not again

hope you all diversified before the dip

multicryptolism is our strength!

Fuck btc get in the gutter where u belong and out of the fucking news

Ripple is taking over.

it is not too late. linkies and other stinkies, cast off your shackles. join the GLORIOUS RIPPLE revolutions, and join us as we PURGE the foul STENCH of BITCOINfrom the BURDENED crypto masses.

If it stays above the red slanted line on the bottom,we will be fine.

If it drops below it, it would be a crash.

If it keeps going up and down in that wedge, expect to explode when it gets squeezed in the wedge.

Ripple literally is the shackles, I can't believe this shit.

> believe me I'm senior technical anal at Goldman Duvks

>my ripple market cap

Salty BTCoiners btfo, larping as if you know anything ends here kek.


yeah i got just'd today
realized losses: 40k+
unrealized losses 300k+

You were the first thing I thought about when BTC dropped. Sorry user


What were you all in


I just started this shit a week before the first Btc crash, imagine how i feel

mexican meme lines. told you so. eww

yikes, hope you don't have realize the rest broscaleen

Where's the pleasure.

whats going to happen when ripple starts tanking?

it happens, could have been a lot worse without stoplosses
no just my btc exposure from the past couple days was higher than i would have liked. Got greedy and rebought in around 13.8k and never sold again

I fear that it won't. Crippling bitcoin via Blockstream to cause communal in fighting to push their own centralized payment system was the plan all along. LN was a distraction.

It wont for a while. Ripple wants to take all your BTC and Eth first. Probably will keep climbing for a whole year.

*pops loudly*

Are there really people stupid enough to hold still bitcoins?

oh wow its going down again wow no way i taught it would go to 100k this time who would have thought wow i guess this is the crash guys no

Requesting salty Reddit tears

Looks like someone cashed out to buy a house or something LULZ

This is the worrying part. Who exactly is accumulating all of the btc and eth being dumped into xrp? Most people hodling.

Ripple is NOT decentralized and backed by banks. Hmmm...

self fulfilling prophecy