Is Bounty0x (BNTY) finally dead? has DBC destroyed us?

is Bounty0x (BNTY) finally dead? has DBC destroyed us?

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its been six days

calm down you niggers

Sold my bags today, fuck this shitcoin.

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I just bought more BNTY for the cheap

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anyone who invests in bounty is dumb as fuck. think about the total market for something like this. How many people are gonna choose to use this unfamiliar weird thing when theres stuff like fiverr and upwork? And even those sites have relatively small markets compared to what other alts can have.
bounty is just too specific and niche to ever become huge

so glad i bailed a few days ago for dbc . just accept it

I don't know, I got in at 800 sat and I'd still make a small profit if I sell now, but a coin with a working platform and such a small market cap is bound to go up soon. I think the whales are still accumulating, it can't seem to pass over 1400 sat level.
I'm going to wait another week and see.

That whale killed us

shoo shoo! pajeet smelly here

all in on BNTY, great team and concepts. not just a regular pump and dump coin

go back to plebbit

>arms weak, bags are heavy

Finally dead? Lmao you guys are fucking retarded. No wonder so many people some how lose money in this insane bull market. BNTY is guaranteed to be at least $1 in a month. If you don't believe this, set a reminder in February. When you see BNTY at $1-2 walk outside and jump into a truck because you will know you will never make it.

>cost 1 and a half pennies
>now 10x
>geez why doesn't i keep mooning
The moon mission is done bucko. The current circulating supply is 1/6 the total so get read for that price to plummet further when they release the rest of the BNTY

The main problem I see on Veeky Forums is the simple fact that many people here want to be on every moonshot. Which is really hard to achieve.
When they see BNTY sitting still for a few days, and a lot of other coins moving up fast, they'd much rather get out, sometimes at a loss, and chase the other pumps, occasionally getting in too late and holding bags there as well.
I think you are right user, and I hope I can look back at the end of the month and say that you were right.

calm down steady hands

mooning soon.

Buying more BNTY

Accumulate faggots. Autistic whale prepping for moon. Strong hands pls.

Very fucking relevent.

Are you trying to say everyone left already and it's closed now?

It's not dead, but it's beaten to a pulp by one single assburger whale. It will not move any more for sure untill it's listed on another exchange. Its volume is quite low and interest gone, so it's doubtful if it will even move upwards in the near future

fucking whale bot knows BNTY is going to moon

just got another 10k BNTY thanks

if you try to hit every moonride you'll miss more. With BNTY you know eventually this will rocket up but everyone is so eager that they switch lines just in time to watch what they just dumped Rise.

Good point.