portfolio always going up, but what does Litecoin do everyday? Down 2%.
Stinky Linkies are having better gains holding from now own than LiddleCoin.

I bought a bunch at 37$ sold them at 80...ya dig good for you for holding..

Think fundamentals. Why would LTC go up in price ? Would you use it rather than ETH ?

>LTC up 2000+% in a year

>OP and his weak hands FUD

Go ahead and sell at the low like a dumb fuck.

LTC has never been a moon coin, it just gets dragged along for the ride once a year


Abandon ship and come to the Dark side, XRB is waiting for you. It accomplishes what LTC wants but in a much better way.
>inb4 hur dur pajeet pnd.
Do it or stay poor.


Well this shit is wrong as fuck.

ignore it then

Litecoin's fiat value is down because Bitcoin's fiat value is down.



>muh arbitrary numbers


Trust me I sold LTC too when I thought it was dying, guess what, a few days later it fucking quadruples. Lesson learned: DON'T SELL YOUR LTC

In since 31 and 48.
What the fuck is happening.
This is some faggetey right here seeing cripple dominate my ltc.

I hope your happy Charlie you stupid cunt.

I wasn't even selling my LTC, I was just using it to move money into some other shit and was going to rebuy LTC right after. The fucking moon mission happens to hit right then while waiting to rebuy. Seriously, fuck this game sometimes.

you wouldn't

Who pulled these numbers out of their ass?

I laughed

Did you just pass your MS Excel exam, user?