Your main two cryptos are mooning

>your main two cryptos are mooning

Who /xrpxlm/ here

Hey brother

Link and req aren't mooning sorry.

24k XLM


xrp xlm eth here.C-Can i join?

your situation is the same as I.

Those are the two coins I own and they are doing nicely.

>tfw started trading crypto this week

Feels good.

What price did you get in & do you regret not getting in earlier?

Just xlm

bring down those fake walls

Got in on .208 cent dip couple of days ago, abso-fucking-lutely.

This is going to be much more valuable the ripple, mark my fucking words user. GET IN NOW.

Im exiting ripple when it passes bitcoin in marketcap

why the fuck are you in xrp/eth? sell both and buy etc. trust me, it's going to skyrocket.

Will be too late by then. At the very least set up some tiered stop-losses at least a few support levels behind that cap.

Xrp Trx here

bro I've been telling people for weeks

obvious choice if you look for 5 minutes

700 xrp in at .23 cents /comfy/

150 xrp in at 2.10

I wish I found out about ripple earlier

Thinking of dumping another $300 in XLM, is this a good idea?

Yeah bro, just need lil boi ICX in on the party

Also Qlink and UTK on Kucoin, the newest members of my comfy family

yeah I got stop losses out the ass on my crypto, im not that dumb

11/10 best image of the day.

2700 XLM at .12 cents and 800 XRP at .21 cents. Take me to the moon Jesus


Recommend buying icx now?

I'm all in SALT and getting fucking worried

no keep going :^)
sold off my salt after i realized i was getting jeet'ed and put it into XLM last night

Like a senpai

XRP is the superior coin, when I bought in at .23 cents all I heard was doubt and shit like “that shit coin hasnt moved..” etc, my advice dont listen to ppl who talk mad shit about a coin with a legit purpose, ripples goin to the moon user, XRP AT $5.00 NEXT MONTH SCREEN SHOT THIS.

tfw 220 XLM, 65 XRP

If one of them hits cuckbase, im a made man god damn it. It may not be a million but im content with the potential gains, gonna hold


My coins never moon. Nothing that I buy ever goes up.

I sold my XRP share,

stahp making fun of me

Heard rumors of february for xrp on coinbase, also heard some rumblings about BAT getting on there

>it's just going and going

I fucking knew I should have put more in. Now I fear fomo buying and a correction. I'm about 50/50 XLM XRP