Best privacy coin?

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COLX...don't sleep on it

There is only one actually. It is Monero.

ZenCash if we're being honest

an unknown amount of monero

seriously monero is the king of privacy

What about NAV, ENG?

BCTP after ZCL fork

Monero, no-brainer.


No one XSPEC? So many missing the moon mission, SAD.

ENG if you're looking long term.

ColX will run the darknet

best usable privacy Monero
Aeon if you want eggy monero

other privacy coin is just pump and dump, and muh gain

bulwark or maybe deeponion

this. The only people hating on it are monero cunts. The colx site (as well as the ONLY exchange it's currently listed on) was recently ddosed too. hmmmmmmm I wonder why someone would've wanted to do that

why are Veeky Forumsraelis shilling monero so hard?

bitcoin private/monero

I'd say Zcash and Monero but Zclassic/Bitcoin Private is a much, much better fork of Zcash (no founder's fee)

So Zcash/Bitcoin Private and Monero, definitely.


It's easy to mine and has applications that have GUIs that noobs can understand, a $250 graphics card can mine $30+ a week X 4+ cards is $120 weekly but if it goes up by 500% in a year or 2 then thats $500 weekly if held as an investment as most miners do
Moreno is honestly the best privacy coin tho

A number of pricavy coins will do well. But komodo is the only coin with a built in dex capable of atomic swaps. Its going to be a privacy exchange. Your welcome.

Next moonshot privacy coin, just breached top 100 in marketcap


also monero is cool

>a $250 graphics card can mine $30+ a week
Absolute bollocks

>Monero transaction fees already over $10 even though it is barely used outside of dark markets
Don't want to FUD but what will the devs do about this?

People will shit on Monero the same say they shit all over Bitcoin for the technology, and they're right, but it's still the fucking king of privacy coins.

Although Monero is the most anonymous, Zcash only shows a transaction occurred, not who did it or how much.

I still think Zcash is the better Crypto from an accounting POV.

It's still 100% private.


Which coin has the actual privacy of monero but won't scale like shit when it's gets big enough? People want to be able to afford to spend it, cheap and fast transactions are as important as privacy here.



AEON, very undervalued

COLX is getting DNM support.

This will be the one to watch. 20 cents by March.

It's not though. If you use the wallet and send with the lowest priority, it's only like $1 and gets processed just as fast.

Plus, bulletproofs (most likely coming in march) are supposed to greatly reduce the size of transactions and in turn allow lower fees.

XSPEC is definitely the best privacy coin with the most potential. Look at its market cap.

Spectrecoin (XSPEC) is the premier privacy-focused cryptocurrency, featuring an energy-efficient proof-of-stake algorithm providing fast transaction confirmations, a fully integrated Tor+OBFS4 layer for network privacy and ring signatures for transaction privacy.

Lots of hype on telegram, and discord. I predict this will 4x in the next few days as they have major news.

also ZKP in january

XVG. buy now before wraith announced in 1 days time.

monero is the best coin of all, but imo zcash will yield better short term gains

AEON will absolutely explode also, when the rebase comes. Look for AEON to be the LTC to XMR's BTC.

It's a long hold though. You'll miss a lot of moon missions in the meantime, but definitely keep some in the stash.

Actually it seems like monero will scale fairly well. It uses an adjustable blocksize that automatically scales when there's too many transactions that don't fit into the default block size.


XVG as monero is going to be playing catch up once xvg's ledger switching tech comes out. Monero is leaking IP's like a sieve.

Average transaction fee on December 21st: 20 USD
wow such scaling

This. Is future proofed in terms of scaling and is one of the only truly private coins.

I 2nd Xspec best tech by far Big 2018 ahead.

Particl. They have the right idea when almost everything else is just used to facilitate criminality.

As of now I am looking at over 300x return on my initial investment and it's just going to keep going up.

AEON, moon mission imminent

This also, got in at 28sat. Finally I’m gonna make some huge gains my god. I should’ve gone for the low mkt cap coins earlier.


This, but don't tell anyone

The problem is that most online exchanges & wallets don't let you choose your transaction priority. The default transaction price is fairly high, but the lowest priority (what you should be using) is about a dollar.

Plus, bulletproofs (coming soon) should reduce transaction fees greatly.

When people realize that to have privacy, you need security, they will flood into QRL. For those you don't know, QRL is the first and only real Quantum Proof Cryptocurrency, and in a few years when Quantum Computers do exist, all coins will be dead except this one. Get a nice little stash before New Years. Thank me later!

SpectreCoin is the next big privacy coin. Whales are accumulating it for cheap. Look at the market cap. It will double to triple easily in a week.

One of the best coins but isn't shilled here is Blackcoin. I just wish they'd rebrand because the name sounds like tokens to buy KFC.


SpectreCoin (xspec) was created late 2016 in a genesis transaction with 95% of the 20 million XSPEC supply going to investors in it's ico. As of August 2017, the ICOSTATS website ranks SpectreCoin as one of the best performing ICOs in history only behind some older and better “known” coins.

SpectreCoin features an energy-efficient proof-of-stake algorithm providing fast transaction confirmations and a fully integrated TOR+OBFS4 layer for network privacy almost anywhere in the world. Under the radar and approaching it's one year anniversary the community believed it was time for a new thread to update and present SpectreCoin to more potential users.

Spectrecoin’s Roadmap prioritises privacy, security, and true decentralisation like no other coin in crypto-currency today. And the SpectreProject will further refine the desktop clients and add innovative features to the project such as low-power mobile wallet staking in the upcoming Android wallet.