If you guys missed the Etheremon gold rush there’s now a new game with tanks!

If you guys missed the Etheremon gold rush there’s now a new game with tanks!

Same dividend structure as Etheremons, the more people that buy your tank the more your tank earns and appreciates in value! Battles and marketplace to be released soon!


>Battles and marketplace to be released soon!
gee this doesn't sound familiar at all

Get in now before it’s too late, don’t be like the people who sat on the sidelines and watched etheremon blow up lmao

When did this get released?

Like 15 minutes ago lol

i dont know about this one. how do we feel biz?

we gonna do this shit or what biz?

The Koreans love world of tanks, watch this shit blow sky high

so how does it work?

Fuck it I'm in, They're what, $10?

just got in lmao, if you look at the smart contract we are literally the first wave

Sounds like a ponzi. Just pkay etheremon.

Looks fucking retarded, and no draw for the azn markets. Enjoy your bags.


how does it work? how does more people buy your tank? if they buy it, then you lose your tank right? wtf

Biz never learns... if you make it they will come no matter how retarded it looks lmao

Price goes up by 1 unit of dividend whenever someone buys tank, and that extra value is transferred to you

pajeet pls

dude right?
what a fucking pajeet
so sick of these people on here

its literally just OP trying to duplicate the ponzi (since removed) part of etheremon

he's never going to add battles.

this literally is just a scam

Look at the smart contract, this rocket ship is going to moon with or without you

check out these dubs

Literally everyone is talking about BZC right now faggot.

This board has IDs you desperate scammer

fuck anyone wanna send a poor white boy some eth for my gas fees so i can buy the cheapo one.

only got .02 in my mew

eth address

I won't be near a desktop for a few weeks, any way to do this via mobile (cellphone or tablet)? Metamask doesn't seem to work on those.

I made crazy ETH off the ponzi part of Etheremon though. If this got posted here first and spreads around to other places, those who get in now could make a lot. I hope they do plan to make a legitimate game of it though.

Buy the cute little LT-1 boys. Make that shit rain.

Looks way too scammy compared to Etheremon.

Fuck this. I'm keeping my shekels.

First one in the pyramid scheme boys