Ripple at 2.28

What color are you going to pick? I thought about a nice ripple blue maybe?

White is right

Chain white with Link blue stripes

My son, if you hodl ripple long enough you can get all four easily.

yellow is the only good color for a lambo
its equal to the red of a ferrari

Ripple going to $3 tonight .

I give it 4 hours (Korea loves this time to pump a la BCH)

I always associated that lime green with lambos.
Not that I would get one like that

How much are you all holding?

Unironically 100k

This. The white actually looks good too, but I think for white I'd rather get a GTR.

a loud car needs a loud color

Almost at 2.40

Lmao you guys are likely ugly as fuck. If you drove a car like that, people would laugh at you as soon as you stepped out. Bitches would sweet talk you for $$$ then ditch you after a few months.

Stick to things that matter, like drugs, hookers, vacations, nice homes, and expensive food...not a fucking Lambo.

White should be for Audi R8

2.50 i mean. Kek. Binance crashed i think

ooooooh boi

Someone here didnt buy ripple


Probably silver, it has the best resell value and reflects most of the hot summer sun reducing AC energy consumption.

I didnt :(

lambos are so disgusting only pajeets and arabs like them. if you wanna be flashy buy a ferrari 488, otherwize buy a 911

I'm going to buy a huge lifted truck and tailgate everyone in town.

Unironically making my 80's camaro perfect like this if I make enough.

Only like 130 here. I just got started with this stuff. Bought xrp at pile $1.20 though so I'm not complaining.

Made some stupid decisions when I first started trading but my $320 is worth like $450

I sold my ripple yesterday at like 1.20 and woke up to it at 2.10

I just wish I had actual money to invest. Oh well

What the fuck is that abomination?!

to all the scammy ass pajeets who support this bankster scam coin