>I actually count the .5 like it fucking matters

I cry whenever I see a 6"4 lanklet fag, why would a girl ever want a fucking manlet when she can have a tall Veeky Forums chad, whats the point in even being fit if you're a fucking manlet. You go out with your girl and she's all happy then some tall chad walks past and you see the disappointment in her face as she see's what she's missing, ITS NOT FUCKING FAIR

Truuuuu doe

Or you could not give a fuck a be less feminine worrying about appeareances like a fucking bitch that you are. And this coming from a 5'9" dude. You are a fucking bitch.

I admire your ability to cope with our disability, however its not enough for me to lie to myself


I don't think height is that important desu, game >>height, and you are fucking dumb trolls

You had a rougher childhood user. That's why your height is lower than the guy is 6'4

Always remember that Adolf Hitler was 5'9 himself.

Emotional intelligence is the key to success. The man who wins is the man who thinks he can. Don't let these tall mommas boys get to you. Back in middle school us 5'9 guys were leading the pack. Studies have shown height is determined by the age of 3, you couldn't control it by how much you ate in puberty it was already determined. I was the type of early child that wouldn't eat his food, have violent temper tantrums, and hit his mother.

All tall guys are mommas boys at heart
"Yes mommy I'll eat the food, thanks mommy food tastes so good." Kek

I would throw chairs at teachers, chase my family around the house with knives. All good things.

I'm 5'9, 8 inch cock, bipolar, medicated, skinny, and women naturally gravitate towards me.

It's because deep down they know I'm still the king.

I was the king of middle school. When others feared I did not.

Societies filled with a bunch of mommas boys trying to prove their manhood. I ain't trying to prove nothing. I already proved it as a child.

Fucking sucks bros. You guys are one inch short of the blend in height. I'm 6' and people 5'10 - 6'3 all blend in pretty well and it comes down to genetic face lottery at that point. If you are 5'9 standing next to someone 6'3 thats a whole half foot taller and it makes you look like a child.

Hang in there bros.

5'9.5" is fucking average you normie, it only gets bad when you're below 5'7".

fuck yeah another 5'9" alpha like me in the other comment. fuck these tall bitches trolling poor depressed "manlets"

You poor little guys.

like I give a fuck to "blend in" or whatever, I fuck bitches get $$$

Height is a meme for heteros.

As a gay guy being short or being really tall is great both ways.
I feel bad for you guys sometimes...

I dont feel bad for degenerates

what was that MANLET?
Speak up, can't hear you from up here.

Fuck you i am 6'1" on my special boots

>i'm going to blame my failures with women on a largely irrelevant, permanently unchangeable characteristic that only giantesses and size-sluts actually give a rat shit about
>that way, i'll never have to worry about trying to improve my shitty and repulsive personality
>because it obviously can't be me that's the problem
>it can't be the fact that i'm utterly intolerable to be around, or that i turn into a sperg creep tumor every time i speak to women
>nope, it's my fucking HEIGHT
>that definitely makes the most sense
>nevermind the fact that i'm only half an inch away from the AVERAGE HEIGHT OF ALL MALES IN THE UNITED STATES
>and the fact that that means that, by my ridiculous logic, almost half of the males in the entire country aren't getting laid
>forget all that
>gotta be the height

>tfw 5'11 manlet

I know a girl that says she's 163.5cm tall, she is a little more pathetic.

Just round that shit up mate, I rounded my dick length up to the nearest 10.

I'll let you in on a secret, manlet is just a meme, nobody outside fit gives a shit. Noone of quality atleast.

Those are called step ladders sweetie.

>improve my shitty and repulsive personality
not op, but how you do this?

>tfw 5'9.25" and have to round down


Man i can't believe how memed you guys are like wtf, yes girls like taller men but that doesnt fucking matter, i am 179cm and dating a 182 cm tall girl she doesnt fucking mind it at all nor do I beforehand i was mesauring my height everyday because of this meme, looked at everyone and compared them to my height truth is if a girl is so stuck up on your height she probably isnt any good after all find a loyal girl not a roastie that has been trough dozens of chad dick...

buy a gravity boots
it make you 1.5 inch taller
but the bad news you have to use it every 10 min and then you have to sleep after using it

>look mom i posted it again

just read more you fucking faggot

Are you me? You sound like me. Though I am slowly turning my tfwnogf into greed for money which is probably for the best.


>I actually count the .5 like it fucking matters

>be Euro manlet
>can count down to centimeters

>tfw 5"6 and scrawny as fuck
just fuck my bloodline up famalam

Because lanklets have shit physiques 90% of the time and being taller than others make you look ridiculous in public