Any of these worth checking out?

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I've got a really amazing ico i found coming up soon


what is it?

Shhhhh im not done accumulating

No, post a throwaway email and i'll send it in a few days. I don't want biz getting their grubby hands all over it

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thanks lad

Could I get a CC on it?
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When this secretive fuck tells you what ICO he's talking about, do the rest of us a solid and just fucking post it here jesus fucking christ why do we have to send this insider-acting asshat our email?

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Anybody on this

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Are you feeling okay today mate?

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dunno if that's what our sneaky salesman is talking about here, but thx.

Quiet, woman. I don't like vague fuckers wasting my damn time.

Graft is the only one that isn't shit tier, and it's not great.

Regardless of what he emails, It's bloom lads

Good guess to me. This weird insider nigger is one step away from shilling discord links.

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>wasting time
>shitposting on Veeky Forums
You really shot yourself in the foot there buddy.

God you sound like a fucking woman.

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I put 100$ into this.

Should I buy in? What do you see it reaching


I've heard bazinga coin is a solid

I've stopped buying released coins and just spend my money on promising ICO's. Crypto is so fucking stupid atm that any shitcoin with a half-decent future jumps up 400%- 500% then "crashes" down to 200% on it's first day of exchange. I usually sell 30% then hodl the rest. Get on LHToken user. I've already thrown a disgusting amount of ETH at this. It’s an already established and profitable business, guaranteeing 20% annually, monthly ETH dividends. You can even use it yourself to invest in forex if that sort of thing gets you hard. Top 100 by EOY 2018 no doubt.

No, i'm a noob at the markets, but I believe in the use-case for Blume. I think the market for lending, banking, credit and ect will be huge for cryptos. I'm thinking of putting another 100$ into SALT as well.

If there is a crypto for insurance I would invest in that too.

Bloomanon here. I put $100 in. Warning: no real exchanges (except for Radar Relay) have picked it up so it may be a while before it is traded. I see it 5xing, but i am exiting asap. Team looks solid and all, but products like these have too broad a vision with far too strtched out timelines,.

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thanks user. I will hook you up if you are right and its not on my list

So you think their goal is not focused enough? Isn't it just credit scores and maybe loans?

It would take a long time for a meaningful amount of people to use that kinda shit

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Bottom line, this is NOT a long hold. It will be a long ass time before they release a product. Take advantage of the hype and sell out once this thing lists. Also a note: when you participate in this ICO, do not use an exchange wallet, you will not recieve the BLT tokens. You need to use a service like MyEtherWallet.

Yeah I am using MEW.

Thanks, I better look into opening an account on one of the participating exchanges then. Probably will invest back into again if they get the service up and running successfully.

SQIRT is going to be big. Dethroning camgirl industry and putting more money in their pockets. Massive potential IMO. Gonna get that ICO for sure