So there is a ton of people asking what the next Ripple will be. I mean in terms of what the normies will flock to next

So there is a ton of people asking what the next Ripple will be. I mean in terms of what the normies will flock to next.
I'm sure it's gonna be Zclassic because once they hear its a Bitcoin associated fork even though its just 1:1 Bitcoin they will buy up for the free coin expecting it it hit levels like Bcash and Bgold

Not saying it's the best tech, but next coin normies will swarm

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bump, and will everyone hold for the fork?

This is the closest thing to a sure fire 300% as there is. I'm done accumulating so I'm happy to let others know.

It's just simple math.

thats why i bought 100 of them.

Been buying the dip all day with that fresh paycheck :)

well that makes 4

IMO I think that normies will flock to IOTA at some point.

Internet of Things is a HUGE buzzword and growing at a high rate. It also has a new "tangle" technology which can be a buzzword to excite normies.

Also, I think the people who run IOTA are somewhat SJW/Cuck and this could appeal to a lot of non-typical crpyto investors (aka normies).

Not sure if the Tech behind Iota will end up taking off, but the idea will certainly catch headlines and get people investing again relatively soon. Might be the next big normie wave.

Normies going for XRB/RaiBlocks homie.

ive been keeping an eye on it, needs better media buzz for the Bay Area SJW crowd

can they even buy them on regular exchanges yet? buy exchange

Like normies are on fucking bitgrail. kek

although if it does hit big one's it would be a good buy, but we dont know if it will

It's risky, but I allocated 20% of my portfolio to ZCL in case it forks.

Do I have to buy this shitcoin on bittrex?

Why is this being dumped so hard?

Yes but look how many coins are left in sell orders. Going down and down, its half of what it was last night

more like correction, its been on blastoff for awhile

up 100k in 5 minutes wew

dude.. just saw it go up 15 bucks.. im in with you guys lets goooo

Evey alt flash crashed just now, great opportunity to buy from weak hand.

Next down the list for normies is TRX. Let me explain why. Normies get mad when you say Pluto isnt a planet. Why? Because Pluto was Mickey Mouses dog. Tron is a name that people recognize.

Call me a retard, but I put 100% in here 5 days ago and I’m not selling.

Zcl plus the fork is the penultimate with the coming fork.

>tfw money left in bank is for paying tuition and cc bills
Sad to be sucking on my fingers wanting to buy at 50k satoshi

i fucking hope so, holding Mcbag at 0.00030....

Is the only place to get ZCL Bittrex?

I bought in at 80, fuck me, someone tell me it's gonna be okay. And I don't think normies will flock to this coin like some of you assume. Like they know or care about what a fork is.

Chillout, dont weak hand now, everybody sees that this will be $$, whales trying to get the little man to drop his shit so they can accumulate.
Dont be the weak little man and let yourself get cucked.

like they did not get intrigued when they saw BCC on coinbase? Not saying they bought BCC but they deff learned forks included free coins

and when have you ever seen a bitcoin affiliated coin not be worth way more when released... every time in history

i got mine on cryptopia


Cryptopia has a garbage interface and not stop loss, but they have zlc, so I'm is

non stop loss?
oh no stop loss..

Looks like it's making another rally after the correction. $150 by tomorrow?

Got mine at Cryptopia as well. I'm in the progress of working out how to run my own zclassic node to store my own ZCL coins before Cryptopia explodes with trading activity and delays lol.

Is it true that bittrex will participate in the fork??